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BOO!.(Freebies, Cheapies, Gacha’s ‘n’ Spendy).

OMGFG is this not freaking ADORABLE! Takes a slurp of coffee to calm myself down.

Whilst I was on the Marketplace yesterday I picked up a bargain bucket of stuff from a shop called cinphul(sic). That cost me 10Ls but it was well worth it and once I’d unpacked all the junk I TPed over to cinphul and found that the 10Ld items are actually in the shop for FREE but I ain’t mad because the MP price of 10Lds is a pittance.

I must state that this adorable ghostie is NOT inc in the free items but more about it later.

This is all the free stuff(or 10Ld if you buy it off the MP).  Some great clutter, all pictures were just taken in my Nams setting so you can see the quality.

Now for the “cheapies” but this time ignore the sink, more about that at the end.

The Ghostie and the other items in this picture are Gacha wins.  I know the Ghostie one is only 35Lds and that cloth covered bench is from a 10Ld Gacha.  All the prizes are on show so you can see them before you take a chance.  I ended up taking quite a few chances lol.  I’m too easily tempted by these bargain-priced Gachas.

So that’s the “Freebies, Cheapies, Gacha’s” and now for the “Spendy”.

I think this sink cost me 149Lds and it was worth every Ld.  You get 2 versions, this cluttered one for 5prims and an uncluttered one for only 3prims.  I won’t admit to how many sinks I own but I don’t have a corner sink and that’s why I snapped this up.

PS. Not GG’s but Subscribers gifts so slap the sub notice and go into history, select “Deliver all” and get all the stuff from the top picture and more because I haven’t shown you everything.


cinphul MP shop

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Timely reminder.(Freebies@Redeux).

First, let me just make it clear that the warehouse I’m showing you is NOT a freebie or a cheapie.  I personally get a bit frustrated when someone posts a picture in a freebie Flickr group only to find that it’s the tiny little pinkie ring and not the stunning outfit, hair, shoes etc they’re wearing so I like to make it clear before I start, so the building is not a freebie but you may just need it!You will find me for the next hour and a half in this warehouse because I returned to the Redeux event and OH Dear! I’ve picked up not just all of the gifts but there are so many superb bargains and I’ve spent all my Lindens! I even ran out of money before I got to the Gacha’s which I suppose is a good thing as just the freebies alone I snagged will take forever to unpack and sort out. I’ve not unpacked anything yet but I can see that it’s going to be good stuff.

As for the stuff I’ve bought most of those only cost me 25-35Lds and the most expensive was a selection of wrinkled rugs for 50lds.

So hurry up and check this event out you won’t regret it.



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Where have all the leaves gone?(Bargains ‘n’ Freebies).

I hope where you haven’t suffered too much from the howling winds we have been battered with overnight.  We sleep with our bedroom window slightly open and during the night all the leaves got blown off the tree outside and it looked like so many of them ended up blown into our room it was funny to wake up under a blanket of leaves.

Redeux is a very time-limited event and TBH I wasn’t going to go as I was going to be a good girl and save my Lindens, invent and sanity but then I spotted a few pictures of whats on offer and it was a case of “Sod That”.

OK, these first 2 items aren’t free but deffo in the “Bargain” category as both cost 35Lds.

A dirty, filthy, disgusting retro washing machine!  When I say “dirty, filthy” etc I don’t mean the appearance I mean the menu! This is packed with some great poses with smooth movements, single ladies, men, and OMG I won’t be using those ones!  I bought this only 35Lds, there is matching pieces ie laundry basket, ironing board which also can be purchased as separate pieces or I do believe you can buy them as a set at a cheaper price than buying them bit by bit…but check first.  I just wanted the washer so that’s all I got and at 2 prims I’m going to open a laundry.

Or at 2 prims a Pumpkin selling business.  Not free again but 35Lds for an excellent seasonal decor item and I’ve already set this one out.

I didn’t get any further than the landing spot at this event and since every blinking stall not only has so much temptation on it I literally just grabbed a few of the freebies and cheapies I spotted from where I stood and then I TPed out as I would like to come back when it’s a bit quieter and this way I can have a pleasant time wandering around and hopefully not just score some more bargains but what little I opened I have high hopes for some decent Freebies such as this chair/lamp.

Fabulous poses again, hers, his and a more sedate couple ones.  Can you see the plug under the chair?  Click it and…

Woah! This will certainly light up not just your home but put this outside in your landscaping and it will act as a beacon to a place of interest.

Not gonna lie, not 100% sure which is which but again all of these are to be found at the landing spot and just in case you’ve missed it there are OODLES of freebies, I do believe that most of the stands have a nice giftie out for us.

PS No rush BUT this event finished on the 21st and as said the LM takes you to where these items are to be found.


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Down but not out, Oodles of FREEBIES!

Do you know the difference between a cold and flu?  If you saw a £10 note on the floor with a cold you would pick it up and put it in your pocket with the flu you would just look at it and leave it as it would take too much effort to bend over to pick it up, well I’m somewhere in the middle of the two.  If I saw a tenner on the ground it’s MINE but the act of bending over would probably topple me and I’d be lying there on the ground but at least I would be clutching a tenner in my hand.

So no piccies but last night I went over to the The Guardians Event and swiped a whole load of goodies.  Almost every stand/Gacha has a pressie set out for us.  I then TPed home to my platform and rezzed a few parcels and spotted that there looks to be some really nice stuff but I’ve not really had any time to unpack so what a nice way to spend a sick day today, I’m going to log in and sit on my platform and unpack away.

PS But of course I also splashed out on some of the Gacha’s as there is some cute stuff there if you want to splash the cash.

The Guardians Event

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A not so not lazy Monday (Freebies).

We will all have heard that the latest round of the Massive Epiphany event is on but did you know that it’s also got oodles and oodles of FREEBIES?


Sadly for me I was weak and not only did I grab every golden box I spotted I Gacha’ed (sic) all my Lindens away LOL.  Love Gacha’s when they’re packed with so many good items that it doesn’t matter what you win you will be happy with anything and so far everything I won is a keeper BUT of course the Epiphany is different in that when you rezz your win a window pops up and you have a choice to either trade it in or keep it.  If you trade it in you don’t get your money back but points and when you add up the points you can trade them in for one-off specials at each stand.  Don’t worry there are big boards there explaining it better.  Now it’s nice and quiet pop over and treat yourself to the freebies and some Gacha goodness.

PS It’s not a lazy Monday because I went to the gym today instead of tomorrow because I ROLL LIKE THAT!

The Epipany

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Lucky Me(Freebie)&Gacha……..OOO Update.

I spent some time at a beautiful shopping sim but sadly didn’t find any freebies:-( however I did spot a rug in one of the shops being used as a decor item and I knew it would be perfect for my home so I clicked and got the details and TPed over to Damian Kleiner’s shop, Aisling  and WOO HOO turns out it’s a FREEBIE! I love it when that happens.


Yet again I’m rearranging my beloved home it’s an addiction.  Faith knows I have a house/skybox/shed/greenhouse and on and on addiction and over the years I’ve lived in many styles of home from a tiny Japanese shoe box sized apartment to a grand skybox but this home from LISP has been the longest lasting home ever! So one day when I finally finish my fiddling with it I will show you some pretty pictures.

Back to the rug.  A freebie from Aisling and I love it, it’s just what I was after and check out this lovely touch, even with this cute critter and the shadow this rug is only 1Prim! There’s actually more Freebies inc some very realistic fur rugs.


Aisling is a really lovely shop and although it’s aimed towards the RPing community there is some stunning items for everyone here.  I tried out a bath which was not only beautiful and unique the poses in it were as well, a rather sexy undressing AO where the man can undress the woman and visa versa (looked a bit sad doing that on my own some LOL) but it did look very smooth and sexy.

The Freebies, I also picked up some very realistic animal skin rugs as well, are in the main landing area.  To get to the other departments you have to use the TP’s set into the floor.  A very easy system and it really is worth checking out the different departments.


I of course went straight to the Gacha Dept and for 50Lds won this.  I should have held off taking the picture for just a second as the writing on the paper is much crisper than is shown but you can see from the ashtray alone how sharp it is.  Such detail even down to the heat spot on the ashtray.  Everything apart from the cup planter in the background is linked and it’s only a SINGLE PRIM! 50Lds a go on this Gacha and as I’ve said I would have been happy with anything from it and I know damned well that when I go back to grab the LM I’ll take a chance on it again (I did go back and I won an equally as brill waste basket).

Special mention to the builds here.  As I’ve said I’m addicted to houses but the more rustic RPing ones always leave me a bot cold as they just don’t seem to work for me that is but there are some of the best rustic farm houses/homes I’ve ever seen here.  The texturing is excellent and the prim count and price more than reasonable even as a non RPer I’d still be so tempted.

PS the mouse/rats name is Mickey.

UPDATE.  Can’t believe I almost missed out these brill FREEBIES from Aisling.


I just quickly  rezzed a few of them on the table which is why you can see the shadow over the side of the table but I really wanted to get this posted before I left SL.


I had one of these once but it went the same way as most of my house plants, died slowly but surely.  I’ve done nothing to the picture apart from using my sim setting and look at that detail and texturing and not only is this an anniversary freebie but each plant is only a single prim!

Again a Freebie from Aisling which is why I’m adding it to this post at the last minute.  You get them in the same place as the other freebies but not on the wall, you will see a large wood planter with these in it on the floor next to the wall.  Just click and you get the whole lot, I think about5-6 different colours, copy and at a single prim so usable.


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Anastasia, Emily & Sharon.



Indulge me but doesn’t this look like an old-fashioned Christmas card?  Whenever I get new PumeC skins I just go crazy and I take so many snaps in so many poses (and usually very naked) because I’m so SL, and a little bit RL vain, and I adore them so much.  This new skin is called Anastasia which made me rush to dig out my Junbug thick fur coat and although it’s not clear I’m also wearing a matching muff.


This is the untouched Nams optimal Skin n prim setting.  As usual I picked the cooler “Winter” shade but Anastasia also comes in all the shades Sly Pumec offers.  She labels her skins with the seasons so you have Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn, Dark Autumn.  Demos available for all shades.  Anastasia is 699Lds but remember you get SLink Hands and Feet, Link Visage Head, SLink Physique, The Mesh Project Head, Mesh Body,Loud Mouth, Phat Azz, WowMeh, Getto Booty, Baby Bump, and tattoo clevage layers as well as brow choices.  Actually there is even more but these late comers aren’t in the packed Hud but come in the pack, Universal KL Body, Universal (BANNED) Applier, Universal Applier#TheMeshProjeck Deluxe.


After all of the pictures I took of Emily I decided to reuse the one from a previous post as its simplicity shows off the skin so well.  For once I picked one of the more tanned shade and tbh I can’t now remember if this was the Spring or Summer shade I’m wearing.  Emily is on SALE along with Ivana, Nadya, Inna and Marina LOL.  Poor girls have all had their prices slashed to 399.  Not writing that big list of what they come with again but you can see above the picture that they ALL come with a fully loaded Hud.


But of course what comes first the skin or the shape?  To get the complete look you will need “Sharon” and finally I’m in time to tell you about the latest round at The Designer Circle.  Basically a whole mix of stuff from clothes, hair, poses and of couse a New Shape from Analy Amat which at only 80Lds is another bargain. I’ve cut all the rambling out of this post but if you look back at every picture of me taken in the past 2 years it’s an ANNA shape although I have worn my SLink Physique body as well but that only rarely as the shapes from Anna are that good I just rarely feel the need to put on my SLink one.  I can remember blogging 1 other shape and that was a delightfully curvy shape I won in a rather good hunt but I have never found a shape that I love as much as my Anna Shapes.

You have to work out what suits you, my look might not be what you’re after at all there is no wrongs or rights in how you want to look in SL which is why it’s great to try the demos, try different shape and skin combos.  Always buy a modable shape and don’t be afraid to tweak it if you feel the need but with the qualty and pricing of PumeC skins and Anna’s shapes you can at least look great for a more than reasonable price.


Anna Shape@The Designer Circle

Anna Shape Marketplace

My Flickr