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Delirium (60% off PROMO!)

New little bundle of pretty from ArisAris called “Delirium”, it’s also on offer at just $99L woohoo! As you can see, plenty of options included, with some sheer versions and some not. It’s just SO pretty! Fits:
3-Belleza- Freya, Isis and Venus
2-Slink Physique and Hourglass
1-Fitted for Standard Sizes

Materials enabled .

My hair is new and is by Lamb, it’s called “Asleep”, such a feminine style, love a good “up-do”. Now this is at The Arcade in a gacha machine – but – if like me you reallllly dislike trying to get the colour pack you REALLY want – get it at a yardsale. I use The Seraphim yard sale as it’s for this round of The Arcade only.

Tadah – heres that Hud – good isn’t it?!

ArisAris Delirium offer (Market place)

Seraphim yardsale

The Arcade

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Public Service Announcement (The Arcade and not getting in!)


There have been a few debates about Arcade yardsales here and there. I’m firmly in the yard sale camp, especially for The Arcade. It’s the one event I really just give up trying to get into in the first week – it drives me NUTS waiting and waiting, especially as I see various goodies being used in blogs and photos. So, what’s a girl to do hmm?

The last few rounds of The Arcade I have done ALL of my shopping at yard sales. Some are generic gacha yard sales, some are specific for one or two types of events. My favourite of them all is the one run by Seraphim. It’s for the latest round of The Arcade ONLY – this means you can get your paws on the gear from the current round almost straight away on opening day – brilliant huh? I went over there on day one and scored all the items I had marked as “buys”. (Yes, tragically I go through the Arcade listing on Seraphims blog and write down everything I want before I actually go shopping. I just find it easy to forget what I wanted and / or get carried away on a gacha fuelled spending frenzy.)

The area is alphabetically laid out by designer name, which makes it so much easier to locate the articles you want to buy. Pull price is the norm, although I’m not sure about rares as I haven’t wanted to buy any and haven’t seen any there. Do check that the item is in the box before you buy – do this by going into edit mode on the item you want to buy and peeking into the contents tab. Also don’t forget to actually “take” what you’ve bought after paying!

Some people claim yard sales are taking money from the designers pockets, but I really don’t get with this line of thinking. Someone played the machine and paid the designer. They played multiple times or didn’t get what they wanted orrrrr got doubles/triples. The items are transferable, so can be traded or sold. What’s the problem? I have a budget in SL , same as real life and unless a gacha machine is really cheap (ie:$25L per pull) I wont be stood there filling the machine with my dosh until on the umpteenth pull I get what I wanted. Perhaps after I buy from a yardsale, the person goes back and plays more of the machines – who knows?!

Anywayyyyy, link below for the Seraphim yard sale, plusa handydandy link for their blog with The Arcade listings all neatly laid out for your perusal.

Faith ❤

Seraphim yard sale

Seraphim blog

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Winter warmers

coldLogic NEW - clawtooth hat hair combo snowbunnie @ The Arcade

The coldLogic fairies have been sooper busy and bought us another release for Winter ! This is “tresser” and is a skirt and sweater outfit, both pieces are separate so you can mingle them into other outfits too.

I love the style of the skirt, heavy fabric but with enough flow to make it girly. The sweater is classic winter. My hat & hair is from the current round of the Arcade and is by clawtooth. Its called Snow bunny, you have to try your luck on the gacha machine for the hair colour but that hat does have a HUD to give you lots of colour options. I went to  a yard sale to get mine because frankly I don’t have cash to waste getting  hair colours I don’t like ! (yard sale I found that carries ONLY the current Arcade round listed below)

coldLogic NEW - Argace hair new

This is “farris”, a gorgeously snuggly long line sweater with roll neck, its got a side split at the bottom and really lovely embroidered edge on the cuffs and hem. The skirt is knee length and also has a side split. There is another set the same style called “chapin”, darker colours and the skirt is hounds-tooth checked.

coldLogic NEW - hair and shawl hair @ the arcade

Last up for today is “love”, similar to “tresser” but the plainer option really. Check out the neat turn backs on the cuffs, they fit purrrfectly ! Im wearing it with another yard sale find from The Arcade by The secret store. You get the shawl and hair attached, options on the hair, are bangs (or fringe) side bangs, no bags. There are lotssss of shawl types to win, but if youre frugle frank like moi – a yard sale is the way to go to get what you actually want. Thanks coldLogic team ❤

coldLogic store

coldLogic blog

coldLogic market place

The Arcade

A La Venta yardsale – current Arcade round only

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Music was my first love

Bubblez,Truth NEW!

Soooo still unable to get into The Arcade event, but nevermind, there are heaps of yard sales to grab up the items you want. I was on the look out for the Truth hair avec headphones. Managed to find them at a yard sale yay! Most yard sales will have a mixtures of Arcade rounds, which to be honest I avoid. I’m only interested in the latest gear, there’s a whole list of gacha yard sales here, take your pick. I’m also wearing a new release from Bubblez, which is now in my “daily wear” inventory section. Such a handy dandy little outfit, with delicious detailing on the jacket. Thanks Milo ❤


Gacha Yard sale List