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Saturday Night Special

I was taking a tour tonight, going through the landmarks in my inventory one by one. When I arrived at Gabriel I was greeted by a sign that I both love and fear: ’50-70% Off’. To be honest, I don’t really fear those signs, but my wallet certainly does, especially when the sale is at a store like this.

There are many brilliant pieces marked at either 50 or 70% off, it was very hard to keep a leash on myself. I had to make a decision and so I went with the gorgeous ‘Black Stripe Suit’ you can see in these pictures.

Lovely and not overly formal, there are a couple of ways you can wear this suit. You can wear it without the loose tie like I have in the first picture or you can go with the tie as above and there are two different shirt layers to choose from for each version. The pinstripes on the pants and jacket are subtle but really well done, as are the creases on the trousers. All the attachments fit really well. I didn’t even have any trouble getting the shirt collar to fit inside the jacket collar and that almost always causes me grief.

As I said earlier, this suit is just one of many awesome items that are marked on sale and it was definitely a tough choice. I’m not quite sure how long this sale has been on or how much longer there is to go so I advise you to run, run, run on down there and pick yourself up some today.

Get the gear here: Gabriel


Military babe

It’s a sand storm ! I picked this Military dress up at Mimi’s choice yesterday and I havent taken it off yet..its from Gabriels. I’ve often bought Player items from here but hadn’t looked at the girls section “doh”!! How did I miss that ? ! Its packed with details, the belt is to-die-for…as are the pockets front and on your derriere…such a treat to wear , youre instantly stylish…I also nabbed the deelicious boots whilst I was at Mimi’s , these are from MEB and oh-mai..I love them..so simple to wear & fit…no demo means I usually wont buy but mimi showed me them on herself and I was sold! Can you believe these were just 290L?? (other colours available)

This colour of the dress is called stone pink, subtle and summery…there are other tones to choose from, almost got swayed by the olive green..dont forget there is a fat pack which is a real steal deal. The skin Im wearing is the previously shown new release from Gaall called Anna, Im showing the natural look with no make up…peachy huh?

Go get stylish: Mimi’s choice   Skin: Gaall

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The Beauty of Booties

After I finished taking pictures of Zan, I rushhhed myself off to Gabriel because they have two new group gifts available to scoop up and scoop I surely did!

The gifts are the Leather Booties in brown and black. Gorgeously made, manly workboot-looking shoes with tremendous details on them. I’m loving the way some of the laces wrap around the entire back of the boot, the tongue of the shoe slightly loose. The leather texture is fantastic to look at, nice and shiny and the brown is two-toned as well. These booties feature that brilliant alpha layer as well as additional invisible prims you can wear if you choose. The booties are also resizeable via script but they fit me just right straight out of the box.

With it being free to join the group and with so much awesome gear to pick up, you should definitely pay a visit to Gabriel and have a look around.

Get the gear here: Gabriel


Military Man

I was looking through my old group notices the other day and discovered one that I’d missed from Gabriel. It would have been an awful shame if I’d missed it completely because they have new releases and a new group gift to grab.

The group is the awesome ‘loose belt’ which comes in two colours: brown and black (click picture for a closer look). This is such a cool belt with a great casual look. The leather looks fantastic as does the metal buckle. Perhaps best of all is that this belt is both unisex and transferable so you can keep one and give one away – I’m keeping both though!

While I was there I got a good look at Gabriel’s new release ‘Military Shirt’ and I was hooked, I couldn’t leave without it. It looks equally good as a shirt on its own and as a jacket over the top of something else and comes with tremendous looking attachments like the large cuffs, shoulder straps and the body part of the shirt itself which is script resizeable. The creases on this shirt give it comfortable look, I just love it. The Military Shirt will cost you L$420 but I think that’s well worth it because I’ll be wearing this a lot.

Get the gear here: Gabriel

Credits: Skin by Sacred | Hair by Argrace | Tattoo by Aitui | Jeans and Pose by Muism


Gabriel’s Message

What a message it is, too.Gabriel is currently having a huge 50% off sale on some of their winter gear. Perfect timing for an Aussie like me as well, since we’re coming into the cooler months (finally!). You can head on down and pick up some great deals on some wonderful clothing like the ‘Loose Highneck sweater’ shown above. It’s a gorgeous looking sweater that also comes with matching gloves. Loose is a perfect word to describe this because that’s exactly what it looks like when you put it on, the gloves and sculpted forearm and hand attachments add to that look, as does the high neck. You also get a second version of this sweater included which is a shortened type. When I say shortened though, I don’t mean sleeve length, no. With the short version, it looks as if you’ve pushed up the hem to just under your chest and shows off those abs. This version also comes with a sculpted bottom part of the sweater.

There are a few different colour options you can choose from in this sweater and at its 50% off price, will only set you back L$200. It is only one of many reduced items, for both guys and girls, that you can find at Gabriel at the moment.

While you’re down there you should also join the group and pick up some of the great group gifts available such as this  long V-neck T-shirt that comes in two colours (black and brown). It comes with sculpted sleeves that fit perfectly and look fantastic. The necklace I’m wearing in this pic is also one of Gabriel’s group gifts and is called the ‘two-strand necklace’. It’s script resizeable and comes in both a male and female version, the detail on this necklace is brilliant.

Get the gear here: Gabriel


I Want Some More MHO

MORE!? Yes there’s much, much more! Another Make Him Over Hunt post and we’ve barely scratched the surface of this wonderful institution (can we call it that yet, an institution?) Anyway, on with the show.

First up and no I’m not being lazy, I resent that implication 🙂 What I’m doing is showing the Make Him Over Hunt gift on offer from .::Poise::. which is a wicked little set of props for photos (or whatever). It includes the ‘slob’ tv, watching football of course, what else? A can of beer for relaxing and the ‘slob’ chair are also included. The chair comes with 3 in-built poses, all along that slob theme.

Secondly we’ve got the Make Him Over gift from Gabriel which is the ‘Drape Shirt’. As you’d expect from Gabriel, it’s a great looking top, loose looking with the edges of a white shirt underneath showing through. The creases and shading add to that ‘loose’ look and it also comes with sculpted cuffs and a stole (and attached necklace) which is colour changeable to either black, grey, brown, blue and red. You can wear this top either untucked as I’ve shown or on the shirt and underpants layer for a tucked in version.

Next is one of my favourite gifts from this hunt so far: the ‘Foebel’ grey from Ducknipple. You’ll always find some brilliant casual clothes at Ducknipple and this is definitely no different. I love ‘layered’ looks and plaid and this top has both. The prim cuffs, collar and ‘bottom’ of this top all show slight hints of the plaid shirt beneath the grey sweater and it looks awesome. The grey sweater itself is cool too with variations of the colour throughout and a wonderfully warm looking texture, it looks fantastic with jeans and pants both. This is another gift from this hunt you’ll need to go get.

Lastly for today we have the bright red short-sleeved ‘Shelter Me’ hoodie from [Bait]. Once again, another layered top with the white shirt hanging out underneath the hoodie. But with this gift you also get a version of the hoodie by itself that you can wear your own layer underneath with (or nothing at all!). I love the bright colours of this gift and the prim cuffs and hood look great and fit well, the hood comes with a script resizer to make those slight adjustments if need be.

Get these gifts here:
Picture 1: MHOH 4 #135 .::Poise::.
Picture  2: MHOH 4 #140 Gabriel
Picture 3: MHOH 4 #145 Ducknipple
Picture 4: MHOH 4 #152 [Bait]