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Dollarbie Heaven

Dollarbie top & skirt

Started my Saturday with a bang thanks to one of our blog readers Sparks ! Did you know that Gabriel has a dollarbie section? I didn’t – I always tend to go to the group gifts at the front of the store. However if you turn left at the entrance and go right to the very back of the store and turn to your left – et voila! Now its mostly guys gear (don’t say that very often!) but there is one row of girls items. Each item is just $1L – so this outfit above is just $2L, other colours available so you can mix & match. Most of the items are for Maitreya & SLink, demos are there so check before buying.

Dollarbie skirt, jacket & top

I also nabbed this set, the top and skirt are joined but the jacket is separate, other colours to choose from.

Dollarbie Bikini (Vespertine fruit plate)

This brilliant “bikini” comes in many colours, I’m saying bikini but hmm it might really be lingerie – its up to you ! Love the little ruffles at the rear and edges of the corset top.

Happy Saturday!


Fruit tray FLF by Vespertine

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Going out with a Bang

Free vest & sweater combo - Free Boots - Le poppycock pose NEW! - Free hair !

I’ve been doing a little last-minute gift shopping in world today, and headed over to Gabriel for uhmm – well shhhhh – but something for Player. Anyywayyy I noticed a veritable haul of group gifts. Seriously heapssss! The group is free to join , and there is a board right at the entrance . I stuffed quite a few gifties into my bag, the vest & sweater combo above is divine no? Even comes with a pocket teddy with a Santa option aww! Honestly I’m not trolling Zan – It feels like I’m stalking her at the moment – I had this Dura gift hair and she pipped me to the post dammit *shakes fist* . Such a lovely style with a braid that goes over and flicky uppy fringe.

Free Boots

Another Gabriel gift is these boots, rather nice and come with a pair of heart splattered leggings (in mesh). Look carefully around the entrance – there are two areas full of gifts, from clothing, bags and jewellery – some for the guys too ! (I’ve been buying Player clothes from here for years – really really REALLY great gear)



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Men Only…Again

Well well, the Men Only Hunt has begun again. This is the 2nd version of this super hunt, featuring a bucketload of amazing stores with some fantastic gifts to be found. I started looking tonight and struck gold with my first n0t-quite-random cab off the rank. Once I saw what I had I had to take a timeout from the hunt and show you guys.

Gabriel has long been a favourite store of mine, hence it not really being a random choice of places to start my hunting. Their amazing Men Only Hunt gift is every bit of clothing you can see in the above picture! Yes indeed, the tanktop, the jeans and boots are all part of the gift. The tank is mesh and looks brilliant, great texture and I love the splash of colour over the white. It comes in five sizes so I’m positive you’ll find one that fits you. Onto the jeans: the dark denim colour and worn-in texture of these are perfect. They are kind of a set with the boots as the baggy, bunched bottoms are a part of the awesome looking, loose brown leather workboots. Great detail have gone into these and the resizer script makes them all too easy to fit. All in all, I think the boots and jeans make a great combo and look terrific with the mesh tanktop.

This is such a cool outfit, I was super happy to get this and I couldn’t think of a better way to start off the Men Only Hunt for me. I’ll be heading back to it and showing you some more gear before it ends on the 9th of June. In the meantime, if you want to find out more, including hints and slurls, you can check out here:

Get the gear here: Gabriel

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On a Wing and a Prayer

If you guys like your jewelery, I’ve got some great new group gifts to show you from Gabriel and +grasp+. First up is the Angel’s Heart necklace from Gabriel. This is a super piece, the details are fantastic and the use of angel’s wings to make a heart shape is lovely. You get two versions of this necklace, one is wearing the full heart like I have above, or you can just choose to wear one half of the heart, whatever you fancy. You also get a female version of the necklace in the pack that is transferable, how awesome is that?

After I grabbed that necklace I sped down to +grasp+ to pick this  Silver Lilly Ring up from their group gift boards. Another work of amazing detail, you have to zoom right on in and check this out close up when you get it; it looks fantastic in its dark metal. It slips right on as well, no minute fiddling around like I’ve had to do with rings I’ve had in the past. As with the Gabriel necklace, there is also a female version of this in the gift so it’s definitely suited for all comers.

So there you go guys, a couple of cool little items to spruce up your wardrobe that will cost you nothing, although the +grasp+ group does carry a tiny, tiny L$50 join fee. While you there, check out the other wonderful group gifts both stores have to offer and enjoy.

Get the gear here:
Necklace: Gabriel
Ring: +grasp+

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I usually have a little guideline that says I don’t blog any presents that I might get. However, my partner gave me something from Gabriel that was just too good not show.

The outfit above is one of the new release Military Suits and it is quite simply brilliant. I haven’t taken it off since I got it. It comes with everything you see above, coat, pants, shirt, gloves and even the boots and every piece is so well made and looks gorgeous.

It is very easy to wear this suit as the shirt comes on the same layer as the jacket, there’s very little fiddling required and the details are just amazing. From the epaulets on the shoulders, the little buttons going down from the collar, to the belt wrapping around the middle it all looks sensational. Happily I found that I didn’t need to edit any of the attachments to get them to fit perfectly. I’m not normally a glove wearing kinda guy but I found the black leather ones that come with this too good to leave off.

I have to say I’d never worn a pair of boots with an outfit like this before but I loved the way these boots looked with the suit as a whole. They go perfectly with the ‘military’ look and are really well done, even including bunched up bottoms of the pants on the boots themselves, adding to the realism of the look.

If you’re looking for a suit with a difference then you should definitely head on down to Gabriel and check this out. It is most definitely worth it. You can also pick this outft in a different colour and don’t forget to grab some of those group gifts if you haven’t already!

Get the gear here: Gabriel

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Dress Your Feet

I got a surprise looking through my inventory the other day when I realised that I just don’t have that many pairs of dress shoes. Now, thanks to Gabriel’s latest group gift, I have a pair that are simply stunning.

These may just be the dress shoes I reach for when I am in need of a pair to wear now, I really like the look of these a lot. They are a gorgeous dark brown leather and the detailing is fantastic, I love the silver buckles on the sides and even though you might not normally notice such things, the soles of these shoes are terrific.

These are definitely a must have item. If you’re not already a member of the Gabriel group, you simply must head on down and join up and grab these plus the other super gifts they have.

Get the gear here: Gabriel

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Bundle up

We are currently in the midst of one of the coolest starts to Summer in a long, long time here in my part of Australia (and you better believe I’m loving it!) so I thought I’d bundle up in some warm gear from the Men Only Hunt and give you all a look.

First up is this gorgeous tweed suit from Gabriel. If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you’ll know I rarely pass up a chance to grab a gift from Gabriel, it’s an awesome store and this outfit doesn’t disappoint at all. It comes with the jacket, pants and a very casual tank top to wear underneath just in case it warms up plus you also get the black stole which is very easy to fit like all the attachments that come with this suit.

Another gift and another full outfit, how awesome! Lotus Noir is another store that’s new to me but definitely worth checking out. Their gift is the Turtle Duffle coat, splash shirt and jeans. The coat is a very dark green, comes with cuffs, collar and bottom section of the coat, all of which fit perfectly and looks brilliant with the grey top and jeans. The shirt also comes with a turtle neck collar if you wish to wear it but I went without it for this picture here.

Last but not least is the casual wool coat from -Quarantine-. As you can see there are definitely some fantastic winter coats to be had in this hunt. I love the texture on this, it just looks so warm. It comes with sculpted collar and bottom for the coat, both of which can be resized via a script plus sculpted cuffs which you can resize the old-fashioned way should you need to.

So there you have a few more items from this hunt that should keep you warm until I return with some more. Go out and get ’em!

Get the gear here:
Picture#1 Tweed Suit: Gabriel
Picture#2 Coat, Shirt and Jeans: Lotus Noir
Picture #3 Casual Winter Coat: -Quarantine-