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not naked in heels

As long as I’m wearing shoes..I’m not naked (Faiths rule of nudity No.3) I’ve not seen Zan soooo excited in a long time…she dashed over to my home to show me these scrummy shooz…and I WANTED them ! Astoundingly they are a hunt gift…un-beee-lievable right?…Flax Pye has them out for the “on the hunt” gig and Im lovin them biggg time. In Zan’s own words: ”

A top of the range selection of shoes. The average price is around 500+ so you may even want to check out the group which although it costs 250 it gives you more free shoes and updates.  New group members can still pick up old group gifts for 10lds as well.

  A big thumbs up to Flax Pye because not only has he given us a pair of  his top of the range shoes but it comes with Alpha feet as well as the tattoo layer for us old stuck in the muds and even better they come with what looks like a fully loaded hud!!! Although the basic colour of the shoes remain black/brown you not only have the usual skin and nail colours but you can add accessories and even colour them and the heels!  ”

The skin I’m showing is a new release from Gaal called Allegra”, it comes in a whole heap of skin tones so you’re sure to find one that suits…very sultry eyes, pretty lips and sooper body detailing..go grab a demo and check them out…799L will bag you a skin, complete with four makeups-steal!

Shooz: Flax Pye

Skin: Gaal


Military babe

It’s a sand storm ! I picked this Military dress up at Mimi’s choice yesterday and I havent taken it off yet..its from Gabriels. I’ve often bought Player items from here but hadn’t looked at the girls section “doh”!! How did I miss that ? ! Its packed with details, the belt is to-die-for…as are the pockets front and on your derriere…such a treat to wear , youre instantly stylish…I also nabbed the deelicious boots whilst I was at Mimi’s , these are from MEB and oh-mai..I love them..so simple to wear & fit…no demo means I usually wont buy but mimi showed me them on herself and I was sold! Can you believe these were just 290L?? (other colours available)

This colour of the dress is called stone pink, subtle and summery…there are other tones to choose from, almost got swayed by the olive green..dont forget there is a fat pack which is a real steal deal. The skin Im wearing is the previously shown new release from Gaall called Anna, Im showing the natural look with no make up…peachy huh?

Go get stylish: Mimi’s choice   Skin: Gaall