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As good as new.(Dollarbies)

I woke up this morning thinking “it’s Monday Woo Hoo” and leapt out of bed full of energy for the day ahead…..of course, I’m lying like a b*tch.  I really shouldn’t do a post before my second cup of coffee has given me the caffeine hit I need to function without snarling.

So sweet and simple, unlike me at this moment.

When you TP to !g0, turn to the right and in that department on the first floor everything is 50% off, make sure to try the demo as some pieces have aged better than others but some great finds.  Then trot upstairs and you will see lots and lots of Dollarbies.

As always if you don’t like what you see me wearing then !g0re it, can you see what I did there? because there is a real variety of styles and if you don’t already own them you really need to check out the “Tamara” dress and “Baja” hoodie both previously blogged and will make a nice surprise.

PS.  Thinking about it I know that that spotty shirt is a separate and I can’t help but I think the dress will look a little bit saucier without it.


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Today is the day to join.(!g0 50Ld Advent Gift).

This is today’s !g0 Advent gift and it alone is worth the small joining fee.

Sorry I’ve not been keeping you updated with the daily !g0 gifts which is naughty of me as once the day has passed you can’t get them but as soon as I put this on I knew I couldn’t let another really good pressie pass you by.  Taken in my sim setting so you can see it as I see it, look at the knotted belt and just the quality. Best of all for me it even fits over my fav pants (sorry not free but if you want to know they come from Faiths fav shop, Neve).

Not only is this a “keeper” a lot of the !g0 clothing range just lasts and lasts and lasts so once this christmas is ove it will be packed away till next.


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Todays !g0 Advent gift is this wrap over cardie.

Won’t bore you with the details because I want to log back in and trawl my way through the 25Ld tues list because I suspect it’s going to be a good un.  If you want the list then its the “25 Tuesdays Connection” group you have to join and each Tue a full list is put out and I will be starting it in 1, 2…now.

Special mention to the money-saving “Redelivery option”  The amazing car just behind me comes from a shop called “anhelo” and KNEW I had it but could I find it, nope no way,  no matter what I typed into my invent I could not find this car and I just wanted it as the final decoration for my home so finally I TPed over to the anhelo shop to rebuy it but right above the buy it board is the wonderful “Redelivery Board”..woo hoo not only saved me money but this car completes my Christmas deccies.

!g0 (50Lds to join the group).

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Easing into the day.(Freebies & Advent).

Todays !g0 Advent gift is the skirt, lots of fits and 50Lds to join the !g0 group.

The top I mentioned in my last post, it’s one of the freebies from the Okinawa Winter Event, lots of fits and I think there were 3 colours in the hud.

BUT I want to do a special mention to my Yoyo, BEST AO EVER! This is the SEmotion gift under the Christmas tree at The Arcade Event.  We all know that when it comes to movements such as drinking coffee, smoking a cig etc it still leaves a lot to be desired but you get 3 motions with this yoyo and OMG even the most intricate one where you flip and grab it is perfect! So realistic I TPed over to the SEmotion shop to check out their AOs as I’ve been using the same AO for about…..oh dear 10 years maybe.  I didn’t buy any, the only reason I didn’t is my AO is understated.  The animations are slight and natural and that’s how I like it so although I appreciated the work that has gone into creating the AO’s at SEmotion I will be sticking to my old one but I will put the link for you to the SEmotion shop.

UPDATE. Try the SEmotion AOs but don’t buy yet as I’ve just popped to the shop I bought my AO from, all those years ago, and I’m finally going to update my AO so when I come back with more freebies I will give you the LM for that shop as not only do I think their AOs are excellent you can buy a fully loaded AO for only 200-300Lds or individual poses for just 10Lds….so don’t go spending any Lindens before you’ve tried both shops.

!g0 (Skirt)

Okinawa Winter Festival(Sweater is the Zoom gift).


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I’d g0 (!g0’s Advent Calendar Day no2).

Naturally, the first thing I did was pop over to !g0 to grab day 2 of their advent calendar and it’s these.

I wish I had shown you yesterdays as it was bloddy good but it’s too late as each gift is only available for 24 hours.  If I can I will grab each days gift to show you early enough for you to decided if you want it..but there will be gaps as RL does things like that lol.

The !g0 group cost 50Lds to join, there is a group gift behind the reception desk, which is a pittance compared to what you get in return.


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I’m finally starting to get less Grinchy and more Christmassy and 3 things have helped. The first is I can finally decorate my SL house with lots of sparkly stuff, the second is !g0 has started it’s Christmas Advent Calendar. this is one of the best Advent Calendars events in SL and I try not to miss a single day as sadly once the day has passed the gift is sealed up and you can’t get them retrospectively…unless it’s changed since last year.  It does cost to join the !g0 group but that has always been a piddling 50Lds and you do need to be in the group to grab each daily gift.  I’ve not opened it yet but I did spot it comes in ALL mesh fits so no probs there.

The third and bestest thing is my NEW MINA and not just a new “do” but a NEW BEANIE MINA!

There is so much to this hair I ended up taking so many pictures even I got confused so I will stick to this basic one and try to explain it.

You get 3 Huds in your pack, 1 to change the hair colour, 1 to change the beanie and the last 1 to change the styling of the hair.

Just pick the shade pack you like best, and remember you get a massive 30 and totally different shades in each pack and were not just talking going from light to dark brown but just browns in all the shades you get in RL.  I did also notice that the red pack seems to some very new and unique shades which I certainly haven’t noticed before. Lots of other shade packs if you want a bit more to your hair colour, pastels, ombres, black/white etc some are very dramatic.

The Beanie hud has 10 textures in it and although I’m wearing one of the snowflake texture there are some without but its subtle enough that this can be worn any season.

Finally the “styling hud”.  This gives you 6 ways to style your hair. Hair down one shoulder or the other shoulder or both shoulders or neither shoulder and just hanging down the back but there are 2 new way.  This hair comes with a light windblown look to it and you can have it only lightly blown away from the face or a bit stronger.

That’s, why you need to try so you too, can see what it looks like on you before you make your mind up, believe it or not before I pick up a new Mina I too always try on a demo.  It’s rare but no hair will fit every AV.

BTW This hair is only available at “FaMESHed” but expect it to be heaving AND if you do go to Mina’s mainshop don’t panic as she doesn’t have the picture up yet but click on the “new” boards and you can still get the demo, she will probably have the picture uploaded to the board pretty soon as she does keep on top of her new products.

Mina doesn’t do an Advent Calendar but for her joining fee of 250Lds even Faith got tempted by her last Group Gift so check those out and if you are in the Mina group already just remember to wear your tag when buying as you do get a discount.

Mina Mainshop


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The Dream.(Freebie & a Mina).

Just a fun summery piccie here because in RL I’m freezing my T*Ts off.

First, the freebie and again reg readers will know by now if it’s sporty clothing I snag it.  I don’t know how many sets of shorts n tops I have but I don’t care so there.  This freebie and there was at least 2 other, this is the one I preferred, are to be found at the Bliss shop.  The Bliss group is VIP but still free and so are the other 2 groups you have to join to get the other  2 free outfits.  Going by memory lots of sizes and with the 2 outfits, I opened both came with Huds and in this case I decided I rather liked the shorts not matching the top but you can choose your own preference.

It was the hair that got me back in-world because as soon as I saw a picture of it I just had to have it even though my SLing time was up.

This hair is extremely reminiscent of a very recent hair but Mina has given it that windswept look to it.  As someone who is trying to get a bit of movement or life into her pictures I love clothes and hair which have that extra bit of folding or suggestion of movement to them but even though this hair has all that it’s still totally wearable as just normal mooching around in SL hair.

The hair comes from the Shiny Shabby event and I have to be honest it’s not the best place for freebies but then again it’s been so long since I was last there you never know and since it’s on till the 15th it should have calmed down so I might just amble on over there.


OK if you have 50Lds you must join the !g0 Group NOW before the place becomes a heaving cesspit of grasping, greedy AV’s and Moi tomorrow.

Gocha Merlin, the owner of !gO not only has a damned fine and unique clothing range, it’s where I often chose to spend my Lindens, the group gifts are monthly and there is often also a new outfit with a colour which has been reduced for just the group members it along with Sn@tch are the 2 groups I have been a member of for an SL lifetime.  What Gocha Merlin also has is one of the BEST advent calenders going in SL and because this is a clothes shop it means CLOTHES in the unique !gO style.  Because as with most calendars only 1 box a day is opened but sadly for those who can’t get in-world once the day is over you can’t get it anymore.  So you really need to try to pop over every day to make sure you don’t miss out.

PS. Now I can’t remember if it’s now gone from a 24 day Calendar to a 12 day one but it does no harm to join now, go grab the GG and get yourself ready for the rampaging horde.


Shiny Shabby