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All you need is love

Prism Valentines

In the big run up too V day…dont forget it’s not all about chocolates and roses…for instance, why not decorate your home..or make a romantic place for you and your love? If you’re a single pringle, whats better than to create a cozy nook to curl up in and relax…Prism has this out at The Nest…its the “Love letters” set. The main piece is a stunning Futon, with couples and solo poses. Silky dark wood frame…to co ordinate with it there are side tables, lamps, rugs and some artwork to complete the mood. All pieces can be bought seperately…and one thing I adore , is it’s really really low prim ! The futon is only 8 prims *faints*…go on, spoil yourself…thanks Lilly ❤

Aphrodite Fondue Group Gift

If youre on a tight budget…pop over to Aphrodite’s main store. If you join the group (only 99L to join) you can collect a whole heap of group gifts …above is the latest for V Day…the Fondue set…great selection of couply smewchy poses and its transferable for gift giving hooray! It’s a little on the primtastic side at 30 prims BUT, if you’re only going to get it out for those special moments…Id say it’s just purrrfect.

Aphrodite free champagne tray

For joining the group you also get given this lovely champagne set, upon touching it you will receive a bubbly glass of Champers…which you can wear, snazzy huh?! Be warned, this store is huge and you will want to buy HEAPS !!

Prism at The Nest


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