Whats the Furore all about

I was crawling through the market place yesterday and saw this pretty lingerie set from Furore, so headed off to the inworld store to take a snoop around..was nicely surprised to find not only this set as a gift but also in a coupla more colours ..love the detail on the fabric and adore the boy-shorts-look appeal of the knickers…

Snapped it up in the oh-so-girly pink too! See the locket I’m wearing? Its one of my favs from MIAO…called Abernathy.(I’m wearin it with the silver chain option,with rose gold wings & a pink diamond gemstone..but there’s fifty trillion other colour options!!well almostttt).MIAO have a 25L sale on at the moment on quite a few gorjusssss items….plusssss….

…theres a group gifty out for a couple more days..that I LOVE ! If you’ve got into the whole KittyCats craze (and if you havent WHY NOT??!!) these will really appeal to you..gawd I can’t bear selling my kitties babies..so uhmm..Player and I have quite a fewww roaming about our home ! The set comes in five colours…thank you Kess ❤

One more thing from Furore before I go eat breakfast..another free gifty the “naughty top” which is more of a dress but could be worn with leggins etc also..comes in two versions inside the box…super steel grey..perfect…

Go get some deals: MIAO            Furore

For the curious: Hair by 69 (50L sale) necklace by Dark Mouse “Anzac” new release  pose by hate me eat me (poses from 2-25L) Lip gloss pic 3 LpD subscribo gifty pack of four