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Free Seasonal Decor

I am totally loving decorating my home for the season, even better when I find such treasures for free! I think this little Basil sproutling from Apple Fall has been around the block a few times – but it’s so worth showing again. Amazingly detailed and just 1Li, for free – whats not to love. Use it on a sideboard or dresser, and it gives instant appeal.

Then I found a pack of three dressers by Nostalgia, you get three versions, black, walnut and white – 6Li each, and zero cost. I really love woody things in my home – they make everything super cosy. The chair is from Old World, 2Li with 2 single poses and 1 couple pose, there are two versions in the box for the princely sum of $1L. (I think the difference is the colour of the blanket.) The pile of boxes is from Total Destruction, 1Li and totally free !

I’m trying to learn from Zan about decorating – she uses little things to make a room POP – I think I did ok !

basil jar




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The Farm (The Challenge)

The Challenge - 22769 bauwerk & barn

A new round of The Challenge has begun and it’s really a fantastic theme this time. “Farm” is the theme and I’ve got some great garden type treats to share with you . Above is the Farm shed from Black Tulip, 100% original mesh and really low prim (uhm 27 I think) The doors open to reveal a spacious interior, so plenty of room to fill up with your gardening and ground work gear.

The Challenge - 22769 bauwerk - cleo designs

22769 have some adorable vege beds to scatter around, cabbages, carrots, beetroots & lettuce plus an empty one incase you’ve got your own vegetables. Just 2Li and so realistic – I know I will be using these in my SL garden for sure! Little teaser above of the huge amount of pieces from Cleo Designs. I adore the little tray, probably because I just LOVE french cheese.

The Challenge - Cleo Design

Cleo Designs has released this collection for your garden / farm. The bench is super comfy and ever so pretty with its casually tossed blanket over the back and plump cushions to rest upon. There is also a hen-house with chickens, couple outside that are not linked so you can place them wherever you wish, and some inside with a nest of cracked eggs. There’s baskets of fruit, freshly collected eggs in a tin carrier and of course a small cold-frame with some plants getting ready to be planted outside.

The Challenge - Percent  Makeshift sink - animated !

Last but certainly not least is the “makeshift sink” by %Percent. Its simply gorgeous to look at, and its also animated yay! Lovely poses to wash your hands from a days hard graft in the garden plus others. The tap works and also drip drip drips, nice touch is the dripping sound – dead cute. Li of 9 and soft linked – which means you can mess around with the parts and position them as you please.

The Challenge Blog (features all participating designers with url’s and photos)

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Living Well

Ladder7Wow you take a few days off and the amount of notes, news and new stuff is overwhelming which is why I decided to Kiss it (Keep It Simple Stupid) for my first back to work post.  Since this stuff comes from a shop Faith LMed me I hope I’m not stepping on her Gos’s by telling you about these freebies but they’re just too damned good.  What you get from “WereClosed” is the ladder in dark and light options for a single prim and some great poses (not shown here though) and then all the art work behind me.  Whats becoming standard is the MEASLY prims because the art work comes in 3 lots, the ones on the wall a total of 1 prim and the 2 separate piles each a single prim. Both Faith and I have been tempted by the goodies in this shop and I know she is or has bought something and I too have caved into temptation but those items will be for a later post.

(We’re CLOSED)

(We’re CLOSED) Marketplace

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Sadly yet again SL is being screwy with poor me.  Fortunately I grabbed these pictures a few days ago so now I’m in a land void of mesh I can still look at what I had.

DamnSad little ole me eyeing up cakes that I can’t eat in RL or SL.  We all have our fav shops in SL and this is another one of mine.  It is what I call “idiot proof decor” (I  also inc EoD in that description) which to me means that if you don’t have the time, vision or money to wander around SL shopping for your home comforts  then let someone else do it for you and Laurent83 Waco and his shop Follow Us has done all the hard work for us and with just a couple of clicks you can have your whole home set up and look gorgeous.

Damn2Everything is linked apart from the chairs which come with such decent poses that I’ve even used them in the pictures.  You have the coffee toolbox, napkins, forks,  pots of jam, cherries etc etc it’s a real spread which will appeal to both men and women.  Now it does add up prim wise but it’s all there all set to go.  As I’ve said some people love to be forever moving and changing, adding this removing that others want to unpack and go and as a hardened SL home owner I for one would think you had great taste if you had this in your house.

TrayBoys this is the best way to a girls heart, or a boy if that’s your choice, hot chocolate, buttery croissant and a lovely fat rose on a tray will get you more than just a good morning/night kiss.

Follow Us

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Taste Of Second life – Cleo Design

Always a cause for celebration is a TOSL package from Cleo Design yippeeee! This time the theme is the Olympic Games…and naturally I was thrilled as it’s in my “backyard” this time around *squeee*…and just right for the weather and holding your very own Olympic partay…is this set..everything in the box to have a grand old time…special Olympic decorations for all the fence panels…strings of lanterns…and of course seating ! Each lounger is packed with poses…for a grandstand comfortable view of the games…but but but…handily…these red, white & blue loungers also have colourrr change…so they are superb for all year round yay! Wait..theres more…you also receive the table loaded up with party snacks and drinks…anddd a GIANT tv with vintage projector and table…showing synchronised swimming…plusss…two huge cushions..with sitting and workout animations (just incase you get the fitness bug with all the sport watching lol)  ALL of this (plus some items I just couldn’t fit in the shot- OMGAH!) is just 100L…Thanks Cleom ❤

Cleo Design

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Cleo Design with a ooodles of dash for your cash!

yumyumyum…I have some lush new pieces to show you from Cleo Design..this is a real good value store that you will keep returning too as you furnish and expand…each piece has SO much packed into it ! (pro tip: read the notecards carefully, or you might miss some of the goodies!) Soooo onto the newness…the first set Id like to show you is above..two comfy chairs..and they are mesh *squeee*. I’m loving how super decor looks in mesh..smooth…and plump. Each armchair has twenty-two anims in it, amazing huh? Some in the cushion, some in the seat…touch the table for your wearables, such as a laptop,ciggie & tea etc..You also receive the two paintings, which are pretty in themselves, and tie in nicely with the colour scheme of the set. Check out the table…a teabag box with opening lid..two cups of tea..books and more ! The complete set is for sale for only 250L !

Another new piece is the “armbend chair”, unusual design, that has one arm up and one flopped down, great for lounginggg ! This chair and the table are also mesh. The chair has a massive 37 anims loaded..single fem,male & the notecard for info …touch the table and you’ll get an array of wearable goodies to match the pose..sweet huh? One thing I especially love about Cleom Bailey’s items is that the many smaller items are NOT that you can tailor your prim usage according to your budget …I know I know..we all loathe counting prims ! These pieces are lowwwww prim though hurrah! The sweet light bulbs actually do work, and the birds are a lovely touch… Ohhhh almost forgot…if you touch the shadow underneath the chair…you can select colour change options too ! (both cushion & seat) makes it even more versatile…the price for all this prettiness? Just 75L…STEAL! Thanks Cleom xx

Get it all here : Cleo Design