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Well SL is still hating me at the moment, I will resist moaning too much but it was a surprise when I managed to stay in world to be able to grab some shots of these goodies.

IntrepidNot only new shoes but new Donna Flora shoes.  Because I’ve not been able to keep upto date with how the big Donna Flora even that has has been going I decided to blog about these shoes which came from Donna Floras own shop and are a prim example of her craft.  A soft silver  satin sheen, very retro with an easy to use hud.  Can be worn without the bows as well.

RaptureThe soft feminine look is hardened by those wicked spiked heels.

FurI even managed to have time to pop this tippet on.  A fur collar with strands of pearls draped down.  The one shown in the shop is worn over a jacket and looks great.  A handy accessory to tart up a favourite outfit.  This comes from Coco which I know for a fact has some excellent free to join Group Gifts (I have them) and I managed to meander around all the lovely new stuff and checked out the massive discount section before SL kicked me out again.  As soon as I can get back I’m picking up a delightful cropped jumper with a lace collar and  a good look at the new stock.

Donna Flora (shop in the sky)

Squinternet Larnia

Coco Designs

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

The High Life

LUXE Paris Ruby Nuage Evening Gown

I don’t often wear gowns, or get much of a chance too…so when I received this package from LUXE Paris I was really thrilled…its luxurious…and sensual..and the flexi parts of the skirt move like fairy dust as you move…I dont wear much flexi these days…but THIS…is different…obviously  alot of thought has gone into making it move as realistically as it would in real it swaysss…and twirls….but not too much ! You also get the stunning fur stole, which is ever so glamorous! Gorgeous deep burgundy red, perfect for the season…I popped over to the store to take a peek at the new additions…if youre into dressing up…you’ll love it ! Thanks Paris ❤

LUXE Paris

LUXE Pais market place store