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Baby Its Cold Outside…

coldlogic and ecletica cwn hunt_006

Brrrrrrrr, Merry Olde England is blanketed in a heavy layer of snow…its freeeeeezing….I cant feel my toes & nose ! Luckily for moi…coldLogic has come to my Wintery rescue with some divine wooly pullies & warm dresses, PLUS I’ve got some more snuggly goodies from the Cold Winter Night Hunt too….Above I’m wearing one of the new *lovern* sweater dresses…beautifully styled off the shoulder top…and striped arms…you can also justttttt about see the new mesh leggings…Ive been waiting ages for these yippeeee! The very stripey ones are called *strothers*, love love LOVE them ! Options for wearing them long or shorter…and differing cuff styles, so you can get a really terrific fit….My hat, stole & muff is a gift from Eclectica, its in the Cold Winter Nights Hunt…also comes with some super charming gloves…the muff has a pose in it and fits purrfectly. The hat does come with the hair, and although Im a blondie..I actually really liked this rich brown a lot…(Thanks Tiffy <3)

coldLogic cwn reading nook_001

The new style of dress also comes in this version called *jones*, no stripes…but the same classic shape….Im not sure which I prefer to be honest, but I can see how this one would “glam” up …really love the belt, which sits effortlessly around the waist and the attention to detail with the two little buttons on the top is a great touch…Im sat at the Little House of Curios gift in the Cold Winters Night Hunt…”Vintage Reading nook”…such a splendid collection of pretties..the chair has plenty of poses, plus the table, potted flowers and the brass coloured star to hang, and of course a shabby old rug….I adore it !

WoW Skins Faith - NEW ! (Sunkissed Tone)

Couldnt resist using a new skin from Wow Skins in this session…its called Faith…and I havent taken it off since I received the review copies. This time I opted for the lighter shade “sunkissed”, which I think I might prefer to the tan …this skin is Lola ready also hooohah! It also has a variety of tattoo layer make ups…singlepringles and packs available…isnt it a beauty?

coldlogic prism cwn_004

Had to share another one of the lovern dresses…this blue tone is just SO succulent ! Team it up with some of the new leggings…and youre good to go, this has GOT to be my fav colour of this collection, delicate and juicy.

coldLogic cleo design cwn hunt_002

Ohhhhhhhh theres sweaters too! Mhhhhhmmmmm lotssss of cuddlybugggly ones…Naturally I went straight for this light pink one, called yapple… *wink*…but there are other shades on offer…and this is why mesh ROCKS my boat…Ive never had an off the shoulder sweater in SL that actually fits before ! No messing…medium size for me…and its just 100% perfect. Gotta love that huh?…I wore the new *jessop* mesh leggings this time…they sort of colour fade down your legs really subtly…and again plenty of colours and options in the pack to keep you happy & content…The furniture behind me is infact a gift…its the offering from Cleo Design in the Cold Winters Night Hunt…you get two of those plump sofa’s (slightly different shape on both) and oooodles of extras, such as the magazine rack..rug…table..candles etc..the poses in the sofa’s are sooper sweet and if you touch the shadow at the base there are a squillion colour changes & textures to fool around with ! Thanks coldLogic team ❤

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