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Changing Of The Season @ The Free Dove

Free jumpsuit & Fur jacket @ The Free Dove

I visited The Free Dove this morning and noticed a few new items. We are so lucky to have such a fantastic resource there with SO many awesome designers ! Keep your eyes peeled as I think there might be more new pieces as Autumn continues and we go into winter. Anyway I picked up this two piece set from Luxe Paris. You get this classic neutral beige jumpsuit, it looks equally lovely worn alone, plus a furry cape/jacket. The amount of sizes included is vast ! Just join The Free Dove group (its free) and click away to your hearts content.

The Free Dove

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Thee Fur jacket you need (And FREE hair)

Ohmai – I’ve discovered the ONLY fur jacket you’re gonna need this winter! B.D.R have the “Obsession” fur on sale at the new round of Sad November – mesh body fits and a gargantuan Hud with Ten further colour & pattern options, plus more for the belt! At just $200L that works out at …uhm….$20L per colour!!!

I’ve teamed it up with the new Miss skirt from Neve (@Fameshed) in the black leather option – pretty yummy ! Hair is a gift from Tukinowaguma at Hairology, striking short style with a fantastic choice of colours (in fact I think ALL the colours?) No group to join, just rock up and grab your treat.

Sad November



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Its F.A.D Baby (feebie inc)

FREE Mesh fur jacket

A new event for moi – there’s so many to go to these days huh? As I arrived I was greeted by this super-duper little free fur jacket as a gift – joined the group (free to join) and snapped it up, really neat little thing, made by Me Sew Sexy. I’m wearing it over my Slink Physique Mesh body – and as you can see it works great. New hair by Elua (fast becoming one of my fav hair makers) This is available at the latest round of Uber.

LEGENDAIRE complete outfit - 3 colours inc,jeans,shoes & scarf $159L

The reason I went to the event was this outfit by Legendaire, you get the whole thing for just $159L – that’s shoes for slink high feet, jeans, sweater and attached scarf – plussss there is a HUD, for three changes of colour on the sweater and scarf woohoo! What a great bargain. The only downside for me, was it wasn’t particularly brill with my mesh body (which I rarely take off I have to admit).

LEGENDAIRE complete outfit with shoes,jeans scarf & top - $159L

There was one teeny tiny patch that peeked through on the arms – and that would drive me nuts! I edited that out for the sake of the photos, so be aware the jeans fit beautifully over my mesh body, the top not so much. All in all its such a lovely Autumn/Winter outfit I will keep it for the days I remove my mesh body.




Kusshon Hunt (Freebies) and a godsend from Scarlet Creative

Kusshon FREE gifts - Scarlet Creative NEW!

Scarlet Creative has this adorable cottage on offer at collabor88 , for just 88L ! Its low Land impact and stylish looks make it such a winner for me. Id been hunting about for something “woody” for Autumn and Winter, then this appeared in my inventory yay! (Thank you Charlotte <3) Seriously, you should get this, even if at the moment you don’t have a place for it. It wont go out of fashion, it wont date – it’s just SO well made and SO beautiful that at some point you will get to inhabit it. As with Scarlet Creatives other builds it’s a bit like a tardis. Nooks and crannies that are prefect places to slide a table in, or a chair. Windows galore so its airy inside without losing that cosy feel. I think it’s the wood textures that always make the builds feel so warm. The side table and umbrella pot are hunt prizes at kusshon btw – more below.

Scarlet Creative NEW - 88L

To be honest I couldn’t be sure which way round was front, but it doesn’t seem to make any difference, which means it’s really up to you to position it as you want. I can envision this is so many settings, forest glade, shabby on a beach, sunk in deep lush meadows, its versatile.

kusshon Gambler set FREE -

You really shouldn’t miss the sale at kusshon ! The older sculpted gear is reduced, and I actually still use a lot of them. They stand the test of time but things move on I suppose. Theres also a hunt on yippeeee ! Its pretty easy to find the pumpkins that are scattered about inside and out. The gambler table has always been a firm favourite of mine, many poses & wearables, its a fantastic piece and free if you can find it.

kusshon FREE bench - coldLogic NEW - ArisAris NEW

coldLogic has another release of separates, and I popped over to snap up these superb pants (and a few other goodies I will share later) Plusssss my new furry jacket from ArisAris called “feels amazing”, omg I LOVE it. It comes with a texture change HUD, you get six colours for the price of one jacket, of course some neutrals but also a vibrant PINK one “squeeee”. It has a delightful satin bow at the front and turn back cuffs on the sleeves. Btw the bench Im sat on is also a free gift at kusshon, join the group and grab it while you’re there – its got male & female poses .

coldLogic store

coldLogic market place

coldLogic blog


ArisAris market place store

ArisAris blog


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Group benefits

It’s always hard these days, even with the increased amount of groups we can join…to make room  for justttttttt one more huh? Well, here’s a conundrum for you…because youre so going to have to squeeze another in..Liv Glam…Im new to this store and only found them from an event that I was browsing. Adored a few outfits and purchased them, then as I usually do – headed over to their main store to browse. Whoaaaa ! As I entered the door there was a heap of gifts all lined up…seriously gorgeous gifts…the sort that make me stop and wriggle a little…just like this darling outfit above…a furrrrrry jacket over the sweetest little dress (it even looks adorable worn alone) I found the sizing to be very good, the clothes well all screams quality no?

There are two groups you can join, one is free join, the other is 250L if my memory serves me correctly (which it doesn’t always!) There are gifts for free group members just not so many – if you grab yourself a full group membership boy-oh-boy are you spoilt…I lost count of the outfits I was able to take…last count was 24 *gasp*.  Above is one of my favourites, the Mariah dress…such a great style….the red ruffles that wind down the front really make this little frock POP…so me .

I noticed as I wandered about the store, which is really nicely laid out and spacious…there were other little piles of gifts *squeeeee*, so if you join up, which I really suggest you DO…make sure you take a walk around the whole place. There are also two hunt gifts for you too even if you don’t become a member, you’ll get a chance to try out a couple of outfits with no cost, and that’s the fab thing about hunts…see the quality before you invest !

Ohhh just time to fit one more photo in yay! Totally love this outfit…beautiful Autumn shades, complete with necklace,bangles & earings, I truly can not belive it’s a gift ! Thanks Liv Glam ❤

Liv Glam

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I couldnt wait…

…to get back and explore a store that Steve blogged earlier this week..called SG and it’s crammed full of goodies…even better news is…its ALL 10L ! Yus indeedy…dresses,separates,shoes, and more..I trolled over there ASAP and tucked away a little stash to show you. There was a lot of jackets…hard to choose what to show off to be honest..but I totally loved this jacket called “Tokyo”, great details and furrrriness! Lotsa colours available…and at 10L it wont break the bank..

Snapped up this sweater & scarf combo, also 10L..a few shades to choose from..I got it in PINK tones naturally(its called cherry but it’s SO pink !)

Amazingly there were also a few group gifts, the group is free to join…thought this sweet capped sleeve dress was so adorbs…teamed it up with an old croire pendant which I can’t recall when I bought sowwy!

Plussss I couldn’t resist this valentine lingerie set…also out as a group gift hurrah! Pop over to the store when you have a chance..steal deals especially after the Christmas drain on your lindens…Dont forget Guys…theres plenty there for you also !

All clothing (apart from the leather pants which are GizzA) : SG