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CIRCA gets into the groove

Circa & FollowUs - FREE

Gosh almost missed the chance to blog this before the “Apple of my hunt” event finishes tomorrow! This is the prize from CIRCA. Fantastico beanie bags, with pretty poses and the art panels. In front you can prolly just make out the Followus Easter group gift, it’s ever so sweet !

CIRCA Art & table NEW!

New items galore at Circa’s mainstore, including this shabby little folding table with Eastery decoration. The art panels are my favourite thing of all. They have sparkly twinkly lights inside *swoooon* ! SO pretty, So glittery…they will really brighten up your Springtime space! The top right panel is a gift for group members, and can be found at the Easter Market hunt.


Also at the Easter Market event is the new birdy house – it’s quite a luxurious trio of box shaped houses and the birds sing when you touch them awww ! You’ll find the dear little box of freshly picked carrots and bucket there too.

Paradisis & Circa & FollowUs FREE !

o.O almost left this shot out that shows the Paradisis free outfit ! Hoppity hop over to the store and find the eggs, you will have to collect them all to get the entire look , that includes the dress, basket, head gear and choker.


Last up from Circa is this Spring time trellis set. It’s just beautifully done, a lone butterly floats around in dizzy circles above the eggs, bunneh and Spring flowers. This is also on sale at the Easter Market Event – deffo one to go and mooch around .  Ohhhhh don’t forget, if you’re a group member you can still collect your fantabulous Skybox – its set at the landing point for you. Thanks Cherelle ❤

Easter Market

CIRCA store