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More to come, Fun Hunt.

Faith and I both love this regular Hunt and although the shopping sim looks as though it’s had a bit of a change you’re still looking for a cat called, actually not sure if he has a name other than “Ninja cat”.

In this picture I’m not wearing any of the hunt items basically because I couldn’t find any but I’ve only just gotten a few streets into the shopping sim and I couldn’t help myself and I scored a few fun Gacha items, the cat costume and a bath in the shape of a whale, the glow is from wearable glow sticks I won from one of the many lucky Boards in the shops here and you get a dance move in with them.


But don’t walk past any shop without the hunt sign outside because not only is there oodles of Lucky Boards but lots of very interesting and kawaii fun things.

So all in all a perfect way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Kiyomizu Autumn Hunt


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Time wasting. (Fishy Freebie).

I’m just trying to delay starting on my paperwork, I’ve got my pen, coffee, stapler, hand cream, Tipex, printer and I even have a cat snuggled up in a box on my desk and yet I’m still procrastinating! so I thought one last mooch through the SL Marketplace and I WILL get some RL work done.


Then when I found this fishy Mermaid/Merman Tail I just had to procrastinate more and pop inworld for a quick pic.  Because I’ve gone OTT with the editing the fish tail looks golden when in fact this it’s Sardine Silver, there is a really good image of it on the TSL Marketplace shop for you to check out for yourself.

OK Thats enough time-wasting and if I get cracking I might just be able to get all of this done and some time in the garden.  Have a great day everyone.

TSL (Marketplace Shop).

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A New Chapter. (Freebies).

Faith recently did a couple of items from the Chapter Four event which is celebrating its 2nd year in SL but there was so much there to be grabbed she dropped me a note to say have a go and I did.


There are so many little gift boxes waiting to be picked up, you will have to join the Free to join Chapter Four group, but I have to be honest and say I didn’t notice any other trousers/pants/leggings other than the one’s Faith has already shown you but since these “jeggings” come in 2 Ombre shades I’ve picked the pair she didn’t wear.  As it happens you also get not just the standard mesh sizing but a whole set for those of you who lurve your curves, in this picture I’m wearing the non curvy pair which I think do still have a very womanly shape to them.  Loving this top as well with the exaggerated hem and a nice satin texturing to the neck and hemlines.  The glasses, shoes and sorry you can’t really see it, the bracelet are all Free.

It also turned out to be even luckier for me because I had a couple of RARE Gacha wins which is RARE for me LOL.  The build I’m standing on and a great looking table covered in Xfile type of things.  Lucky me.

The top is off the Le petites Details stall and the Jeggings from the Fishy Strawberry one.  Sorry but I’ve completely forgot who supplied the rest but trust me you will have fun snagging them all and then unpacking and sorting out all your new found Goodies.

Chapter Four


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Randomness (Freebie)

Can I just have a moan?  We “mad” cat ladies(and men)” don’t start off being mad they simply drive us MAD!  I have every blind pulled up in my home, both upstairs and downstairs in a 3 bed house so LOADS of window apart from the 1 small window which I have to pull the blind down because as I’m on the comp the sun shines right onto my face and of course THAT’S the window my cat desperately needs to look out of.  No matter what I throw at the little booger he still returns to rake and yowl at the blind, yes my cat is a Asshole!

Moaning over here’s a quick fun freebie.


I was going to park myself on Faiths beautifully manicured lawns and take a piccie but I decided to rezz it on my platform and have a little drive around.  I’m not a very good driver and just kept on getting myself stuck in the dome!  There is a menu with this so you can change the settings, lights on/off, gears, engine etc but sadly not a tab for a very bad driver.


I can’t remember what tab this one was but I think if I had actually been moving the billowing cloud would have been behind me.

Just a fun freebie from Knights Performance.

Knights Performance

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In and out.

I’ve been trying out the Twisted Hunt and so far it’s been a BIG FAT FAIL but the one good thing about hunts is they often take you to places you’ve never visited or it’s been a long time since you were last there.  Not sure if I’ve ever been to HT (Hate This) before but I had fun just wandering around, didn’t find the hunt prize but a few fun items, a couple of freebies-wearable arrow and lit paper bag lanterns.




Just had fun with these shots.  The wearable stretcher is an oldie but goodie from my invent and if you would like more details I can check it out for you but it’s such an old freebie it’s probably long gone however the crutch and leg plaster are what I picked up from HT Hate This.  You get a choice of plaster size and which leg to wear it on and the same for the crutch and of course the AO to match.  There is a whole room of medical aids from hearing aids to big old-fashioned “retainers” as Americans call them.  Just plain daft and will certainly make you stand out from the crowd.

Don’t worry though because this is a shop with a whole mix of stuff from retro bunk beds to a full cowboy saloon.  A very enjoyable time was spent here and nope I still didn’t find the hunt item.

HT (Hate This)

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“All the Free/Cheap yo Body Can Handle”.

Faith and I get so many notes and notices from events and groups we have to spend our first half hour, at least, in SL just going through them all and admittedly a lot of stuff still slips by us but when a note comes through titled “All The Free/Cheap Yo Body Can Handle” then it’s going to grab your attention.

So basically it turns out a whole load of well know and lesser known names have stalls set up and the general theme is something silly or fun.  Lots of Freebies and cheapies and some a little bit more in price but plenty for those looking for either a bargain or just something plain old Daft.


So I went and grabbed myself a load of “daftness” some items were free some were cheap and some was too daft not to resist.  Worth a look around and I do remmeber the wellies are free and the 2 sets of Sheepies (the hat) were only 7Lds.  I do remember paying for the snow ball outfit but it will not have been expensive and the Brain friend and lunch box are freebies.

A big enough event for you to be able to walk around picking up some fun items but not so big you get overwhelmed.

Now for something definitely not silly.


A great freebie from Antielle.


I had to take a bottom shot just to show you that nothing has been spared on the detailing for this great GG.  Mesh and all the sizes.  You do have to join the group, free of course, and there is more than just this on offer, skins, SLink nails and 2 more outfits.  I’ve just spotted that the outfit I’m showing you is actually 250Lds full priced in the shop, these ones are the same designs but with more floral textures in the design.  Sexy and sweet at the same time.

The Silly Seven Celebration


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Woof (Dollarbie).

To make sure my LM’s work I always try to log in to grab it so as I was grabbing the Living Social Vintage LM I noticed she has a couple of old Hunt items set out just under the Back To The Books poster and each is a single Linden so I grabbed em and this is the one that will make Faith go “awwww” she’s soppy like that.


A basset in a cooling bath, lol.  Even if you’re not a doggie person still grab this because not only has Winterschainshas this as not only a linked option but also an unlinked one.  So you can rezz as much or as little as you want.


Even as individual pieces these are still low primmed.  Obviously the rug, dog and bath are a single prim but the fan is only 2.  The other old Hunt item there is a beach house which if you don’t have a house/home/building addiction like me you may want to pick it up because for a single linden it might just be what you want.

PS as I’m writing all of this I’m sat on a nifty Vampire throne and although it’s just me it looks like it has some real sexy, bitey poses in it LOL.  A strange item in a shop that caters for shabby which furniture and garden stuff.

Living Vintage Social