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Boiled, Baked and Roasted. (Fun Freebies ‘n’ stuff).

Blimey, it’s a sunny Bank Holiday in the UK and that is rarer than winning a tenner on the lottery so I’ve been warming my bones in the sun and not SLing but yesterday I found myself at Arduenn Schwartzman’s shop called War Bug and this will be a shop known by many old-timers.

Warbug is just stuffed with a whole mix of silly and fun things which also inc freebies and 10Lds.

The LM takes you near to where the 10Ld items are but be careful as there are nearby the full-priced items so price check before you buy.  If you want the freebies then head towards the “The really old sh*t” shed which is easy to find as most of the sim is water and the shops and an attractive interactive gaming area and all in the same small area.

This sim is rezzable as there is a range of flying machines for you to buy and test out.

As for the picture I’ve used this Dungeon is one of his freebies and it’s as good now as it was when it was first put out for us.  I’m not sure why I’ve never used this very atmospheric build for photos but maybe it’s because it’s so primmy!  I think it’s about 250prims and that’s not just because of the attention to details but there is more to see than just what I’m showing you.  So rezz this at a sandbox and have a wander.

Warbug Headquarters

Warbug Marketplace

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A fun way to kill a Sunday. (lots of randomness & Freebies).

Just like Faith I’m still waiting to be able to get into the “Shop your heart out” event and the rest of them so I decided to throw in the towel and rummage in my invent and I came across a very old Freebie which still made me chuckle and I was off to see if the stuff was still there and IT IS!

Tooter Claxton is or was the only creators of a whole load of what was at that time, about 10+ years ago, inventive, creative, weird, wonderful, basic FREEBIES for everyone.  Everyone has or even still has things they picked up from the old Arcadia shop and even now all this time late I had a lovely time looking at the old stuff and some of it has now gone full circle and that “basic prim look” makes them almost look classic.

All those things in the boxes to your right are free and the stuff on the stall and what you can’t see do cost put only a few Lindens.  In the free boxes there is everything from pizza boxes to full builds.  The AVs on the stand are really unique and funny and a great way to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

Then I TPed to the next LM in Tooters profile and it brought me to this and the other free builds.

I actually not only still have this slum apartment complex in my invent but I actually always intended to live in it….I might still do it now I have a whole sim to play in lol.

This is just inside the entrance of this building.

This is one of the rooms inside of this building.  It’s a primmy build but then you do have it fully decored in and out plus stairs and corridors all done in this unique basic tat style.  I don’t know how many rooms there are in total but what  a unique place to live in and I don’t see why you couldn’t even become a Slum Landlord.

So check out Tooters profile and check out his “picks” for the list to some interesting places and have a lovely relaxed lazy Sunday.

PS. If the buildings aren’t in the first LMs boxes you can simply click and buy them as they are set out on the sim in the second LM.

PPS This stuff is copy, mod and trans BUT you NEVER EVER SELL IT! This stuff even from the start was meant to be free for all and people always stuck to that rule.

First LM

Second LM

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10Lds worth of Amazing Madness.

The Warbug is a shop where both Faith and I like to pop over just to occasionally as it’s not only full of cheap stuff but brilliant fun, daft, silly, interesting and also some great builds and 233 items priced at 10Lds and under. Arduenn Schwartzman the owner and madman of Warbug has been an SLer longer than both Faith and I and although I don’t know how much he plays inworld he has left his mark upon many an SLer with some of his creations and fortunately no matter how many times you visit you’re always finding new stuff to make you laugh.  Having said that most of what I’m going to show you I’m pretty sure is a reblog but sometimes things just need reblogging as not everyone will have seen them PLUS there is some new Easter Decor items which although I snagged I didn’t take any pictures.

Although I would highly reccomend visiting the sim as it’s such an interesting place to wander around, mainly little islands as far as I can see the whole lot is also on the marketplace.

Yes that flying jet pack is also from the Warbug and you can see how big this build is.


So pleased to refind this as I’ve had this build in my invent but because I didn’t file it away neatly or relabeled it so I could find it easy I’d all but given up on finding it again and here is is, ONLY 10Lds but pretty primy!  Ignore the prim count because this is such a quality build and texture and if you don’t want to live in a bog standard house then this place with it’s mad scientist research lab and upstairs dark corridors and even darker rooms for you to make yourself a bedroom, kitchen area if you did want to make this into a full time home.

XXXPicMonkey Collage2use

TBH I went click mad and not only grabbed so many items but took too many shots and even though I’ve clumped a lot into this collage form I’m still only showing you a fraction of what I took.  The top and very dark right had corner pictures is actually the same build because if you climb up the stairs there is some corridors and a couple of dark and dingy rooms for you to either use as more labs but I would honestly use those as living quarters because even Madmen/woman need to sleep somewhere LOL.  Not everything is so high prim though that very detailed item in the bottom right corner is amazingly realistic and just a single prim! So lots of decor items for any home and any prim allowance you may have.


The draught board/stand is yet another example of the 1 prim items here.  Such details and texturing!  Yes the clipboard, pen and those 60ties style Teccie things in the background areall from here and YES that is a shoulder maggot which wriggles and squirms on your shoulder just like a cute maggot should and I forgot to tickle it as I do believe it talks, doesn’t that make it even more irresistible?

XXXPicMonkey Collage3use

Another couple of the big builds the library and lecture room would make excellent meeting/conference rooms if you need that sort of thing…think outside of the box.

Not I can’t remember if you can actually go inside of this submarine I forgot to even check but it’s MASSIVE a full sized Sub which would look great at any place but in our small pool it just about squeezed in it’s that big.  I’m now curious so when I get back inworld I must check out to see if there is any sort of internal layout to this build because yet again an amazing and unique home if that’s the case.

XXXPicMonkey Collage4useBoth Faith and I use our homes, sim ect to take pictures but without our work platforms that we can rezz our clutter on or try new builds and sometimes just to stand there working through our notes without distraction is a Godsend.  Most sky platforms are usually so low primmed that most people can spare enough to have one themselves but yet again this barren moonscape/dessert comes with prim ouchies BUT how many times do I have to say it this is a massive build, can you see me in the distance in the first picture and I don’t think I’d zoomed out as fully as I actually could before I hit the edge of the platform, you can make an amazing home here! A small tent or some sort of futuristic build is all you need to live somewhere which is absolutely unique.

The very last picture is of course of BACON because if nothing you have seen yet has temped you then I bet the bacon will because we all know everything is better with bacon.

Everything I have shown you costs just 10Lds which seems to be the set price for 90% of the items.

Warbug Headquarters

Warbug Marketplace

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Odds n Sods.

Spotted this event in a note so decided to pop over just to have a look and although there wasn’t much to tempt me there are some quirky Japanese items, Lucky Boards and a food stall that has some Freebies and they of course are what I grabbed.


First one was a definite Oooo because you can rezz it all or just break it down into the 3 pieces, ie plate of food, newspaper and the stove with the pan are the only linked thing but even better is that you also get the single burner in the pack as well.


If I remember correctly this is linked item.


Although I’m not a fish lover I actually love kippers, this one is an unlinked set.


Now for the fun, each item comes with a throwable object, the Herring, a lid off the first item and even funnier a Kipper! I’m not using the throwing pose that comes with them because I couldn’t get a picture but they’re just as quirky and daft I only wish Faith was inworld and I would have had fun Kippering her LOL.

OK I have no idea of what this event is called but at least I have the LM!

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Wipe out.


Decided to pop over to the Okinawa Summer Festival and spent a lovely hour or so wandering around all of the stalls and shops.  Unlike my last post I did spend a lot and picked up so much that I can’t really show you it all now!


One of my problems is although I bought a number of items, like the adorable summer hat in the last picture most of the stuff I got was from Gachas or LBs or even the free gifts that are strewn about the place and I can’t give you the direct link to that stall.  So you’re just going to have to TP in and have a wander around.  Fortunately the Free surf board and poses are pretty close to the landing spot and I’ve chosen the ones which have the board alone some of the come complete with wearable board and waves! so you should be able to find that freebie however the rest you will have to wander for.


This hat comes from the Pink Ribbon 21 stall and was a Gacha win I would have been happy to win any of them.  This one has the simple cute ears and only cost me 50Lds. Again sorry I can’t give you the direct TP to the Pink Ribbon 21 stall but they have laid the whole place out in a lovely grid pattern to make sure you don’t miss anything.  You can even grab a scooter or bike at the landing spot to zip around.

Make sure to check out all of the stalls as there is a number of Lucky Boards and free gifts waiting to be found.

I was also going to mention the adorable bikini I’m wearing which come or rather came from Boom.  I can only assume I’ve had it in my invent for so long it’s not available in the shop anymore which is such a shame but then again Boom has so many brilliantly fitting mesh bikinis in a whole range of colours and patterns and if I had known this wasn’t available anymore I would have put one of them on instead.   You may want to pop over and check them out but if you do do it quickly as Arenel Ah was a little bit late putting out her FLF so she’s left it out for an extra day so for a token 50Lds you can treat yourself to a satiny pink pair of summer sandals for SLink Med feet.

Okinawa Summer Festival



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Fly me to the moon (freebies, cheapies, funnies).


m33R1 Resident  has some really daft (thats English for silly) items in the shop which will make most of us smirk but it’s also got some real handy goodies.  So even if you’re not into quirky still check this shop as it has some real lovely pieces set out amongst the “daftness”.  Although this is small shop make sure to check not only the outside and upper floor but the roof where there is even more fun items and some Lucky Chairs.  So plonk yourself on the banana seat and have a sort through of your old notes and score some goodies but then since a lot of items here are just a few Lindens there is no reason not to spoil yourself.


I think I broke my roses because I couldn’t get them to turn off and I’m 100% sure that you can have them positively glowing or more muted.  They’re actually on very long stalks and in the shop they’re hanging from the ceiling like lights or placed lower down like lamps.  Personally I think that if they were dotted around your landscaping they would add puddles of light to landscaped areas. The middle Daisy comes with poses as well. Not amazing ones but fit well and can be adjusted but the oversized flower itself is just lovely and creamy and only a single prim.  Go on! make a garden full of them.


Flying to my new moon.  An oversized lit umbrella light so no poses.  What can I say really just a fun item of light for your home.


Finally I found my moon.  The way you change your Windlight also changes the overall colour but it’s a basic luminous moon and with this windlight setting it’s turned golden.  Some lovely simple poses in it.

Prices are Rose Lights=15Lds, Daisy=20Lds, Umbrella light=29Lds some of the items are actually priced differently from the signs.


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Don’t judge me!

Don't judge

Meet sweet, sweet, Sweet Hildegarda the love of my life. Rummaging through my old notices I found a notice off Pixelight Factory and damn looks like I’ve missed a sale or something but I decided to pop over and check out any new stuff and came across sexy Hildegarda.  Have to confess I already had her in my invent but since Valentines around the corner and each to their own so I decided to re rezz her, hose her down and pull a few poses.  Yes she comes with a menu and yes some of the poses are rude ones but also cuddle ones.

Don't judge 2

As it happens I then realised she makes the perfect floatie for Zan’s new pool (this is one of the cuddle poses I’m not having a quickie!).  90lds and trans so a perfect pressie for the perv in your life.

Now I’m back at PIXLIGHTS it turns out they do have NEW STUFF and I’m well impressed. If the LM doesn’t take you there then you will find the TP board will.  A whole new set of beach stuff, some furniture and best of all an amazing off sim boat.  It’s stunning but sadly although the price tag of 295Lds is damned reasonable the 125 prims is just too much for me however if you have the prim allowance this would just look amazing.  What I may get though is the beached boat sofa, a great prop with 10-12 sits and lays for 2 Avs.  The price tag of 125Lds is also as good as the prim count of 18prims.

Pixlights is a whole load of different shops so there is a lot of stuff to look at from clothes to furniture.  Some seriously funky funny stuff and damned low primed and affordable.  Check out the prefab rezzer because although there is a lot of clubs and stages there is a couple of sky apartments which are so stylish and beautifully lit and textured.  I could go on and on but Pixlight is a place to meander around when you have some time to kill and a few Lindens to spend.

Pixlight Factory Mainstore

Pixlight (hopefully this will take you straight to Hildegarda’s open arms)

Pixlight Beach

Pixlight Marketplace