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Bunny Hop (RMK Bunny Hunt)


In my hunt to find a hunt I found a most unusual hunt called the RMK Bunny Hunt.  It’s a little bit different from the rest in that you are hunting a Bunny that can appear anywhere on the sim and you have to follow the bunny till he drops a ticket then you buy the ticket and on it is the name of a shop and you can go to that shop and wearing the ticket find a small brown book, click and there is a giftie waiting for you. Those little bunny boogers are hard to find and once you do spot one they lead you a merry dance around the sim until they finally drop the ticket and be warned this seems to be a popular hunt so once the ticket appears you have to buy it PDQ or else someone may come along and grab it from under your nose.

The link gives you info on how to start also for the sake of the sim it also offers you a chance to grab a costume which is not only help with any lag but keeps you in theme with the whole hunt and it’s a fun look.  So have a quick read of the link and then TP and you won’t regret it.

Now to the dress above which comes from one of the shops in the Bunny Hunt but in fact I won this on the Lucky Board, you do have to have the Group Tag on but it’s free to join.   Fluffy, frothy, pink and with Lola Tangos which makes it saucy.  If you don’t want to wait for your letter to turn up then they have this one for sale at half price of 130Lds.  Not a big shop but I’m loving what they have on offer.


This frothy, Non Mesh, skirt is a group gift.  It’s just lovely.  Pink and white polka dots a lovely bit of fluffiness for all.

Tony Perga 11111And for added SQUUEEENNEESSS.  Faith will be right over to grab this outfit for her lovely little Hammy AV. Group Gift for those of us who got caught up in the hamster gatcha madness.

The Bunny Hunt Blogg

Chocolate Atelier (LB Dress and Group Gifts)