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Virtual Tourist – All the fun of FOUR fairs ! (and a cheap outfit)

I found a fab place for you today ! If you’re stuck at home like most of us are – this will wile away an hour or so easy peasy. This is Diatraland and it has FOUR fun fairs for you to visit. Easter, Mardi Gras , St Patrick’s Day and Valentines. Now some of these annual celebrations are over and done with BUT who cares ! These have been left open to allow us to enjoy them during lock down – cool !

Awww the Easter bunny kissing booth – who can resist. When you land just wander, you’ll soon find your way around as each area is in its own distinct zone.

There are so many rides to hop on – I think I did almost all of them in each zone – great fun. There are also plenty of photo ops, bands singing, and heaps of “touch” items that dispense gifts. (I got bunny ears, necklaces, mask etc)

My outfit is the cheapie I refer to in the post title – just $10L for the set. Its from Rush and is the “Bull dog” set, you get the pants and t shirt – and oh-my-days – a gazillions mesh sizes included.

I’ve always wanted to do a bungy jump – now I have curtesy of Second Life wooooo!

Seriously a boat load of fun to be had here – go alone or with friends – its awesome ❤


Rush outfit

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It’s a Wash.

Summer has retreated behind a cloud for the best part of the afternoon so I decided to retreat in world


The Wash means oodles of carts for not a lot of Lindens in fact everything is priced at 10Lds.  A wide selection of clothes but also shoes, homes and even fun items.


Big named shops and a lot of smaller unknown ones.  This costume is from my fav shop Sn@tch. Make sure you open your mini map so you can see the layout so you get to check out all of the great stalls.

DressI was just pondering if I should pick up another bikini and then I found this stunner!  Simply gorgeous.  That big fat juicy crumpled bow on the back makes it stand out.  This dress is a keeper for me.  My invent might be stuffed but for something as perfect as this I can squeeze it in.  And yes 10Lds!  Comes from .:Pure:. and is called Christine. Pure has a small shop with a lot of 10Lds offers in but I picked this one up off one of the stalls so I’ve landmarked the shop but also the Wash so you will have to have a good look unless of course you want the one in the shop or get tempted by the other great shop quality clothes and if you accept the group invite (this one doesn’t use one of your inworld group spots so say yes and you score another great mesh dress).


The Wash


The Tunnel Of Love…or is it?

The other day on SL universe someone mentioned this fair at Pyri, a tunnel of love with a twist! Thought Id better go check it out, So glad I did !! Upon arrival head to the blue ticket booth, click for a ticket,then wear it (like a HUD) Touch the tracks and a cart will appear…sit and go ! I don’t wanna spoil the surprise tooooo much…but…it isn’t really a tunnel of love…well it is…and then it isnt *grins* , you’ll see. It’s a pretty huge,exciting’ll have FUN…and get killed lots proably..and get tp’d home abundantly (I did,Zan didnt too much,lucky cow tsk) Along the way, there are lots of gifts to collect,funny stuff,jewels,clues and clothing…its really a sort of quest…(yes there IS a reason I’m wearing a crown in the photo above I SWEAR)

I spent a couple of hours last night exploring this and trying to reach the *goal* of the “prim of life”,finally exhausted I gave up until today when I managed to lure Zan there with me (don’t ask why she’s covered in blood and has a knife through her chest it just encourages her) But we did it yay! Of course swelled with pride and courage we decided to try to go back in reverse to get out again..I died in about 15 seconds…Zan *tsk* managed to find a hidden room with chests of goodies AFTER Id been sent home…*foldy arms*

She’s stillll bragging about some necklace or other she was given there!! Anyway go DO it..its a heap-a-fun and of course totally free entertainment..thanks Zanzibar you nutter xxx

Go get spooked: Pyri Fair Tunnel of Love