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The BagLady Gets It (SAH Hunt Item)

The minute I rezzed this sky box (or land) I know that Tattoodiva Jules aka “baglady” understands that everyone needs to find their inner peace.  With this in mind she’s created this enclosed creative, artistic and physical room.  In one corner we have the potting wheel and I love the slumped over pose, it looks like you’re just enjoying the moment.  In the other corner is an excercise mat with some moves that I do in RL (crunch with a twist, it’s a killer).  One wall is devoted to painting and the other is a bookcase.

A whole set of poses inc a floating meditation one means that whatever you need to be able to switch off from the daily grind is catered for.
BagLady Design is a bit of a hodgepodge of shops and space but take a while and have a good look there is some brilliant items in there and all reasonably priced but if your poor or penny-pinching she always seems to have so many hunt items out and knowing how bad some people are at hunting and therefore take no joy in it she keeps them all in the same place and all on show just follow the pink arrow to the Hunters Deck.

BagLady Designs