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Bohemian Dream in Cream.(Update)

I first saw the template of this skirt I couldn’t wait till I found it available in the shop and so as soon as I saw this  Bohemian Dream skirt top combo from  JC Davi’s shop called Davi Designs I snapped it up.

SkirtAs good as the full length mesh skirts are there is still that touch of not quite right in the way the skirt hangs at the hem but this is such an improvement.  I happily paid 299 for this plain cream skirt and a floral bustier included.  What I also appreciate is that although it comes with a matching floral bustier mesh top they are separate and so you can wear them together or as separates.  This is going to be a very versatile skirt which I can see myself wearing a lot of times and with a change of tops and accessories to create so many looks.

Skirt2I chose the Cream Dream colour but there is a small choice of English Rose or Olive Branch and all are soft and lovely colours.  Fortunately demos available so you can try before you buy but the funny thing is is that this is a shape shop and I’ve cammed and scanned and so far all she has in the clothing line is this winning look.  You will find it upstairs. Downstairs is all shapes (although they may also be skins but I am in a crashy mode so I’ve not been able to check).  The shapes don’t seem to come with demos but if she is branching out into the clothing sector then this outfit bodes well for her taste so I’ve slapped the Sub board and can’t wait to see what else she comes up with.

If the landmark takes you to the little garden square  then just walk forward a bit and you will see a notice board with the TPs to the different shops and Davi Designs is the pink one right there it’s easy peasy.

Just spoken to the lovely JC Davi and she really does sound lovely and she’s informed me that she does have demos out PHEW I’m glad.  I think the demo sign just take a little bit longer to rezz or with my SL issues I didn’t see them so if you’re tempted by something just loiter and they do appear.  She also says that yes this is her first forage into clothes and has another one in the works and I said that if they’re all as good as this then she should also do really well.  Also snuck a big fat hint in about FREEBIES cos a little bit of freeness goes a long way.  As I’ve said I’ve slapped the Sub board and will keep you updated.

Davi Design

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Leather Lilith

Miserable TPing time for me in SL so I was sooo happy when Etchaflesh sent me a goodie to try out. Leather Lilith is the name of this outfit which is a skirt and corset combo with a hood.  As is their usual standards not only the full mesh sizing but the 3 alphas you need if you wish to wear only parts of this outfit.

Kevin Whispy

And yes any similarity to Little Red Riding Hood is deliberate but this isn’t such an innocent outfit because the tight corset is an underbust one so you either flash the boobies or wear some coverings (I’m flashing).   Great touch is that wearing the hood doesn’t remove the hair and even though I’m wearing the smallest hood I found that a lot of my hair fitted under it and didn’t have the hassel of editing hair.  Great touch.

Costs 399Lds and worth it for an unique look. Comes with a hud which allows you to “includes HUD with color, tint and shine control as well as the following texture options”.  I’ve cut and pasted that bit because I’ve not had time to try that out myself but thats going to be something to try out next time I log in.

Julia WhispyI’m trying to show off the great texturing and strapping that Etchaflesh is known for.  I took this in my fav settings Nams skin and prim which makes everything so pretty and clear.  The corset consists of panels laced together with the thick straps. A lovely dark red rose texturing. The shoulder straps are also mesh and seperate so you chose  wear the whole look or just bits.

BUT Etchaflesh is now much more than tight corset.  Each time I visit this place the shop gets bigger and bigger so if your not into squeezing yourself you may want to check out the shoes, swiming costumes, dresses and accessories.  Even corsets for men.

Not available inworld and you need to be an “adult” to access this on the Marketplace but time to grow up log in and grab the demo and check out the goodies.

Etchaflesh MP