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Cheer Me Up Cheapie!

Yesterday was a longgg day for me, couldn’t sleep last night so I did what Zan and I always do when in need of a smile – whats that you ask? We take a wander around the Kiyomizu sim. I found a new place whilst I was there, couldn’t find a store name but I DID find a gacha machine with some jolly Santa Claus full avatars. Oh my days $30L a pop – so who can resist? Not meeee !

I was trying to get the rare traditional red Santa but after 4 goes gave up – I still pretty pleased with the four I won though. They all have different “moods” to the faces and once Id got them on – they made me smile – such fun for just $30L ! I just used my alpha hud and removed my feet and hands – et voila ready to go Santa-ring – have fun ❤


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


Hello have YOU got my rusty spoon? If you have we can meet up and maybe finger my rusty spoon together?  I’ve been looking for someone like you for a long time.

Yes the thing of NIGHTMARES and yet I sooo love him and although my only other AV is a cute little old lady who toddles around with her handbag, bun and walking stick as soon as I saw SALAD FINGERS I just had to get him.  So although this is a complete change from what we normally have here at Eggs and Spam I couldn’t resist sharing the love of Rusty spoons.  And as a treat for all you freaks not only do you get Salad Fingers but you get all of his lovely friends.

Salad Fingers and Friends