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As is.(Dollarbie).

I’d given up trying to find something in SL and so logged out, made a cup of Chai Latte because I’m a closet Hipster and settled down to trawl the Marketplace and found this.

This top is a single piece and a single Linden.  Not too shabby at all.  Not a keeper for me but although you can’t see it I’ve teamed it up with a simple pair of jeans and it’s a very wearable outfit.

I just pulled a pose at my back door and TBH I loved the simple lighting and so I’ve left it as is, so this is how it looks in my fav setting, Nams skin n prim setting.

Blimey, when I get inworld tomorrow I have to start cleaning up my house and sim because it’s reflecting RL in that the clutter is starting to clutter up lol.

PS.  Lots of fits but even though I am wearing a SLink P fit when my arms move there is a little bit of breakthrough on the sleeve cuffs, not a big thing and if this was to be a keeper if it bothered me that much I’d try the other fits on as I’m sure I’d get one without that break through.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Shameless!!! (Dollarbie).

As soon as the notice came out I didn’t even bother to put any clothes on and I hauled naked AV Ass over to the WellMade shop because I knew that the lag caused by everyone else rushing over to grab it would mean that most of us would be in an unrezzed mess, and we were for the most part LOL.

This top is a Dollarbie and comes in a lot of fits and a really nice Hud of bright in your face to calmer tones.  Lovely detailing on the back and well worth much more than the single Ld it costs.

PS.  I’ve checked the group and it doesn’t say that this is a limited time offer, which seem to be quite popular at the moment, but I’d still go sooner rather than later.


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


It’s the top only, see I actually do buy stuff in SL lol.

xxxcowuse I actually started to put together a Hippy Chick look with this top then changed it to a beachy look and then finally settled on a cowgirl look, pretty versatile. This top came from “Bellydance Goddess” a shop which is geared towards the silks and bejeweled costumes worn by dancers, obviously, there is more than just one style but you will be able to see for yourself when you get there.  This isn’t actually the Belly Dancer Group Gift it’s an SL Free’s and Offers gift which is on the wall around the corner with a couple of other gifts.  Comes in all the mesh bod sizes plus alpha.

Sooo glad I come back inworld to LM check as there is 2 Bellydance shops the first one has more GG’s and the second LM has this top as well as other GG’s.  If the LM’s don’t take you directly to them just have a wander around, not big shops with a well-known layout so easy to find.

I’ve also put the SilveryK LM because that’s where these shorts came from, and they also came with a price tag but as I always say ” save Lindens on somethings to spend on other things”.  Not sure if these shorts are still in the shop but they must be as they’re so good but I did spot some freebies and I’m now going to have a wander around as it’s a pretty interesting shop and be still my beating heart but I may actually end up spending MORE Lindens here.

Bellydance Goddess(for the top)

Bellydance Goddess

SilveryK(for the pants if you want to check them out).