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Cheekier than you think.(Freebies&SPAM).

Don’t I look the picture of innocence?

Such a sweet and innocent little bathing suit? till your scroll down to my crotch area, yup that’s a little bead, in fact, it’s a small row of them which act as the crotch of this little outfit.  It would be interesting to wear this in a busy place and see how many people spot it LOL.

So on the surface a sweet, simple little combo which can be worn as separates and comes in so many sizes there is a fit for you.  This and 5 other Freebies, but you have to join different but free groups to grab, is to be found in the ADRIS King shop.

Still not going to tell you much about the hair but feel free to pop over to Mina’s and try the demo out, make sure to check the option tag as you get a number of ways to style this hair as well as the colours.  Or you can TP over to Kustom 9 which is the only place you can buy “Tina” at the moment and since I’ve shown her so much already and the event goes on till the 10th August I’ll do a reminder post near to the end.

Alas, poor Faith when she gets over the SQUITZ and logs in she will have so many SPAM notes to read, or just bin LOL.

Adris King

Mina’s Main Shop

Kustom 9

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Sweet Poison!(Freebie).

Just a quickie, yes breath a sigh of relief.

This is a post just about these AMAZING free shorts from Pure Poison.  I did have to fiddle with the picture a bit to bring out the details a bit more but I wanted to use this OMG skybox as a background so much but I knew I would have to edit.  Sorry, the skybox isn’t free, blimey I wish! but I will tell you more about it and the place I got it from soon.

PS if you haven’t guessed the hair is the other NEW Mina which I still know little about and YES I really do consider myself bloddy lucky to get them.

Pure Poison.

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I need a hug!(10Ld Cutie).

Just to add to my craptastic weekend and start the week, I’m running out of coffee, seriously blood will be spilled if I don’t get a fresh jar of my fav brew!

So I decided to quit RL for a little while so I can just take a break and I’m glad I did because I found this super little romper set.

I can hear you all say “not another one” me too lol but this comes in 2 pieces, top and….

…super cute and sexy bottoms.  Worth the 10Lds joining fee just for these frillies alone.  You have to join the Rir group for these and they come in ALL the mesh bod fits.

Rir Design

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BC Lucky Me


If Faith was here she would tell me off for posting a picture with my feet cut off but she’s not and so HA HA. In all seriousness I just wanted to get this lovely mesh C’est La Vie  Group Gift out there as quickly as possible.  I’ve been member of their group for years now and it will be another few years before I leave.  Such a lovely textured and warm looking dress.

The Hat, which we have blogged before but it’s one of the best so I’ll mention it again.  It’s from Maitreya and comes with the hair attached but also a hud so you can change the shade of the hair and the colour of the ribbon.

BC1Another place to visit is Bonne Chance.  Another one of my long time groups but when you look at how lovely they have created their whole sim just for everyone to wander around and enjoy you know that their clothes are made to match the care and attention they pay to their sim.  So wander over there are some freebies on offer or join the group and grab the gifties and then wander through that gate and spend some quality time wandering around.

C’est La Vie

Bonne Chance


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Big “N” Busty “N” Bloomers

No sighing because I’m wearing yet another corset (be warned I have about a dozen in my invent and I might show you them ALL) so why this one?  Well it comes from a shop called Etchaflesh which is packed to the rafters with the tightest, cheekiest corsets you’d want your AV to be squeezed into but what makes them difference is the sizing.  Now believe it or not in SL terms I’m almost flat chested because of course what is popular is big, bigger and BIGGEST and this is the corset shop for those who think Big is best, personally I’m still waiting for pert and petit.  So for those of you with bosoms that enter a room before your body does then this is the shop for you, actually this is the shop for us all because how good does this look on me!!! This one is called “someday” and it’s a sweet retro duck blue floral pattern (in my photo it looks more greenblue but thats because I fiddled with the lightening).  However you MUST check out the Market Place first as they have this lovely at a lovely 99ld Promo price and sadly for my bank balance they have a massive 164 items for 99LDS!


Etchaflesh shop

Now for the  frillies.  I love Sn@tch thats the shop of course.  When you buy an item of clothing off them you don’t just get the one colour you get a whole set of colours the whole clothes layers and then the icing on the cake they’re Trans! So basically any colour you don’t care for you can give away to friends who will I’m sure love you even more.  They have such great texture to their clothes you really can see the fabric they are made of.  Couldn’t resist this sweet, sexy, naughty Miss Maverick.  Now in this case you only get the single colour but at a sweet 50lds I still think it’s a bargain.

This is through the Marketplace however I’m giving the LM for the main shop as they have generous LBs and you can even fish for an outfit but I bet once you start scanning the shop you will end up buying something.

Sn@tch marketplace

Sn@tch inworld

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Minnie Mouse Dollabie

I know the first thought your going to have is “why the Minnie Mouse ears”? In my invent I have the cutest Minnie Mouse outfit and this is the same style of skirt, red and dotty and so when trying it on I couldn’t resist the ears unfortunately I couldn’t find a top so I thought the ears and skirt may detract from the boobies.  It’s a Dollarbie and if you TP to the main shop (click on the front door of the fake shop) and then join the group there is a load of lovely group freeness at the front of the shop. New shop to me and I couldn’t see any mesh items which isn’t a bad thing as a lot of people aren’t into mesh and I did see some really really pretty dresses in there that even being non mesh I would be more than happy to wear.

Please note that the LM takes you to a pretty courtyard, 1 of 2 and if you turn to the left thats where this shop window is but check out the other shop windows for some other bargains.

Kyoko Coture at Petit Pas Ville