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Super suprised! (FREE or 99Ld!).


I saw this outfit on offer for only 99Lds or maybe for free so make sure to read the last bit.  The surprise was that this is not just a two-pieces item but the top is linked to the frilly panties/pants.

Yes, the skirt fits nicely over the frills of these panties it’s a very nice touch.  You also get a decent-sized hud of plain colours and a lot of fits.

As for the Free, the Sweet Temptation shop is one of the shops which has the Free 300Lds worth of credit.  If you remember, as I have blogged this offer a couple of times, you have to slap the gift board in the shop where you want to spend your credit.  So this came from the Sweet Temptation shop but you need to check out the Gaall, Vaxer and Chic & Shoes shops before you need to make your mind up.  They’re all in the same area and they do all sell very similar templates but you can always find something that is new to you.

PS.  This offer is only till the end of the month and I do believe you need to spend your shop credit by then.

Sweet Temptation. (Gaall,Vaxer & Chic and Shoes).



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Still Working.(Dollarbie).

I decided since I didn’t want to risk losing any Lindens to spend some time on my platform and TRASH like mad, isn’t it amazing how many Alpha layers and shoe bases we acquire and I hate to admit this but even now I still have complete system layer clothes!  It was a blast from the past but this stuff really clutters up an invent so it’s gone.

Once I’d cleared enough space out I decided to start hunting for my next goodie and here it is.

A simple dress from Avagirl, comes in plenty of sizes etc and only costs a single Linden to join BUT on the wall in the back of the shop is rows of what I call “classic designs” in other words a bit like this dress in that you can find it in many shops but like this version there are some gorgeous bright/fruity coloured textures.  So if you’re hunting for a bright look check them out BUT remember just Landmark the shop and return when it’s safe to spend your Lindens.


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Debating (and mention of a really good Freebie).

I was bored and so I was just TPing to random old LMs in my invent when I landed in a shop called “Albino Peacock” which I remembered from a previous visit.  There is a gift in this shop, not this outfit I’m afraid, and I do remember blogging that and I would highly recommend you go for that but if you have a few Lindens to spare then to your left in the shop is a discounted section and this is where I found this super frilly dress.

There is a bit of a niggle in the back of my mind that this dress is something I’ve blogged before but I’ve checked my invent and I can’t find it not even under a relabelled folder.  I could be wrong and have already blogged it but at 63Lds just a really lovely and very interesting frilled dress.

For some reason, not every outfit in this shop comes with a Demo and that’s the case with this dress so I’ve taken the pictures in my sim setting only which is a lovely skin and clothes flattering setting.  Try the demos out for other outfits so you can make sure you like the quality and you will know that although you can’t try the exact demo out for this one the quality will be just as good.  Again because of no demo I will list the fits which are just SLink, Maitreya and all the standard mesh fits.

There are other discounts in this section but also there are 2 outfits in the main shop, it’s not a very big shop, which I really would love to buy esp the one priced at just 100Lds but I have to be realistic as I would never really get the wear out of them but soooo tempting some very nice textures in this shop so go get tempted.

PS Remember there is a Freebie next to the desk and you have to join the SL frees & offers group(sic).

Albino Peacock