Something Has To Go.

And sadly this is it.  No it’s not a garage or a shed it is in fact a complete home, everything a person would need to live but all shoved in a space the size of a garage or shed.  This is Vooners Japanese Apartments and it is modelled on the real thing.  I have a secret passion in looking how people downsize their homes and lives and yet seem to live full and happy lives so the minute I saw this I had to have it.

At the end of this post I will place a link to YouTube videos and you will see this is exactly how so many people live.  The details are perfect from the tiled entrance hall where tradition is that you remove your outside shoes and put on your indoor shoes.

The kitchen is literally in the hallway.  Small cramped and basic.  The kitchen shown doesn’t come inc in the package but you can fit out your whole home from  Vooner. To the right is the door for the bathroom and yet again modeled to perfection.

And straight into the livingroom/bedroom.

The only storage space which would contain everything from clothes to your bed.

The reason I had to return to the shop to take the photos is because I took some really bad and dark ones and then packed away my home.  Serves me right for not checking but I did like this front shot as you can see how little actually living space you have. Comes with extras which again are considered necessities such as air conditioning unit, gas tanks, lights etc

Vooner Voom is a carrot, well at least his profile picture is of a carrot AV but this carrot has managed to create some great stuff and I have a lot of it.  First LM will take you to the clothes, shoes, Gatchas, Group Gifts, Yoga mat, Yoga Studio. Outside you can buy an elephant or shave a sheep if that’s your thing.  The other shops on this level offer everything from fish to a rather annoyed looking Santa ornament.  Special mention to the most detailed and adorable pet hamster.  Very realistic.

Now use the TP and check out some EXCELLENT house hold items. This is the mesh shop and it’s also where you will find the Japanese Apartment.  Great kitchen sets with a touch of uniqueness.  And the FOOOOD!! heaped plates of food from as little as 1 prim!!! a tray of burger, fries and supersized shakes for only 3 prims. Check out the table the food is on because it’s free and on the wall is the poster for it.

Couldn’t help it had to take yet another photo but look at that detail! The roast beef with the veggies is only 2PRIMS! (55Lds).

Last bit on a long post but the reason this has to go is now I have 4 homes which is way too much so sadly this one was the one to go..for the moment but at some stage I will bring it back out because it’s cute and quirky and not on the whole too badly primmed.

Main Store

Mesh Shop

Japanese Appartmen Youtube