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I hate Cassy!(Freebies).

I decided to check out more of the WOH3(Women Only Hunt 3) because I’ve not really had the time to give it any justice and when I saw a picture of this gift from Sys I had to go coconut hunting (it’s an open coconut you’re looking for) and the hint is “I Love Cassy”. Since SYS sells everything a girl could need I knew that inc skins so I thought I was clever and walked straight over to skins and Cassy isn’t a skin!  Because I was determined to find this goodie I ended up walking all through this shop and it’s not a small shop but even worse OMG so many nice things! It almost got me buying more Lindens to treat myself but then I remembered all I had spent at the Hair Fair yesterday and controlled myself.

Since the “I love Cassy” is the only hint given I don’t think I should really tell you where this is exactly but I will say is when you TP in follow the red beam arrow on your screen or open your mini map and head towards the dot as you only rez in the area the sim owner has set it to but the LM does take you close to the prize, you will understand what I mean when you get there.

Check out the hair, it’s a gift from Vanity Hair@The Hair Fair.  I had a wonderful time but in the end I was getting too tempted so I just visited the 3 shops I was interested in and then once I’d tried on the demos I treated myself to some fab new hair and then just TPed out.  Lots of shops do have gifts and a lot don’t but all in all, wether you go for the freebies or to treat yourself to a new “do” just go and have fun and if you don’t buy anything feel free to donate a few Lindens to this worthy cause.

PS all mesh bod and standard mesh fits.

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