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LeLutka is a well knows mesh head shop so to find that they have these AMAZING trees out for their Free group is a good reason for you to check the shop out BUT as it happens I checked the group and it’s actually there in the group notices so I’ve not been over to the LeLutka shop yet but it’s another one where I need to grab a load of the demo mesh heads in my never-ending quest to find a face that fits.

I also picked up from the notices, although you do have to go over to the Sevyn East shop to grab it, info about this free GG of a classic winter coat.

The coat comes in so many sizes you won’t have a problem finding a fit plus a small 4 textured Hud.  But the Hud is borked, it “adds” to your body not the screen, but it’s not a big issue and you can simply rezz it and it’s big enough to easily spot and just click the button of your colour choice and then delete it, you rezz a copy.  If this coat isn’t of any interest still pop over as although this is the December gift and it’s on the wall to your left in the shop not far away are other GG’s and they might be more of an interest to you.

The boots are an old GG but possibly/probably are still at the Belle Epoque shop, you get a nice selection of colours, great texturing etc so although they’re a repeat blog I’ll pop over to check they’re still there in case you’ve missed them.  I’m glad I went over to Belle Epoque as they have a new GG out but for the TeleportHub group and I’ve grabbed that.  These boots are still there and it’s only 10Lds to join the Belle Epoque group and there are other gifts but you have already seen them.

Back to the Lelutka gift.

Just excellent and I know my picture settings have changed the colour all round but these trees are 100% stunning.  As you can see they’re copy and editable.  You get 2 versions a low prim (11) and not low prim(20) and you can shrink them down to the size of the one I’m holding (3)prim.  Didn’t actually think about seeing how big I can make them but since I have to do a lot of clearing up when I log back in I might just do that.

From the picture you cannot even see what the difference is between the low and high prim tree’s and so I zoomed in and can you see it?

The tree on the right is the 20prim one and thats simply because of the faint lines on the baubles, apart from that these tree’s are virtually identical.  It’s the same with Mina hairs in that you get a “material” and “non-material” version, some people will find that just by using an item with just a little bit less detailing makes their SL life run smoother.

Sevyn East


Belle Epoque

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Last day for a headrush.(Freebie.Sale & Discount).

Rush to Persefona as there is a BIG sale going on and today is the last day and there are some stunning hair accessories, or if you’re into taking pictures then props for those but mainly you should go for the stunning hair accessories.

I’ve already bought myself a few of the sale items as they’re not unreasonably priced full priced but half priced just too tempting! If however you only have a few Lindens to spare then there is a 10Lds surprise box and I won’t spoil the surprise and tell you what’s in the box (I’m showing it you lol).

Actually, the box also contains other items but I will probably bin them but you might find them handy.  There is also a gift for the Frees & Offers group and one for the Teleport Hud group(10Ld joining fee).  You don’t need to rush for the gifts but it would be a shame to miss the sales.



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Polka dots & black denim

I couldn’t resist the lure of Jill any longer and found a quiet 20 minutes when my router was loving me, my connection was ok…and headed over there. So thrilled I did because Jill has some new items and of course..I had to have them ! The new line of jeans caught my eye, various shades available from washed out trad blue, to inky black. I chose black, you get two cuff styles (I’m showing the skinny) plus thee cutest little chains that attach to the hip. I’m sort of over the ripped shredded look at the moment…these are classic, at just 100L a real steal. (basket is also from Jill – there are two pastel shade ones in the group lucky board – “F” never ever comes up ~le-sigh~)

I also succumbed to this sweet polka dot cami top…you get two lengths in the box, I’m wearing the shorter version in this pic, the longer in the first. Teeny tiny dots are on the silk fabric, with black banding and a darling bow at the front, again just 100L.  Btw, incase you’re wondering, the fahhbulous Geisha pose & umbrella are a new release from Magnifique poses, 6 parasols & 6 poses to go with them…adorable huh? Thanks Scarlet xx

Dont forget to join the group while you’re there and pick up a set of sweet bikinis that are out for group members…and STALK those lucky boards !

Jeans & cami top: Jill

Geisha pose & parasol : Magnifique poses