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Its Naria & Timm’s fault ! (Freebies)

Oh dear oh dear oh dear – I’ve got well and truly hooked on some YouTube channels ! I used to wait for official note cards to arrive in Second Life but nowadays I just tune into Naria Panthar & Timm Novaks’s channels. They are BRILLIANT ! The only downside is that they show all the “stuff”, go and visit and buy other “stuff” and in doing so make me aware that I might neeeed the items too ! They usually go through the note card and look at the items on offer for each sale or event – keep the ones they are interested in and visit the store – sometimes Victor joins them – its all just good fun and really plays havoc on my budget! (Look out for “hot guy of the week”)

It was on one of my excursions after watching Naria & Timm showing the $60L weekend sale – that I stumbled upon Kraftwork’s store. Ohmydays a wall of gifts and a free to join group! Seriously so many goodies I couldnt decide what to show ! The fridge above is for decor and at 2Li its a star. My jeans and sneakers are part of the $60L weekend sale – info below.

Then I spotted this garden shelter (its got a stone exterior so will fit right into the landscape) and the Gypsy table, chairs and lamp – 2-1Li each. The pretzel wagon is another gift – just 9Li ! What a great find I haven’t even had time to scope out the actual store yet.


Evani jeans – $60L per colour.

Cult sneakers – $60L for a fatpack 

Narias You Tube channel

Timm Novaks You Tube channel

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Shi was right! (Freebie(s)).

Oooo and Oooo again as the minute I logged in I spotted a message from “Shi” about some group gifts and what a brilliant find on her part.

This sultry long black evening dress is split open to the thigh but it’s that sexy/cheeky boob flash that had me going “Oooo”.  This dress alone was worth going to the Rowne shop but there are many other Group Gifts. I picked up a wrap over red dress,  bag, glasses and basic court shoes and they’re ALL excellent. The wrap-over dress is another long and classy evening gown, the bag has great 2 poses and yes, of course, I rezzed it and only 3 prims means a decor item for me, the cat eye glasses are pushed up on top of your head as a more casual look and the court shoes are shop quality with a good hud of colours.

I didn’t grab all of the gifts but having seen the quality of what I did grab I will return and I suspect from what Shi’s message said that the Rowne group isn’t always free so I would suggest we all go together NOW before that changes.


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Today I’m going to “Stay at home club” allllll day.(Freebie(sssssssss).

As that list of amazing “The stay at home club” gifts grows I’ve seen so many new things I really want so today I’m going to hop from shop to shop grabbing the goodies and as I go on my travels I will be checking the shops for any other freebies/discounts and maybe even treating myself along the way if I find something I can use in my SL life.

My first “The stay at home club” visit was the Xclusive shop.  As someone who doesn’t really need any menu-driven furniture/decor apart from the standard sit poses the Xclusive shop isn’t one I visit. I do know the name pretty well as this brand has been a big shop in SL for as long as I can remember.

I went for the pool and walked away with so much so as they have been so generous with their (TSAHC) gifts and for me, the icing on the cake is that the 3 scenes I unpacked all turned out to be MODABLE…Oh Hell YES!  This particular scene with the tree, well and the weed/flower-covered cobbles is just such a lovely example of what’s on offer.  I’ve already taken this one apart and repurposed the bits I want.

Do this with caution as in this case this is a non-copy item so once you’ve ripped it apart you will struggle to put it back together as it is, unless you return to the shop and pick up another copy of it.

However, it has to be said that this and the other scenes I rezzed are perfectly designed to be just rezzed and left alone.  Considering the detailing of the builds the prims are more than reasonable so for those who aren’t into creating their own little plots of heaven to be able to just rezz a perfect build makes their lives so much more easier and of course so easy to change! If you get sick of one scene a click removes the whole thing ready for a fresh new design to be rezzed.

BTW I did rezz the pool and not only was I more than impressed with that the AO’s in the floaties are so well done


The Stay at Home Club, Blogg.

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Not just this. (22 Freebies & More).

In this case, the skirt IS the only freebie.

I’ve been getting pop-ups from the Cremosa shop for days now about daily gifts and I finally managed to get over there just to grab this one as I know I recently did a decent basic skirt but if you missed that post then you can grab this and the rest as there are 22 Gifts on the calendar board.  I will be honest when I first grabbed this skirt half the board hadn’t rezzed and it was only on my return visit to LM grab that I spotted all of the gifts and so I can see that there are a whole mix of gifts.

If you look to your left you will see a lot of Lucky Boards and I do believe that there are 2 groups you can join, a free one and a VIP one and wearing the free group tag means you can win on the Lucky Boards.  Next to those Lucky Boards are some shelves with lots of freebies for different freebie groups.  Since there are no pictures of what’s inside then it’s a surprise for all.


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EeeK! (Freebies).

Today is the day I have things to do, places to visit, people to see and I’m so excited that even though it’s just visiting the supermarket, dropping shopping off etc it’s just nice to be able to walk outside with the sun on your face.

Mouse is the shop I got this outfit from and much more.

I know the pants are the “Stay at home club” can’t remember if the sneakers were as well but I do remember the top is a Group Gift…anyhow there is quite a selection to pick and chose from inc lucky boards.

The Group is free to join and once you do that click on the gift boards and select “Buy” and don’t worry you don’t get any money taken.

PS.  Hint, one of the Group Gifts is a fat pack of old gifts, thinking about it I think the top I’m wearing came from that pack.  You’re suposed to unpack it the usual way ie wear and click on the icon but it just sends you the fat pack of gifts and not the actual gift.  Easy to resolve, just rezz each item and unpack it that way and you get the item and not just the fatpack resent to you.


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Day at the beach – I wish ! Freebies

Its so very hot here in the south of the UK – wish I was spending the day at the beach, but I am actually going to spend it in my garden .

Anywayyyy I was scoping out the Stay At Home Club and spotted these two little frocks at Vips – Zan touched on them yesterday but I thought Id show them to you. This sweet dress comes with the wedge shoes – absolute ton of mesh body fits included plus a Hud with quite a few fabric changes.

Also this dress with a darling waist bow and frayed skirt. Again a Hud is included with lots of colours and fabrics. Just pay the board $1L, you get a refund and the item is yours. I’m really enjoying trying out a few new-to-me stores with this stay at home club offer.


Hair By Mina “Carian”

Poses & props by Amitie @ Shiny Shabby

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All that glistens is FREE.(Cosmopolitan Event FREEBIES).

Faith got Tres Chic and I got Cosmopolitan.  Yet another WOW as each, or most, of the stands has a small crate on it with sparkly gold inside and when unpacked you DO strike Gold as the gifts are generous and top-notch.

Such a great mix of clothing, decor and accessories, in the end, I had to stop unpacking as each time I unpacked something it was a case of “Yes, this is the one” and then I’d unpack the next thing and it was “Yes, this is also the one” so I decided to just go with this bikini and dress and leave the rest for you to check out.

Although the editing has enhanced the colour of the dress it’s a KEEPER!  Actually of what little I did unpack I’ve already relabelled some as I will be keeping them as well.

This event only opened it’s doors yesterday and as you can imagine it’s packed so I’d wait a little while.  Unlike Faith, I did treat myself a little thing for my home and I’m looking forward to returning to checking out the demo platform, it wouldn’t let me TP there this time which I will blame on the lag.