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$30L Saturday & Energy Weekend Price Freebie

Synnergy FREE outfit $30L backdrop

Happy Saturday! Absolutely chuffed to find a brill Easter themed backdrop for just $30L @ Synnergy as part of the 30L weekend deals ! Only 21Li and really cute. I also picked up this cuter-than-cute bunny top/dress for free from Patty CK Fashion as their free gift for Energy Weekend Price Deals – a whole host of mesh body fits included.

Gallery for 30L weekend deals

Gallery for Energy Price Weekend Price Deals

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Feeling Lucky

Lucky board Tentacio

Zan told me to back off going to Tentacio (she’ll tell you why later) but I went anyway and found some lucky boards ! Four in total and some really awesome gifts – no group to join either. I won this little set above which I received in three colours – just 2Li ! Not a very fast turn over but there is SO much to look at in the store it will pass quickly.


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Finally ! (Free & FLF)

Dustbunny FLF sneakers, Prairie FREE dress Neve Quinn pants

Finally a wearable item from Dust bunny ! This weeks fifty linden Friday is a banger – gallery linked below. I’m wearing a free Easter hunt gift from Prairie, just find the egg instore – clue is on the poster at the store entrance. Lots of mesh body fits included – its described as a dress but I thought it looked cute as a top with my Neve Quinn leggings.

Dustbunny Fifty Linden Friday

Dust bunny have two versions of these sneakers for , $50L each. They come with a Hud for sock patterns and you can wear them with or without the flowers. I went for the classic grey , the other version is pink, hmmm might have to go back for those tho!

Fifty Linden Friday Gallery


Neve Quinn leggings

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Free For All

Free Group Gift Dress & Shoes

I am broke and bored – so I headed over to Hilly Haalan’s store and raided the group gift section! Gawd there are so many quality gifts – look over to the far corner when you land – you will see a little store on its own – that’s the group gift centre! The group is free to join, once in you can get busy clicking away. Some of the gifts are older and may not have branded mesh body fits but the classic XS – L sizing. Loads of outfits a ton of shoes & boots. I nabbed this little dress called “Katie” and a sweet pair of flat pumps called “Amy” both of them come with HUGE Huds for colour and pattern change. Have fun & Happy Easter ❤

Hilly Haalan

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Egg Hunt – Free

Egg Hunt @ Tiar FREE corset

Headed over to Tiar this afternoon and found a few prizes in their Easter Egg Hunt. Just go in to the store and look for those eggies! Touch them and your gift is sent directly to you – perfect ❤

Egg Hunt @ Tiar Free

There were a few gifts for the guys too, really love this bright Easter yellow dress and the corset with panties above – great gifts – thanks Tiar!!


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“Love” this. (Freebie(sss).

Shi has done my job for me and found some excellent freebies from the “Love” shop and if she hadn’t dropped me a note about them I will have missed them so Thank You.

Any “heads up” from anyone is really appreciated. I may not in the end blog them as maybe they’ve been blogged before or some other reason but I DO check out every note (NOT Im’s as they are capped).

The “Love” shop was quite busy so I did a quick grab and run and out of the gifts I picked up a tracksuit set, another hair which I haven’t tried on and the dress I’m wearing in this picture which does inc thigh high boots and lastly the hair I’m wearing before I quickly TP’d home to try them on.

This hair is a long bum length, and I did take some pictures but they were blurgh! So you get this simple one from the front as you still get a good idea of what it looks like. The texturing is a nice fine one and the colour palette is pretty big. Added to that are the “addons”. You have a choice of roses or crown or roses and crown or no roses or crown as all it takes is just a couple of clicks to change everything.

And I will say that I preferred the “S” fit but there was a telltale white line down the parting so I changed it to the “M” fit which is pretty good and then I spotted that even though you get 3 preset fits, S,M,L in the style hud you can edit the size just that bit more for the best fit for your head so all it took was a couple of clicks to get a great fit.

LOVE. Hair & Apparel.

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Just a quickie. (Freebie).

Phew so glad my random TPing has paid off with this freebie from the Blonde Queen shop.

You will find it on the little side table just inside the shop and although it’s a Blonde Queen gift you do have to join the “inside your inventory” group.

Lovely pastel colours, interesting “water” design and although you can’t see it the sides have a sexy but not trashy slashed boob flashing going on.

PS. Yessss a NEW Mina hair, sorry though as of yet I have no details what I do know is the moment I put it on I knew it was going to be yet another one of my “fav” hair. I will let you know more when I know more lol.

Blonde Queen.