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Quick off the mark, New Mina.(& Freebies).

I’ve been itching like an old dog with fleas to show you the New Mina I’ve mentioned previously and worn in my last post and now finally it’s TIME.

Romy is such an elegant hair, swept back around the head and draped over your shoulder BUT the kicker is you actually can wear this hair in 4 separate ways, albeit subtle ways.

You can wear it draped over either left or right shoulder or with and without a smaller drape of hair over the other shoulder. So in the top picture I have the hair draped over my right shoulder but in this bottom one it’s draped over my left shoulder and I’ve also chosen the option that adds that smaller drape over the other shoulder….yup clear as mud! But of course, I know you WILL try the demo first as it’s a golden rule to always try skin/hair before you buy no matter how good the designer is.

If you own any of the newer Mina’s you will know by now that again not only do you get much bigger colour Hud palettes, with the addition of some colours which are unique to the Mina range, but a lot of her new hairs come with an “option tab” which allows you to change the hang of the hair but of course only when possible.

The other thing I’d like to point out is that this hair really seems to drape well over items of clothing that have a “bulky” front such as the top outfit with the fringe.

This hair is only available in the latest round of FaMESHed which starts today but fortunately for us the Demo will be out in the Mina mainshop so you can try it on with ease and not have to suffer LAG HELL!  Which is exactly what FaMESHed will be for a while.

Now for the saving so you can spend a bit.  The outfits and shoes I’m wearing are all Freebies from a shop called Poppy.

If you squint then you will see there are errors in the fit and if I turned around it would become even more obvious that it’s not the right fit and that’s because the clothes don’t come in a SLink fit, Boo Hiss, but the shoes do, Yeah!  For each outfit, you do get a selection of colours and the shoes come with a Hud.

I had mentioned a few posts ago about finding a folder in my invent called “SLink Physique Auto Alpha for Consumers” which must have come in the package when I last picked up the updated version of my SLink body and it turns out this IS a way of being able to create Alphas for outfits not designed specifically for a SLink mesh body fit.  I’ve only just glanced at it and TBH I would have to set aside some time to sit and work out how to do it, although it does come with step by step instructions I’m technically phobic (lazy) so I might just not bother but if you own a SLink Mesh Body check your folders out it might just be the thing you need to get the clothes you love but can’t wear to finally fit.



Mina’s Mainshop

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Cheekier than you think.(Freebies&SPAM).

Don’t I look the picture of innocence?

Such a sweet and innocent little bathing suit? till your scroll down to my crotch area, yup that’s a little bead, in fact, it’s a small row of them which act as the crotch of this little outfit.  It would be interesting to wear this in a busy place and see how many people spot it LOL.

So on the surface a sweet, simple little combo which can be worn as separates and comes in so many sizes there is a fit for you.  This and 5 other Freebies, but you have to join different but free groups to grab, is to be found in the ADRIS King shop.

Still not going to tell you much about the hair but feel free to pop over to Mina’s and try the demo out, make sure to check the option tag as you get a number of ways to style this hair as well as the colours.  Or you can TP over to Kustom 9 which is the only place you can buy “Tina” at the moment and since I’ve shown her so much already and the event goes on till the 10th August I’ll do a reminder post near to the end.

Alas, poor Faith when she gets over the SQUITZ and logs in she will have so many SPAM notes to read, or just bin LOL.

Adris King

Mina’s Main Shop

Kustom 9