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I’m keeping it.(Freebie(s)).

My beach that is, check my last post, as for the outfit it’s time to say goodbye to it.

You have seen it before as it’s the “Stay at home club” gift from a shop called Dolly Daydream.

A sweet spring sweater and skirt set and that bag just makes it stand out. You do get hud which allows you to change the colour, pattern and texture of the clothes and the bag which is a very nice touch.

There is a new, to me, gift in this shop but Dolly Daydream specialise in the more petite body shape and although the new gift did fit me it wasn’t good enough to take a picture. You will find that and a couple of other gifts on the reception desk and this outfit is on the wall just behind the desks.

Now I’ve reblogged it I can bin it, I am keeping the LM’s though for future visits. I’m down to around the 61,000 mark in my invent and it’s been hard to bin even just the 5,000 I’ve done so far.

Dolly Daydream.