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The shop Artizana has returned to SL and there are FREEBIES to be had.

This was the one that grabbed me by the balls….except I don’t have any in SL or RL but you know what I mean. The pants are full length and baggy, very retro casual style.  There were other freebies as well but I just picked this one up.

I do have a little moan because to show off all the attention to detail ie the bow and sleeves I had to lighten my picture a bit.  Sadly you can’t edit this outfit inworld as I would have just tweaked it a little to lift the darkness because of all those details need to be shown off.  Actually the more I wear this the more I like it.

The Artizana shop is packed with bright, bold and ethnic colours, some classic SL designs given a breath of fresh life with those colour and some new designs.  Check out the head scarves, they’re stunning but I can’t see demos.  What I did see on my return visit Some of the headdresses/headscarves are stunning, I didn’t see any demos for those but sometimes I don’t see demos.  They might turn up when I go back to LM and I will be trying one of them on.

As always here’s an”UPDATE”. The gifts are in the room to the left, this particular freebie is the “Third Life” freebie, there are other freebies for other free groups but the “Artizana” group is not free and it cost 100Lds.  I still couldn’t see any demos for the headscarves but I did see a Gacha packed with them and at only 40Lds worth a try and I can assure you you will be pleased with whichever one you win.  I will try to take a picture of the one I won later, maybe if I can.

Artizana (New Landmark)

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Breakout with me.(Freebies).

Sorry about being MIA(missing in action) the big thaw has started and we were finally able to ESCAPE, yeah ok just to the local supermarket to stock up on some much-needed supplies and also to get some fresh air.  For me personally, it’s not been an issue but to those of you who have had to struggle through the rotten weather to get to work, and I mean anyone, not just the emergency services because as much as I applaud them getting to work and the work they do, many other workers do the jobs that we need them to do but they don’t get the pat on the back for it.

Preaching over and here is just one of the few Freebies from Canimal.

Obviously, I’ve edited the piccie a bit but this is free and the photos I had taken were so dark you couldn’t see the quality of this outfit.

It’s FABULOUS, a really good jacket and short set which can be worn as separates and comes with a hud.  It has a bit of a military/ringmaster feel to it.  I think in the end I picked up 4 of the freebies from the …shop and here is the butttt…the ones I got all seem to be only for the Lara mesh body fit having said that it’s a damned good fit, in my case with my SLink bod there was just a little breakthrough on the cuffs of the sleeves but nothing to stop you wearing it.  Again as always if you don’t wear a mesh bod or you wear a different one to the 2 mentioned I’m pretty sure you will not have any issues finding Alphas to fit.

OMG, I’ve just found a recipe for a Milky Bar cake!

UPDATE.  I’m inworld just trying the rest of the Canimal items on and damn one of them, Helios, has some amazing texturing but sadly the fit ain’t fine but as always if in this case, you don’t like what you see still go over to check out the rest.

Recipe here.

Canimal Freebies Here