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A girl delayed. (Mention of FREE 300Ld Gift Card).

My mouse has died, dead as a doorknob, it is no more! I am of course talking about my computer mouse and not a real squeaking one.  I did raid our hoard of old mice, both USB and wireless and it’s time they were all binned.  I actually use a laptop so that means I have the mousepad which is what I’m using but it’s like knitting while wearing oven gloves when you’re used to a mouse.

So until my new mouse turns up I’m just going to tell you about the 300Ld Gift Card offer from Gaall, Vaxer, Sweet Temptation and C&S.

This is a pretty regular offer so chances are you will know the rules.  All of the shops mentioned are on the same shopping sim and yes they do sell a lot of very similar styles and designs but each does do it’s best to make their clothes the way they like and I’ve always been able to find something I can use.

So what you have to do it check them all out, find the item/items you’d like to buy and only then click the sub-board in THAT particular shop.  So don’t get it from Gaall if you want to treat yourself from a pair of shoes from C&S (Chic and Shoes).

PS.  I will update this post later as I am rather taken with this sweet simple dress.

As promised UPDATE.  The dress is from Emerald Couture which a lot of you will possibly remember when you get there as it’s where I picked up one of my “goto” dresses and I have blogged a couple of other items from here.  For those who are new to this shop then head towards the back of the shop for the Lucky Chairs and the last isle to your left is where you find all the Group Gifts/Special Offers etc

Gaall, Vaxer, Chic & Shoes, Sweet temptation.

Emerald Couture.

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

It’s the right address for a “crazy cat lady”(Freebie(s)).

It’s been one of “those” mornings which is why I’m so pleased that the freebies I found in the “1313 Mockingbird lane” shop are so blogworthy as it has made my morning SL visit a pleasure.

This dress on its own is really lovely and the little roses are just a nice touch. The sleeves are an add on and I rather like them.

There are a total of 4 gifts, 2 on each entrance wall, plus a very sexy strappy “stay at home club” gift.  ALL top/shop/quality but because of them being limited in fits I can’t show you them esp the sexy one lol.  This dress though is a pretty good fit with just a little bit of breakthrough on the back and a nice long hair would easily cover that up if I was “bovered” and I ain’t “bovered” so still pick the gifts up and give them a try even if you’re not a Maitreya fit.

The owner of this shop is very obviously a “crazy cat lady” since I too am a “crazy cat lady”  I wholeheartedly love the decor she has in her shop.  I’ve only had a chance for a little look around but I have spotted some fun stuff in those tempting Gachas and upstairs a couple of Lucky Chairs.

Can I also mention about Mina’s hair products? I did a long post yesterday about the NEW one at the FaMESHed event but I forgot to mention that you should always check her other hairs as often lovely features are used in more than one hair.  So, for example, this hair, which isn’t that old, also comes with those lovely tendrils and a style hud so you can change the way it looks what you can’t see is a lovely realistic plait down the back.

1313 Mockingbird Lane

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I shall return.(Vanity Event & Freebie(s)).

I have to log off properly and go do some RL work, damn and blast, but I’m happy to leave you with a teaser of the gifts available at the Vanity Event.

The outfit and choker are just 2 of the gifts and the 3rd is a pose. This event is PACKED and yet I didn’t have much problem with things rezzing so I just grabbed the first 3 gifts I spotted on stalls near to me esp since I knew the Queenz one would be clothing.

If you don’t know the “Queenz” brand then it’s classy/sexy clothing for the big curvacious people of SL. Going by memory the Queenz group is free and the gifts are great.  I’ve not got the LM for Queenz but I may add it to this post when I log back in.  Normally I wouldn’t bother showing you a piece of jewellery but since I’m trying to find stuff to cover that Legacy Neck Line it’s going to be tucked away for future use.  I did try to TP to the shop it came from but they need to update their LM as the one given took me to a rather lovely beach area which looks like it’s not only open to everyone to use but you have rezzing rights!  If I have time later I will add the Queenz and this sims LM.

PS. The outfit is white the editing it greeny lol.

Vanity Event.

Isla Bonita

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Quick, Sweet & Simple. (Freebie).

It’s a busy RL for me which is both good and bad.

A quick visit inworld and once I’d checked, S@bbia, !g0 and then Hilly Hallan which is where I found these shoes my SL work was done for today.  It seems a long time since I’ve shown you any free shoes so I was so pleased with these.

There is also a free dress at Hilly’s but to me it didn’t match these shoes so I’m just showing you them.  BTW I also grabbed a demo of the jewelled veil next to the gifts as if it looks as good on me as it does in the picture I think I may treat myself to that.

Hilly Haalan

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AW FOOK! (Freebie&Reminder).

I’d logged out of SL to start searching for freebies on the Marketplace and found that Wellmade has this superb little dress on the MP for just 1Ld.

I shoved this and another previously blogged summer top into my basket, which I may still reblog, and then logged inworld to check out the inworld shop as I was sure I’d seen a notice about a new Group Gift and yes it’s this dress which is FREE inworld.

It’s a deceptively simple design until you see that nice high neck and the colour hud you get doesn’t have many colours options in it but many ways to wear the colours ie blue dress, white belt, white dress blue belt etc.

In the Group Gift room, free to join of course, there is a lot of freebies for both the Wellmade shop and other Free Groups.

BTW Near to the gift room is a stand with promo’s on it and OMG I’m stood looking at the dress called “Dulla” and I’m so tempted KERCHING!!!! I bought it! So you will see that in my next post.

I forgot to put the “Reminder” bit in this post LOL!  OK so if you joined the Arcane Spellcaster Group when it was free and grabbed the 250Ld Gift card then it’s now time to return to the Arcane Shop and grab the 500Ld Gift card. If you didn’t join or joined and then left when you’d grabbed the first gift card gift then it now costs 150Lds to join the Arcane Spellcaster group.  You still get a decent return if you do have to pay to return so I will put the LM to the shop for you to go and check it out.


Arcane Spellcaster

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As soon as I logged in the notice came out about this fab bikini.  You can’t see the detailing but it has great lace ties and ruffles around the top and bottoms.

LOTS of fits and it’s Free from Sexy Princess and just join the group and grab.  Since I was too lazy to push past everyone I just cammed to the back of the shop but I will return later to check the place out when it’s calmed down.

UPDATE:  I popped back to Sexy Princess, the LM takes you to the shop where you will find this bikini and I had a look around that shop then spotted another shop just across the way and since I’m a nosey cow I decided to saunter over there and thats how I discovered that the “Sexy Princess” range is in two shops and that shop also has more freebies for us.

I didn’t think I’d find anything and even this “Jacintha” bodysuit gift didn’t really excite me esp as in the picture used the colour is just plain black but I spotted that you get the fatpack so I figured I’d lose nothing to try it on and I was more than surprised with the first pack I opened as this very pretty rose pattern is just so nice.  So a standard design which has been perked up with a lovely pattern and I don’t know what other colours/patterns there are to be found.  So once you’ve grabbed the bikini from the first shop check out the second.

Sexy Princess

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Close but not close enough!(Freebie).

I picked this top up from the Marketplace shop since I picked a few other things up I can’t remember if it was free or a dollarbie. I did know it was free inworld so I TP’d to the Aquara shop to make sure it was, it is, and to see if there was any other freebie/group gift, there isn’t.

The reason I was hoping there was another gift is that this is a Maitreya only fit and if you look closely you can see its a bit too gappy for me to wear esp at the back. The poster behind me shows the other colours in the hud, I particularly like the striped ones as the stripe to me has a slight metallic sheen to it.  You also get a shader hud.

There isn’t much stock in the Aquara shop but it looks like it’s a new one and there is plenty of space for things to come, I did rather like the set of poses but apart from this top I didn’t buy anything.