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Happy Cats.(Freebie(s)).

Somebody come and scrape me off the floor!

I know in the scheme of thing and life at this moment the struggle with hanging Christmas lights is way down on the list of moans BUT I have managed to give myself a horrid headache/migraine (not sure if it’s going to work up to migraine status yet) just trying to string up some of those fillament lights!

My cats had fun watching me, they would have had more fun if I’d fallen off the ladder…evil sods!

One of the best things I love is when logging in I’m wearing something I’d forgotten I was going to blog so as I rezzed it cheered me up that I could show you this whole brand new outfit.

The jacket is fine but studs and zips are not my thing. The leather look is excellent and because they’re seperates it means I can team up the pants/boots with another top if I wanted.

I picked these up from a shop called “Ma’De” and there are other Freebies which for the moment I’ve fogotten what they are.

PS. If anyone has sent me an IM, sorry if I haven’t responded. They get capped and I just get the message my IM’s have been capped. So if you did then I’m not ignoring you and if you still want to contact me then a note would be ideal.

UPDATE: Oooo so as always I logged in to grab the LM and spotted the other freebies…..go get em! You will not be disapointed.

Ma’De Mall

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Classy. (Freebies).

I had a brief scan of the “Fifty 5 Thursday” list and that’s how I ended up at a shop called “GGVG”.

YES, this dress is a freebie and you even get a pretty decent hud with tropical/summer day themes to them.  My AV isn’t smiling but my RL me is.

On the same stand is this other Group Gift and although it’s a “classic SL design” I had high hopes and trust me they weren’t dashed

Chances are you already have this one-piece skirt/blouse design in your invent and if so still go and try this one.  It has a lovely softness to the drape and a hud which allows you to change the colour/texture of the blouse and I love this soft brown polka dot.

I was so distracted by these 2 Group Gifts, veer to your right when you go into the shop, that I forgot to check out the Fifty 5 Thur offer lol.

GGVG Fashion Shop.

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It’s time to !!!RIOT!!! (Freebie(s)).

Riot was free then went to a paid-for group and now is back to FREE but I’m not sure for how long.

It’s given me the perfect excuse for a reblog as this split sided top has been one of my fav go-to’s since I first got it.  This is what I wear in RL it’s just ME.

I’m sure it comes with a colour hud but if you’ve not guessed it by now esp when you look at the landscaping behind me GREEN is one of my fav colours so I can’t remember if or how many shades you get in that hud as I stick to the green.  What I am 100% sure on is that you get a male version as well so if you’re a couple then you can make others feel queasy by dressing as a “twosome” blurgh lol.

OH wait I’ve got that free male AV, time to head on back and get another copy and this time keep the male fit.

BTW There IS a NEW gift in the Riot shop which I’ve not shown to you as by that time it had changed to a paid-for group and although the newer GG was well worth it since it didn’t come in my SLink fit I decided against joining at that time.  I have grabbed it as it does come in my SLink HG fit but I’m wayyy too lazy to change into it….so it’s a SURPRISE!

PS. I’ve just remembered the baseball bat…get it as well!

UPDATE: There is a massive 35 shades to chose from.


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AW FOOK! (Freebie&Reminder).

I’d logged out of SL to start searching for freebies on the Marketplace and found that Wellmade has this superb little dress on the MP for just 1Ld.

I shoved this and another previously blogged summer top into my basket, which I may still reblog, and then logged inworld to check out the inworld shop as I was sure I’d seen a notice about a new Group Gift and yes it’s this dress which is FREE inworld.

It’s a deceptively simple design until you see that nice high neck and the colour hud you get doesn’t have many colours options in it but many ways to wear the colours ie blue dress, white belt, white dress blue belt etc.

In the Group Gift room, free to join of course, there is a lot of freebies for both the Wellmade shop and other Free Groups.

BTW Near to the gift room is a stand with promo’s on it and OMG I’m stood looking at the dress called “Dulla” and I’m so tempted KERCHING!!!! I bought it! So you will see that in my next post.

I forgot to put the “Reminder” bit in this post LOL!  OK so if you joined the Arcane Spellcaster Group when it was free and grabbed the 250Ld Gift card then it’s now time to return to the Arcane Shop and grab the 500Ld Gift card. If you didn’t join or joined and then left when you’d grabbed the first gift card gift then it now costs 150Lds to join the Arcane Spellcaster group.  You still get a decent return if you do have to pay to return so I will put the LM to the shop for you to go and check it out.


Arcane Spellcaster

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As I mentioned in my last post I was going to check out the other shops on the same shopping sim from my last post and next door I found the “Energy” shop.

Some of you will recognise this hoodie as even I remember blogging it and possibly still have it in my invent.  I’m more than happy to “reblog it” as it’s just a nice easy goto top for everyone.  You get a selection of colours to choose from as well.

There are other gifts in the “energy” shop and I do recognise a couple of them and I’m going to assume they also have been blogged but when it comes to the pants in this picture I’m just not sure.

The top does NOT come from that

shop and is a Scandalize top so I suspect that it’s one of their Group Gifts that I’ve picked up from the past.  It reminds me it’s been a long time since I last braved the hoards of people lurking around the Lucky Boards/Gifts at Scandalize and I do believe there are new gifts out so maybe that’s my next visit.

These leather pants are the only other gift from the “Energy” shop I picked up as they looked new, to me, and I’m more than impressed with the texturing. Those pin tucks really stand out as a quality mesh design.  You also get a selection of colours as well.  There are other gifts, dresses, skirt & top just waiting for you to check them out.

BTW The reason I keep on putting the shop name in brackets is that it’s not really a shop as such.  I think most of us will recognise the “Energy” sign in many shops and it indicates a superb sale item so this is more like a base rather than a shop.


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Time to log out.(Freebies).

Looks like my SLing time is up and I know this because most of the Glitter shop wouldn’t rezz for me and no matter how many times I TP’d in and out this dress and the lucky chairs were the only free things I could see.

I’m not complaining as this dress is new to me and it comes with a small but handy hud of colours.  The detailing on the dress is pretty darn good you can actually see the lacy pattern quite clearly.  The editing of the picture has changed the colour, I was actually wearing a light black/dark grey colour which out of the hud I actually really liked the best and it also showed off the pattern more clearly.

UPDATE: When I logged back in the whole place rezzed and I was right there are more freebies, some I recognise as having blogged but this and another dress are new.  To find them they’re on the ground floor behind the stairs.

Glitter Stores & Glitter Poses.

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Close but not close enough!(Freebie).

I picked this top up from the Marketplace shop since I picked a few other things up I can’t remember if it was free or a dollarbie. I did know it was free inworld so I TP’d to the Aquara shop to make sure it was, it is, and to see if there was any other freebie/group gift, there isn’t.

The reason I was hoping there was another gift is that this is a Maitreya only fit and if you look closely you can see its a bit too gappy for me to wear esp at the back. The poster behind me shows the other colours in the hud, I particularly like the striped ones as the stripe to me has a slight metallic sheen to it.  You also get a shader hud.

There isn’t much stock in the Aquara shop but it looks like it’s a new one and there is plenty of space for things to come, I did rather like the set of poses but apart from this top I didn’t buy anything.