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I have to say that I much prefer hair to have a human name it just seems to make it much more memorable.  In any case I’ve had “Vera” on my head for days now and I was wearing it in my “upping its game post” but I didn’t think the lighting really showed it off to its best effect.  Then because I’ve not managed to find a free outfit to my exacting standards, don’t laugh Faith! I decided to pull my finger out and get some more sorting out done in my home.vera1

As I was setting stuff out I realised I was ROCKING the look.  Sorry to say the outfit was an old GG from !gO which is a shame as this bloody apron dress is just how I feel when I have to do housework.


I remember loving a hair so much I bought the fat pack and that was back in the day when Huds didn’t exist and so I ended up with 100’s of the same hair but in the different colours so I for one say Thank God for Huds.  As always you buy the 1 shade ie blonde but you actually get 5 different shades and they are different shades, I’ve had some hair where the difference in the shades is so minute it’s a joke.


Front, side and back views.  I can’t remember if I took the pictures in either my sim setting or Nams but I haven’t touched up the pictures at all.  I wanted you to see how good the colour and texturing is.

Do I ever wear hair other than Mina? Of course! I love argrace, Lamb, Clawtooth and on and on but Mina just fits me. I’m not sure if that’s because in RL Mina hair resembles mine more than anything else or whether it just ticks all the boxes-a great fit, texturing, flattering, wearable hair and often a bargain.  At the moment Vera is on offer for only 125Lds for a pack of  at The Chapter Four event.  Just like everyone in SL Mina Nakamura wants to make Lindens but even someone who spends a lot of time and their own money investing in a SL business she also gives back by regularly slashing the prices down at special events and offers so everyone can afford to treat themselves.

Mina does also have a paid for Group and with the joining fee of 200Lds you get a free hair straight away and 10% discount.   It has to be said that her male hair and unisexed hair has taken off and should now be on any male AV’s places to visit.

PS now I’m here LM grabbing I’ve just noticed that one of my fav hairs is in the Gacha here, Selena, and I’ve zoomed in and again another pretty generous offer because not only is it just 75Lds a try but you get all the shades so if you win the light brown hair you get the Hud with the 5 light brown colours in it, same as if you win the blonde hair or red hair you get the colour changing Hud and not just the 1 colour.

The Chapter Four Event

Mina Mainshop

Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

Nom Nom Nom

Autumnal gardening has never been so much fun.  I’ve Blogged a “Moon_Sha” (stands for Moon Shadow) garden’s before (the lovely lavender or Thyme which for a low, low of 3 prims you get masses of details).  This isn’t 3 prims it’s 25 but it’s a BIG garden packed with so much fruits and veg just waiting to be either harvested or for you to use one of the poses in it and hide from the big wide world.  This one cost 200Lds but they also have a smaller version, 15 Prims for 150Lds which is equally impressive and will fit most people’s homes. Another lovely detail is that you touch a plant and you get one to eat so touch the strawberry and one is sent to you, touch a sweetcorn and you get given one.  So cute.

You must also check out the rice paddy, it’s so cute and because so low primmed I actually have 2 of them rezzed next to my small Japanese home.

Moon-Sha is a very Gorean based shop and sim but I’ve found so many items there that fit into my homes so even if your not into that Gor lifestyle you will not be disappointed and do not ignore the small stalls outside, lots of MM boards so you never know your luck might be in.

When you land turn around and enter the shop the Lavender garden is downstairs and the autumnal garden is upstairs.