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Free Wearables YAY!

FREE wearable UFO @ Ananas (3 colours)

You all know I love a good wearable – and I found some brilliant ones @ Ananas ! I spotted these during Naria Pathars FLF video on you tube and headed over to check them out. Group is free to join.

Free wearable phone @Ananas

The UFO has a hud giving three colours and you can chose which colour of the phone above you want. Enter the store and turn right straight to the gifts. Other gifts available !

(I was SO tempted to buy the wearable toilet)

Happy Shopping ❤


Blogging SL, second life, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed

My Treat.(Freebie).

Sadly the gift at Kopi hasn’t changed in years, happily it’s a good now as the first day it was set out for us.

Because this free for all gift is in an odd place, up on the wall, I thought I’d take a picture showing you it and the backpack.

One click and a resizer menu pos up so I was able to make it fit my AV better. Rezzed, at this reduced size, it was 13 prims so you could if you wanted to make it an item of decor.

The Kopi range is just so detailed. You can see in the distance a set of shelves/hanging space which I have always wanted but it’s definitely full of masculine clothing as I’d have bought it and used it in my home.

The one thing I’m going to treat myself to is a stunning artist set. The detailing is outstanding and so are the lack of prims. If you want to check it out then it’s in the other side of the shop. So once I’ve reduced my invent and gone through all my arty stuff I’m going to reward myself with that artist suitcase/easel set.

PS. Take a walk up those stairs for some very interesting Gacha’s and in fact I think the whole sim is full of interesting randomness.


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I’ve started! (Freebie(&) mention of Gift Card).

You may recognise the cropped top because it and a matching pair of sweatpants are Amias gifts and have been blogged by us before. They’re still out in the shop as well as these really good wearable ice skates. Pretty detailed and you get a his n her pair. Sadly the top and pants will be trashed, only because they don’t come in my fit, I will be keeping those skates though.

Most of the other Amias gifts are accessories so you know I didn’t get them lol.

Then head off to the Uniwaii shop for a generous 1000Ld gift card. I did but the place is HEAVING and I think too many people have slapped the gift card poster and broken it. I’m going to give you the LM and usually when a place is very busy I always check my map to see exactly how busy it is and that way I know when it’s pointless to TP over to check it out.

REMINDER. I’ve been getting a lot of capped messages and trust me I ain’t that popular so I’m wondering if people have been sending me details of their mesh bodies/home and garden preferences. If you’ve IM’d me the details please put them in a note.

OH and if/when I start dropping off my old sh*t please don’t fret about saying thanks, I’m just happy to pass on stuff I can’t/won’t use.


UNIWAII. (Gift Card).

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Wearable not Rezzable. (Freebie(s)).

I teamed this very interesting umbrella with a free dress and I snapped away and every picture turned out to be a stinker.  So first thing I did when I logged in this morning was to simply rezz the umbrella and the dress will be saved for later.

At 32 prims it sadly can’t be used easily as an item of decor.

Yes, it is a very stylish hat-shaped umbrella.  The editing has made it slightly darker as it’s more of a dark smokey grey.  Comes with a simple and very useable wearing pose.

This comes from a shop that sells mainly home and garden items and accessories, called “Since 1975” and that name will be well known by many home/event owners. There are a lot of other Group Gifts which are just for home and garden and I do recognise some as having been previously blogged.

Since 1975.(Turn around, they’re behind you).

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Free Food, and I ain’t complaining. (Freebie).

Andika has yet another well-crafted foodie gift out for us.

Just a small little thing which at 2  prims makes for a great decor item and naturally as it’s an Adikia item it gives you a quality wearable version. Just click on the rezzed copy and you’re sent the same thing with a spoon feeding AO….one of the best in SL.


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“Who What” and more importantly “Where”. Freebie(s)).

I saw this in the TeleportHub Group notices but since its a “wearable” I ignored then today I decided to visit the “Who What” shop in any case and so I decided I’d give it a try and it’s so FREAKING PRETTY!

The minute you put it on your finger starts to delicately draw this sparkly heart.

It’s not often I get tempted to wear something like this as I’m just not a fan of the sort of wearables that create “light pollution” but heck if I saw someone stood there drawing this in front of them then my Lelutka jaw would drop and I’d have to IM them to ask where they got it from as the picture used in the ad for it doesn’t do it justice.

You also get a “waist” one which doesn’t draw anything it just surrounds you in these pretty sparkles.

This gift is on the wall behind the reception desk but check out not just the stuff on the desk but in a small side room is some older gifts.  All of them have been blogged before so I won’t bother.

There is a small mainshop, where this and the other gifts are in, but the rest of this shop is stalls and to get to the lower level you have to drop/walk down the channel in the middle of the shopping area….really easy to see what I mean when you get there.

Sorry, I’ve been light on the posting for the last few days, SL can only be enjoyed when RL has been sorted and now RL has been sorted I have more time to SL.

Who What

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Straight in and straight out.(Freebie(s)).

I was intending on just roaming SL but that lasted about 5 mins as the first LM I checked is where I found this amazing Group Gift!

WOW! This travelling drink case, only 6 prims, is shop quality and you get those drinks as rezzable decor and one touch of the case sends you those drinks as wearables.  There are 3 other Gifts in the Figure 8 shop and they’re all really top quality.

This is one of those shops that as of yet comes across as maybe not fully stocked which I always like as I love to see a shop which had new and interesting designs grow and add to their range, as it is I’ve got 2 items added to my “buy” list for a future date.

Figure 8