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Drinkie time.(Dollarbie & Info).

I managed to do the FaMESHed event and although I’ve only unpacked a couple of the freebies I can see that yet again the doners have been super generous.

Which brings me to my little drinkie. One of the gifts I picked up from FaMESHed was on the stall of a shop called “220ml” which I didn’t recognise so I popped over and at first I thought it was an elegant cafe/bar hangout place but soon worked out it’s a food/prop/pose shop.

On the bar counter are a couple of gift bags priced at 1Ld. I think it’s the same gift in both bags but now I’m not sure…will possibly check that later if I have some free time and what you get for the 1Ld is this exc wearable Christmas drink, that drink dispenser, a drink mat and some baubles.

BTW The 220ml gift from the FaMESHed event is more wearble food and it’s even better than this drink pack.

The food/prop/wearbles in the 220ml shop range from pints of beer to fancy cocktails, lots of food and snacks etc and I will assume that with each purchase you get the rezzables as well as the wearables.

Now for the “Info”.

No one needs to be told that there is now a Winter/Christmas Shop ‘n’ Hop event going on. This is a BIG event and going by the previous one it’s one you do need to spend a couple of hours walking around as previous ones have been spread over I think it’s 5 sims! So much to see and so many discounts/bargains/special offers and of course….FREEBIES!

PS. Yes those are the “Sass” pants from 2 posts ago and I will say that the Maitryea fit is so good I am more than happy to wear them even with a cropped top


Second Life Homepage. (Long list of direct LMs).

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Let me bore you.(Freebies).

Yet another post about something I mentioned in a previous post.

This is supposed to be a “Lady Gaga” pose but this isn’t about me it’s about the backdrop and the black square.

Most of you won’t find this interesting but if you take pictures in SL you will find this gift very handy.

I won’t bore the tits off you about the details apart from it’s free and it comes with a very easy to use Hud which you need to play with it to appreciate it.

This comes from the Andika shop.  Although this shop has poses, and I’ve tried them all, it the AMAZING food decor I think most of us know it for.

I don’t think I’ve shown you the other freebie which is a plate of Blueberry pancakes but I definitely know I haven’t shown you these sweet orange treats.  One-click and you get a wearable version and although not perfect the eating AO is still one of the best in SL.

So pop over to Andika shop grab the sweet treats and the photo tool and have fun.

PS.  I should have thought about changing my settings to allow for shadows because I know my computer can handle them and it would have made the pictures of the backdrop/light more effective but what’s done is done so just think of me casting a shadow.