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I have a Bubble Butt.(Freebie ‘n’ Dollarbie).

The neon sign says “Treat yourself” and I did but first the Freebies.

As mentioned Justice has a new freebie which is these black shorts and with the slit and laced up sides they’re easy to wear.  Again if these aren’t to your taste check out my last post for the leather pants and the other Freebies in the shop.

When I was on the Marketplace yesterday I picked up this freebie pair of shorts which are just not my style but as I always say/think….you do you boo and so here are some Booty Shorts for those who love their booty’s.

Yup, that’s one big “Bubble Butt”.

I don’t think I can really say much more other than they ARE good quality just not for me.

OK as the “spendy”.  Get used to this backdrop as I bought myself a dressing room from the latest round of Collabor88. I will still use the bedroom of the house I have rezzed but I think esp when/if I change it then I can use this backdrop to show off my goodies. If you’re interested then it did cost 388 but the Prims are more ouchie as I think it’s about 150 in total.

PS. I forgot to mention that I didn’t even need to put on my SLink HG fit for the pants to fit so if you want the butt but don’t have a SLink or even maybe other larger butt shapes then this is the cheap way to get that butt.


SD (Marketplace Shop)