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Another one bites the dust.(Freebie).

NOT the coat!

I always like to make it clear from the start if I’m wearing something pretty good but it is not a freebie. So in this case the freebie has to be that sparkly brolley.

The shop Spell is where it comes from. It’s just inside the doorway with another gift which looks like wearable keys? You get a really good holding pose and even better is that when you walk you keep the pose and it’s pretty natural. A nice sparkle as well.

This isn’t a big shop and it’s range is ethreal and fantasy based. There is a stunning Mad Hatter table set up which I’d love but I suspect it’s a rare gacha prize plus it’s from the Ionic shop which I think shares a lot, maybe just the sim, in common with the Spell shop.

Ionic & Spell.

PS. If you’re wondering I got this coat a long time from a Neve sale and Faith had given me a shop credit gift. So I actually own a LOT of Neve stuff you just never see me wearing it.

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A full basket. (10Ld & Freebie).

As I was slurping my coffee I scrolled my way through the Marketplace and filled my basket up with mainly demos.  Then I spend the first 30mins in SL unpacking, trying them on, TPing to the shops to check them out and after all of that all I have to show you is a 10Ld TeleportHub gift and a “small” freebie.

This bodysuit has a light suede texturing and with lacing down the sides and butt flattering wedgie behind REALLY nice indeed.  As you will have to pay to join the TelelportHub Group here is the list of sizes, Freya, Isis, Venus, Legacy, Maitreya, SLink P and HG.

As for the small freebie, it’s the glasses.  One of the shops I picked a demo up for is the “Freda” shop.  If you don’t accept the gift when you walk into the shop don’t worry as you can join the free group, get the glasses and also a wearable umbrella which comes with a wet/dry version and different poses, you can see the round gift boxes in a couple of places.  Then check the rest of the shop out as there are some interestingly textured items in this shop and that’s why I decided to visit in the first place.

New Enigma Apparel 


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It’s a hump day.(Freebies).

Now I’ve been playing with the official SL viewer for a bit I’m not as happy with it, compared to Firestorm it’s CLUNKY! Yes I said that and I stand by that lol. OK it’s all down to personal preferences but I’m hoping that at some stage I can reinstall Firestorm and until then I will clunk on.

Just a little post and in this case it’s a couple of wearables and not the clothes.

Look at the details in that calorie-free chocolate and the pose is the one it comes with.  I’m not sure if you hold this pose when you walk but I suspect you do as with this next wearable you do.

Fantastic umbrella’s, I think you get 5 shades with a sheer look.  It’s time to delete all of the old umbrella’s I’ve been hoarding.

The LM is a nice little  street but you will see a TP system under the pagoda and you just hop on that and you will find the chocolate box for the choccie and a little box for the umbrella on the desk.

PS.  The top and pants are old stuff and not free but so cheap I will check they’re still available and update this post.


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A bit of this and a bit of that.(Dollarbies, Sub and Freebies).

I was going to do a post on the outfit I am wearing, I even took some pictures and then I decided not to as I’ve blogged the jeans at least a couple of times and I did a long post about the sYs Marketplace shop where the jacket came from not too long ago but then “Dutchie” sent out a Subscribers gift of a wearable brolly so I thought I would keep the clothes on and just do a brief note about them.

The jeans are excellent go-to brown jeans and I wear them an awful lot, 1Ld from Shiva, they do have them inworld as a promo but they’ve moved them so you might find it easier to get them off the Marketplace.

The jacket another is another 1Ld from the sYs Marketplace shop which is PACKED with Dollarbies.

The Dutchie sub gift is the wearable brolly.  You get one for each hand and a bento and non-bento version AND also a wearable hat which I’m obviously not wearing as I didn’t want to change my hair.  The icing on the cake is you also get the hat/brolly as a decor item.

Since I was already subbed to Dutchie it was just sent to me so if you’re not subbed so sub and while you’re there you will see some free for all gifts.

The money both paper and coins and the pretty little condom packets make nice little bedside item lol.  There are other Free for all gifts but I will leave them for you to find and although they’re mainly decor items there is a wearable towel.

Shiva (Jeans, Marketplace)

sYs (Jacket, Marketplace)


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Refusing to “Adult” (Freebie).

(Not the dress, it won’t surprise you that it’s a Junbug dress). This is just a fancy assed picture which I enjoyed doing.

The freebies is this simple ice cream parasol.

Probably blogged before, I probably still have it in my invent but I was too lazy to scroll through ALL of the Umbrellas and Parasols I’ve hoarded.

This is one of the free for all gifts in the Cubis Cherry shop.  The VIP group does come with a price tag, I think it’s 50Lds but I’m not sure anyhow I’m sure you will check those out for yourself but there is also on another wall freebies for all inc this Parasol and some cute, but not me, horns and I’d forgotten I’d also picked up a mouthie which is my cup of tea, it’s an eyeball on a stalk.

Today I’m done with “Adulting” I’ve done enough to make sure the daily grind has been sorted but that’s it.  I’ve got my sloppy clothes on, fresh plasters on my sore heels because I went out yesterday forgetting I was wearing new shoes and I’m just about to have a very late brekkies so I will be back soon and hopefully with a fab find.

PS. Outside of the shop, where you TP in, you will see a group of little cars racing around a tree and in those little cars is the little Cubic Cherry mascot.  So cute!

Cubic Cherry

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Just a quickie, just the brolley.(Freebie).

I love umbrellas in RL and SL and so finding this rather good one in a shop called “Spell” was just the icing on the cake for this mornings cheapie/freebie hunting.

Not only is it so pretty but so wearable because it comes with this holding pose in it and even when you’re walking it holds the pose so this is me just using my standard AO.  I just grabbed this I didn’t even pay much attention to the other freebie.