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What a day.(10Ld & Mention of Freebies).

This is one of my “keeper” outfits so I was happy to see that it’s still a Teleporthub gift in the ASO shop.

I know it’s a reblog but I think enough time has passed to show you this great outfit.  My editing has made it slightly “pinkier” than it is but it’s fab which is why it is a “keeper” for me.  Lots of fits as well and comes as separates.  I don’t own any of the ASO clothes which is a shame as they are a pretty unique style/brand so make sure to check the shop out as well.

PS.  There are free ASO Group Gifts but I didn’t see anything new.

Before I go I will show you this other freebie as it’s an excuse to tell you about the shop.

Those coloured pixelated lines are “toys” for ladies or men and I didn’t actually pick one up so I don’t know if you get all of the colours, if it buzzes or comes with any sort of poses all of that is for you to find out lol.   .

This shop, Lemme, isn’t one I’m familiar with and to keep this post family-friendly I can only say that it’s packed with Kinky Kawaii Kuteness(sic).  Lots of decor items for with kinky twists to them.  As someone who lives a “PG” life even, I was tempted and I took a chance on one of the Gacha’s and although my prize was most PG I was more than happy with it.

So a very interesting shop to visit for your playful SL lives.