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Blinking “Trash”.(10Ld Gift and LOTS of Freebies).

I took 2 photos and blinked in both of them!

If you remember not too long ago I showed you a great outfit of blue leather pants and a matching jacket from a shop called Ma’De. They’re still there as well as a wall of gifts for both free and cheap groups, this outfit is the Teleporthub one, 10Lds. The top, skirt and belt are all seperates.

What I noticed is that the Advent calender is still active and you can get all of the past gifts. So get hording and when you have some free time you can work your way through all of those gifts.


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It’s the 18th and that means…FREEBIE.

You may remember a couple of posts ago I mentioned the Entice Advent Calender and also that I was intending on returning on 2 more dates, today the 18th and I will be back on the 21st for that outfit.

I thought it was just the skirt you got so the addition of the top was a nice suprise. Love both of them, the top comes as this plain stripe and the other option has a green heart on top of the stripes. The skirt has that lovely pleats and folds with a sheer net over the top. Add to all that my fav colour it’s a great outfit for me.

I’m doing this post early so you will have all day to get it. Join the FREE Entice group and it’s the calendar on the right you click on the appropriate date.


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Looking good. (Freebies, even if they’re a reblog).

Can you see whats a bit “off” in this picture?

It’s the reindeer head and baubles on the wall which somehow I’ve managed to bury slightly into the wall so now my OCD is screaming and when I log back in I’m just gonna have to edit them back so they sit properly

OK now for the good stuff. I wasn’t sure if I was going to blog these clothes as I’m 100% sure I’ve blogged the 2 tops but when I logged back inworld as saw how good I looked my vanity won and here is a “reblog” lol.

Actually for some reason I just don’t remember the jeans. They’re not marked as being a “New” Group Gift but I’m pretty sure I would have shown them you to….maybe.

The jeans and cardigan are both in the QE Design shop and you will recognise the more Kawaii style pink outfit, if I remember correctly the top from that outfit also fitted under this cardigan. There are a total of 6 gifts and I promise you I’ve not shown you all of them in a previous post lol.

Then go to S@bbia for an excellent pair of leather ankle boots, not the ones worn and then to Bumblebee for this strappy top. You will have to loiter as they are a Lucky Board prize but I know it won’t take you long to win a lot of goodies as there are a lot of boards and a quick turnover. There is a Free to join Group Gift as well in the Bumblebee shop.

PS, Lots of fits and both the cardie and jeans come with great colour huds.

QE Designs



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Sweet, Simple & FREE.

The “ChicModa” group usually costs I think 150Lds to join but for a limited time it’s FREE so I’d rush over and grab the goodies.

The goodies include this simple cropped sweater.

You will find these on the wall behind the reception desk wall, other gifts as well as lucky boards.


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Demo, Demo and More Demo’s. (Freebie(s) & Cheap Temptation).

The top I’m wearing is a gift off the Starlight Apparel stall at the 4 Season event. Plenty of fits and it has that “perky nip” look to it which happily distracts me from the Kawaii Unicorn as I’m not a Unicorn sort of girl lol.

Just like I’m nearly always wearing a Mina hair I’m nearly always wearing Alaskametro make-up so if you ever wonder where my make up comes from then I can guarantee it’s Alaskametro.

I just think the shading/textuing is top quality and you can pick from young natural to dark and supernatural. I’m not looking forward to logging back inworld to LM grab as I won’t be able to resit check out the new stuff as I’m trying, and failing, to stick to my SL & RL budget lol.

Obviously it’s never the same for everyone which is why you should try the demo’s and thats how you get the FREE one as we all know it’s common for a demo pack of colours to come with a free one which is a wearable demo.

I will admit I have a whole folder of the wearable demos plus I did pay 50Lds to join the Group as there is so many gifts for us and I bought myself some full priced palettes as I just think they’re totally worth it.

Alaskametro (Marketplace).

Alaskametro (Inworld).

The 4-Seasons Event.

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I’m staying put! (Freebie(sss).

Moan, moan and more moaning, actually have very little to really moan about but I did spend way too much in RL last month and since I need new glasses I think this is a great time to curb my spendiness and live to a budget of 500Ld (and tier fee) in SL and for RL it will just be a case of necessities only (and my glasses).

A great start to Monday is the “Stay at Home Club” gift and these new cute shorties.

That shirt is just exellent and shop quality. I’ve owned many a simple denim shirt just like this in my RL to know how versatile these are and that inc inworld. You get lots of fits as well which can’t be said for the shorts as you can see there is breakthrough.

The shorts only come in 2 fits, Maitreya and Legacy which is a shame BUT they are actually still pretty wearable even for me as the pose makes the breakthrough look worse. I’ve not tried the Legacy fit on for size but since I do have a Legacy body, which I rarely wear, I will keep them for that shape.

There is a shelf of old gifts in the Wellmade shop and just a quick scan of them reminded me how good they are, if you want to remain seasonal then there is a lovely knitted dress with a flaired skirt bottom or if you want to remain summery then one of the tops is one I wore for quite a long time and still have.


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Testing my patience! (Freebie(s)).

It’s been an up and down day and I still have stuff I need to do but it’s my coffee break and so I’m settled here with a mug of coffee and SL open on my laptop.

I have seen this top a few times before but I think I didn’t bother blogging it as I suspect it was because of the limited fits and as it happens it’s a perfect fit.

There are more gifts in the Justice shop and I’m pretty sure I spotted some for men in the mens department.

Drat on my return visit to LM grab I spotted a dress which is for the SL frees and offers group and I would have grabbed that as well as this top.

Anyhow when you TP in turn right and they’re just on the wall through the doorway…easy to find.

Underground & Justice.