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Summer Loving (& a Freebie).

I had to finally cave in go to the latest round of This Seasons Story event which of course is Summer.  A whole sim landscaped so lovely and lined with stall after stall of goodies.  Clothes, poses, make up, furniture, Gachas and on and on but sadly I spotted no freebies however in my rush though I might have missed some so worth checking that out again


The Bikini isn’t from This Seasons Story it’s from Mag<3.B and is from the Puppet Fair which is now well over and so she now has this available at her main shop for only 50Lds.  It’s super cute and super afordable just like all of Margaretta’s stock.  Nice to see that she even has her lovely discounted items and some Dollarbies also on the Marketplace but I do know she has a new Free Group Gift out so it always pays to pop to her shop inworld before you buy from the MP as a couple of items which are still dirt cheap are free in the shop.  Best freebie ever is the clogs with shoes I dare you not to love them.

The backpack is what I grabbed from Miseria’s stall at This Seasons Story and I’m slightly kicking myself for not using one of  Athena Loring’s poses as I now own them all but never mind something for you to check out at her main shop and whilst you’re there make sure to check out the Gacha’s at the main entrance because one of them contains my most Fav Gacha items, a pastel coloured wearable sharks fin which is so cute and fun.  The bag comes in a range of colours and each of them has a bright almost luminosity to them and a surprise hud which allows those cute wings to be either tucked in or spread out a little.


A lovely Free Group Gift from Keke for you to grab and enjoy.  Simple pop top bottles and even the one with the open lid is only 1Prim! There is also a couple of small inpots for you to grab but I missed them as I wanted to get this posted as soon as possible as time in RL and SL is running out for me.

Snow inks

Miserai@This Seasons Story


Miseria Marketplace


Mag<3.B Marketplace


Blogging SL, Uncategorized, Virtual Fashion Feed


CuddlesAnother quickie but again too good to ignore in case it disappears.  The lovely waterfall style cardie is called “Cuddles” and comes from Lacy’s and it’s only available at the slebritycity  LM.  An excellent bargain because you get a lot of quality for only 50Lds.  The boots are an old Maitreya offer and the hair is an old FLF buy but the great leggings are a Group Gifts (free to join) from Cotona.  As it happens and this is one of the reasons I prefer to do the write ups in the actual shop I had forgotten that I actually got more than the leggings because if you check out the other walls AgehA Clowes has actually been really lovely and there are more freebies inc 2 really cute colourful shorts, a dress and 2 pairs of shoes.

If the LM doesn’t take you right outside of Lacy’s shop and you rezz in a garage don’t panic because you simply walk out and turn right for Lacy’s but check out all the shops in this shopping mall because they all have special offers for 50Lds on the notice boards just outside of their shops.

Lacy’s (@slebritycity)