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Flex with me.(Freebies & Mention of freebies).

In this case, it’s the hair only.

I tried, tried and tried soooo many times to get a decent picture of this flexi hair and I just couldn’t so, in the end, I’ve just pulled a ballet pose and gone for it and you’re going to have to just try them out for yourself.

“Shi” sent me the details of the Free hair at the Fabrixquare shop and don’t let the thought of flexi put you off getting the freebies or checking this shop out. Fabrixquare is using flexi to create new and unique styles which really does make you stand out from the crowd.  I only wish the demo’s for the hair, or at least the demo’s I picked up, come with the full-colour palette and not just black as the colours used are just as big and as bold as the style of the hair and I’d have liked to have seen them on me.

What you also can’t see is a tattoo on my shoulder blade. I got a nice message from a lady called Julie Dallas about her Tattoo shop. As you all know when it comes to things like jewellery and tattoos I just don’t do em but I’ve actually been looking for a particular one and since I’d nothing to lose I hopped on over and nope she doesn’t have the sort of tattoo I’m after. She does have some nice pretty tattoos at very reasonable prices and of course freebies so check her shop out.

PS.  In the picture I am wearing my Lelutka bald base but those whispy baby hairs are also in a gift pack plus think of using a couple of the freebies as “addons” to hair you may already have.

Fabrixquare & Punklist

Juliette Tattoo

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It’s started and I’m finished. (Freebies).

I’ve been waiting for the Ebento Event to start and today it’s started and of course, it has an Advent Calendar but because I have sh*t for brains this morning I ran around and around and around looking for it only to realise that it’s the big red numbers! Then I ran and ran and ran some more looking for day 1 and then I  gave up and looked in the notices and DOH! There isn’t/wasn’t a day 1,2, etc as it’s starting today from Day 12.

So I quickly grabbed the gifts and you get 4 of them for today and I think it’s a tattoo, earrings, paper Christmas tree and this little chappie.

His hat would not crisp up and since everything else was as crisp as a cold winter morning I gave up and here he is.

I’m looking forward to adding this event to my daily visits and if each gift contains as nice a mix as this one it’s going to be interesting.


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Why? (Lots of Freebies).

Why am I looking so worried!

Turns out that it’s the second anniversary of eBento and we all know what that means Guilt Free, Calorie Free CAKE…ok not really but it means lots of gifts for us.  In this case, it’s the skin and bow I am wearing.  The skin is a gift from the 7 Deadly Skins stall and you get a full face and body but only in Omega and guess who has Omega? MOI! Sorry, I can’t remember which stand the bow came off but undoubtedly as you too will grab away you will find it for yourself.

Unsurprisingly enough the place is heaving which is why I was shocked I’d managed to TP in but after grabbing just a few items and since a lot wasn’t rezzing for me I thought I’d TP home and do a quick post and return later as I can see from the Seraphim blog that there are some items I would like to buy and of course I want to grab all of the gifts.

eBento (Anniversary Event)

Seraphim blog (for pictures of whats for sale not the gifts).

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Done and dusted. (Lots and lots of FREEBIES).

It’s time to go gardening at “The Gacha Garden” event and as always next to almost all but not all Gachas are some lovely gifts for us.

This teapot is a keeper.

The rose headdress is sweet and comes with a nice hud of colours but the horns are a completely separate gift and I just thought they complimented each other.

As for the horns I never wear horns, it’s the same with jewellery, tattoo’s and panties…ain’t no one got time for that, but shockingly enough not only do I love these horns there was another set I’m going to keep and just as shocking is I’m going to keep a tattoo but I think once you’ve found these things I know you will understand why I like them.

The only other “keeper” for me is that Kawaii Cactus banner just behind me.  Although you can’t see the ends, they have the little suckers on the ends that we use in RL and even though it has that much detailing still only 2 prims.

I won’t be keeping the jewellery or top simply because I will never wear them but as you can see they’re very pretty.

Obviously lots of variety of items and of course lots of Gacha tempting going on.

The Gacha Garden

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It’s a Gacha Life.(Freebies).

When Xmas is over I’m going to have to take some blogging time off and go TRASH crazy.  It’s been another stunning year for events, gifts, freebies etc and it’s still just the start of December.  So with a heavy heart and stuffed invent I Tped over to “It’s a Gacha Life” which is a smaller Gacha fair, check out the building for more Gacha’s as I almost missed them”.

Gonna be honest and say that out of everything I saw I only took the Simply Shelby gift because LOOK AT IT!!!

Who wouldn’t want this in their home or/and garden and although not a Christmas plant those colours are definitely are.

I actually have a decent amount of items from Shelby Oliver’s shop now and the one thing I know is that her stuff isn’t just excellent but on the whole, it’s EDITABLE! Which is a really lovely thing to do because it means you can strip things down, tear it apart, shrink or grow in and in this case you can also make copies.  Only 2 prims for the whole thing but if you separate it then it’s 2 for the plant and 2 for the pot and the pot on it’s own is good enough to make copies to pop in a plant you may have but don’t have a pot to put it in.  You can change the size of the plant but I do believe that the size it rezzes in is the smallest it will go.

I’ll post this now but once I’m back inworld I will do an update with the LM for the Simply Shelby shop not just to see if there is any GG’s in her shop but also to see if there is something to buy for my new home.

UPDATE.  Looks like I will have to return to Simply Shelby on the 12th as she is having a 12 Day of Christmas event (I’m assuming it starts on the 12th though) and even though I moan about my invent I can make more space for her stuff.  Don’t worry if you’re useless at hunting like me because the note said she will make it super easy.  I did get to see what she has on offer esp for this Christmas time and lots of tempting things there.

The Gacha Life.

Simply Shelby