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Wake up and smell the coffee! (Freebie(s)).

Serves me right for smugly thinking I’d managed to take a good picture in just one shot…I’m sticking with this sleepy-eyed one as I’m starving and getting HANGRIER by the second.

Once I’ve had some brekkies I will head on back to the Arcane Spellcaster shop, again, for a much better look around. now that it has finally calmed down and I can see what I can spend my 250Ld credit on, for more details about that I will put the link to my post at the bottom.

This top is a freebie from the Arcane Spellcaster shop but it and all the other shade options are for other free groups.  There is an Arcane Spellcaster Group Gift of a pinafore style dress which has a cheeky transparency option in the colour hud.  There are only 2 Lucky Chairs and I think maybe it’s one for men and one for women and I really liked the woman’s prize so worth checking out.

 My Post about FREE Gift Card.

Arcane Spellcaster

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Too early? (Freebie(s)).

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas.

Yeah, I know way too early to be even thinking of anything Christmassy but this ADORABLE Elf AV was just way too cute to not show you plus it gives me an excuse to tell you about an item of clothing I’m thinking/was thinking of buying.

When time allows it I like to have a look around the shop I find freebies and that’s how I spotted a few “oooo nice” items but it’s the suit upstairs which had me so very tempted.  It’s what I call a “Chimera” suit in that it’s half business suit and half casual denim wear which sounds ridiculous until you see it.  Very unique, very classy and with the 50% off at 188Ld (I think that was the price) I had to TP’d out before I got tempted enough to buy it as I do already own a few suits…just not this suit!

PS.  There is another Christmas AV which is an equally fun Gingerbread man and woman.  Plus an Easter Bunny nose and ear set.

UPDATE:  Check this out.

On my return to the E-Clipse shop, more Group Gifts appeared inc this full skeleton AV.  I do remember blogging this years ago and chances are it’s still in my invent…somewhere.  Just plain fun, I’m going to spend the rest of the day shopping and hopping around SL as my skelly self.  You get two versions, male and female and with or without a beating heart.  There are a couple of clothing gifts, gloves and matching his and her sweaters but why wear a sweater when you can wear bones?

PS.  The gifts are in both the male/female departments but there are more in the female department.

E-Clipse Design

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The more I look, the more I think. (Freebie(s)).

Now I’ve had some time to think about it I’m more sure that this is a reblog but I don’t care.  I will try to keep this short and sweet cos I need coffee.

Petry Model has a whole wall of freebies for different freebie groups.

This off the shoulder sweater is a quality SL classic, it does come with a matching camo skirt but I wanted to show you these high rise shorts and I didn’t bother to pick a top up for it because I knew I’d be binning the skirt, only because it’s a camo print, and keeping the sweater and shorts.

I did spot what I think is a new gift on the wall of a very metallic skater skirt.

Petry Model.


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Welcome to Yorkshire.(!g0 Freebie & New Home Rentals).

The sweater I’m wearing is a FREEBIE from !g0 but to get it you will have to push, shove and elbow your way through the greedy hoards, and I include myself in that description, as it can only be picked up at the Gacha Garden Event which has literally just opened and it’s busy.

It’s the usual thing, lots and lots of tempting Gacha’s and lots and lots of them have gift boxes.  As an !g0 lover you can imagine how happy I was to find that their stand had a gift so I’ve left the rest of the event for another day when maybe it’s also calmed down.

The colour of this sweater just screamed Spring to me so I TP’d over to the Yorkshire sim as it just makes for a stunning backdrop.

I deleted the usual notes/LM’s that are sent to you when you land somewhere but quickly I realised I’d missed an important detail, so I got them sent to me again and YUP now there is a Yorkshire Rental sim!

If you look over my shoulder you can see one of the rental homes and I know it’s a Dust Bunny cottage as I am a building addict I actually own all of the homes on this sim.  Damnit! I even own the bloody platform both of the Yorkshire sims are built on!  So I’m not going to rent not only because I already own everything but this isn’t a highly build rental sim, I didn’t count how many homes there are but it may be as little as 5 or 6 of them and although a few are still unrented I’d hate to rent somewhere and take the opportunity from someone else to rent when I have my own home(ssssssssssss).

The prices and prim allowance are sent to you at the LM and I say they are pretty darn reasonable.  This sim is someones SL/RL dream and that’s priceless.

The original Yorkshire sim, really it’s a platform, is still up.  Both sims are open for all visitors to use to just wander around, hang out, take piccies etc but obviously on the rental platform stay out of the homes.

These two  Yorkshire sim are run by two of the biggest shops in SL, Pinkrayne and Petit Morte, and if I’ve got the names/spellings wrong I’m sorry.  I logged out without spell checking them but I can imagine that as “landlords” you will get the same excellent treatment as shoppers in their shop.

The Gacha Garden

Yorkshire (Rental Sim).

Yorkshire (Basically the same just no rental homes).

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Risking life and limb. (Freebies AND Free 1000Ld Gift Card).

I got about halfway through typing this post when our Ginger cat decided he would allow me to hold him….a rare privilege.

Now we love our kitty, he is a sweetheart and a dork BUT it’s like holding a ticking time bomb and when the tail starts to flick!

Now for the freebies.

Sadly too late for the very generous gift card but there are 3 Group Gifts as well as a lot of lucky boards at the “Le Fashion Whore” shop.

The skirt I’m wearing is part of a set, the cardigan/top it comes with is ankle length and it as well as the skirt have their own huds.  I did take a picture of that full outfit, but I’d blinked! So I’m just going to show you the skirt and one of the other group gifts which is the jumper.  At first glance of the picture in the shop you would think it’s all Christmassy themed but there is a selection of plain colours plus you can change the collar, sleeves etc in contrasting colours.  There is also a body con dress as well as plenty of Lucky Boards.

UPDATE!  I thought I’d missed it but I checked the group notices and spotted I hadn’t so when I returned to the shop it’s right there on the little table, not sure how I missed it the first time!

So a very generous 1000Ld gift card is waiting for you BUT if you don’t want it and you can see that it’s not trans, turns out it IS trans.  What you have to do is rezz the gift card and then take it back into your invent and Voila….it becomes non-copy/trans….so first one in on my friends list gets it.

Le Fashion Whore

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Hopping and Popping. (Freebie(s)).

I hopped over to KIB to see if there was any, new, freebies and there isn’t.  There are some Dollarbies in the main shop which I remember blogged and they do have a certain charm so I will leave them to you to check out. I also notice in the distance that there is a little Christmas Market going on and so I popped over to that.

This is off the KiB Design stall and it’s a very nice oversized sweater with a good hood on the back and a hud of colours.

As I said this is a very small Christmas market and I did see some other freebies but as far as I could tell this was the only item of clothing.  Now I’m LM grabbing I can see that there are a lot of shops on this sim so I think I will loiter for a while and check them out.

KiB Design. Main shop

Lost Dreams Christmas Market

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Another one for the List. Vagrant Advent Gift).

At first, it was “Meh” and then it was “ooo nice”.

This is just a simple fine knit sweater with some nice touches one of which is the faux undershirt.  I didn’t like the colour at first but the hud you get changes the undershirt colour and as you can see I found a perfect match to my fav jeans.  A really nice touch.

This is today’s Advent gift so hustle your ass over there as it will be gone tomorrow.

There is also a cute and sexy group gift but I cannot show you it because of the fit which reminds me this is a Maitreya fit but you get a wide version so it fits so snugly over my jeans…I wish you got this sort of fit more often.

Plus check out the 60Ld Special of a super silky cropped shirt.  I went to look at that but I do already have something so similar it wouldn’t have been worth buying it but it’s stunning.