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I see U.F.O’s. (Freebie(s)).

The sign behind me says “Everything is fine, keep shopping” and yet it’s actually the one thing I’ve not done in RL.  OK I did buy some new lipsticks but it’s lipstick so need I say more?

Happily, before I log off I’ve found something old and something new.  The dress is from the U.F.O shop, you may remember it but I did only show you the bright red coloured one and not this minty one which is my excuse for this reblog.

A quick check of Mosquito’s Way is how I found these new Group Gifts.  These are on the wall next to the desk but remember that to your left as you go in a lot of the old Group Gifts are still out for us and these are simply fabulous.  There are also 3 Lucky Chairs and I do believe they were changed not too long ago.  Love them so much I’ve actually loitered long enough to win those.

(UFO) ur.favrourite one

Mosquito’s Way

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Meet “Lia & Pia”. (Freebies.

It’s easy to miss these freebies as they don’t have a big sign near to them saying “FREEBIES!” which they should have.

I can’t remember which pair is called “Lia” or “Pia” but I do remember that these shoes come with a decent hud which allows you to change the different parts of the shoe.

This pair doesn’t come with a hud just this rose texture which is all it needs.  Lovely simple, strappy summery shoes.

They come from the Fashion Addiction shop.  I only really spotted them as I was stood in front of the 3 lucky chairs killing a bit of time and hoping I’d win the middle chair prize (I didn’t) but as I was standing there I did a bit of a camming around and that’s how I spotted on the wall near to the Lucky Chairs, to your left as you’re facing the chairs, is where these are.  I’m not sure how many freebies there are and I’m not returning to check so if you don’t like what you see, what is wrong with you, then still pop over and check the rest and of course you may get lucky on the Lucky Chairs.

Fashion Addiction



Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Only 1 thing is free…and it ain’t me.(Freebie(s)).

Only the shoes are free.  I’ve said it many times, I save to spend so I rarely buy clothes at full price but when it comes to homes and landscaping if I love it I buy it and so I went back to Varonis and bought it.

This skybox is going to be my new home, I think I will start to pack up my old very English rental cottage looking home and create, hopefully, a very stylish sky home.

So you’d better get used to the new sophisticated Moi!  Actually, I’m going to rezz myself a little shed on my beach and live in that as well lol.

OK back to the freebie and mention of freebies.

I was at an event called “7Event” and there are some freebies, cheapies and new LMs for me to check out.  It’s the usual thing stalls with gifts on them for either free or cheap but there were a few names I didn’t recognise so I will be checking those out later….ok I’m lying because I’m going to log off have some lunch then for the rest of the day redecorate my new home…simple things for simple minds lol.

I picked up the gift off the Ahlure stall and then went over to the main shop to check it out. In the main shop, the same shoes are also a Group Gift but also these very good canvas and cork summer shoes.

There are other gifts/cheapies as well as next to the reception desk.

PS. Free to join, pay 1Ld and it’s returned to you.


7 Event

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“Predictably Good” that is.

I was going to save these for tomorrows post but I couldn’t resist so I logged back in pulled a pose and here they are. As always from Mosquito’s way a shop quality freebie and this is deffo my last post as I still have some RL work to do.

Mosquito’s Way

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AWWW Yessss AWWW Noooo.(Freebie).

You will see these new GG’s from Mosquitos way in all the blogs/notes and notices because yet again a QUALITY freebie from them!

All the mesh feet fits so what else do I need to say except…

Hooray, hooray, hooray I’m going away.  Yes yet again I’m off except this midweek break isn’t for fun and games it’s for work so don’t feel jealous that yet again I’m away because I have to travel over 3 hours in this temp and then I have lots of shlepping around on a bad leg! But a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do to earn money to pay for the extras in life…ie I want a weekender in Holland later this year lol. Faith too is a working lady, and not one of the street walking ones, snigger, so I’m not sure if she will be able to post but I’m back on Thur and when I log back in today I will try to find a nice tasty freebie and before I head off in the morning I will click “publish” and at least you have something to treat yourself with.

PS,  I’ve mentioned it before, actually I’ve mentioned it a few times, but if you’re a frustrated ballerina and you have a yearning to stand on pointe then check out the ballet slippers from this shop.  I loved them so much I had to invest in the SLink en pointe feet but I love them.

Mosquito’s Way

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Good morning monday!(Freebies).

A quickie to start off with as once I’ve done this I want to start map hopping.  I want to see if I can find a new shop and some new gifts.  It may all end in tears but it’s a lazy RL day for me so I have some free mooching inworld time.

S@bbia.  As always a really nice gift but these only come in 2 fits, SLink med and Lara fits.  Actually, it is nice to have a med fit as flat and high are the most common.

If you have time to kill there are 2 lucky boards and the shoes are well worth the loitering if you have the time.  There are other GG’s on the wall, the new ones are on the stand.