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Just because. (Freebies).

I love it when I log in and realise I’m not only wearing a lovely freebie I’d also taken some pictures of it/them as well.

Again and I don’t know why I’m saying this but I wasn’t going to do another “stay at home club” gift as you should be checking that blog out daily but since I was in the “Sweet Intoxication” shop already and I liked the look of these gifts I grabbed them.

I actually already have this sweater but I think mine is a different colour.

I can’t remember why I was at the Sweet Intoxication shop, I could have been checking out a Hunt or a Group Gift etc so keep an eye out for those things.

Sweet Intoxication.

Stay At Home Club Blog.(New things have been added.).

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

Stay Salty. (Freebie(sssssss)).

So many events and special occasions going on inworld it’s nice to come across one which maybe smaller in size but it has as many freebies as we could wish for, I think it’s 35 in total but I may have miscounted plus I did pick up a couple of demos.

This is the …….event and on each stall is a little black box which is the gift and on the stalls are a lot of discounted items and something will be only 35Lds.  I’ve done the usual thing and, almost, the first item of clothing is the only thing I’m going to show you and I have the rest to unpack when I log back in.  As always it appears to be a mix of the usual small things and till I came across this outfit I’d unpacked a shop quality pair of shoes and an item of decor which I’m so happy with.  I also spotted 2 builds which I know are really discounted as I’ve seen them in the shops mainshop for full price so the discounts are for real.

PS.  I can’t remember which stall this outfit came from but you do get a LOT of different fits.

Hot Summer 35Ld Sales

Blogging SL, Pure Eggs & Spam @ Inworldz, second life

It’s a quickie. (Freebie).

I grabbed the freebie from the “The Makeover Room” event which is a pretty regular event so most of you will know it by now and although I’ve not checked if the freebie is clothing but when it is it’s an Entice item of clothing.

This is a 3 piece, the top, panties and the skirt.  The skirt looks paler than the top even though it has the same pattern and that’s because its sheer.  Can be worn as separates and comes in plenty of fits.

Mama needs new makeup so when I go back I will be checking out the things for sale at this event as over the years I’ve picked up some good things for not an unreasonable price tag.


The Make-Over Room Event.

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One out of three.(Freebies).

As soon as I logged in I logged out as I’d forgotten I was wearing one of the excellent new freebies from Hilly Haalan.

I remember this dress so this is a reblog but I also suspect that it’s possibly updated, maybe?

The reason I remember this dress is because it ticks all the boxed, great colour, texturing, fit, classy, elegant and yet still understated.  I quite possibly still have this in my invent and you should make sure you do as well so go get it and while you’re there pick up the other two freebies.  The gown drapes over you like liquid gold and the way it falls at your feet is the sign of quality.  The thirdt freebie is a beachy/evening/casual summer look and I didn’t pick that up but I don’t doubt it’s as top quality as all the freebies you get from Hilly’s.

Hilly Haalan.


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Don’t Stay At Home! (Freebies).

It’s Monday, I know that because “Alexa” told me so. I’ve been a bit lax in taking advantage of our allotted 60 mins outdoor exercising and so I blew the dust off my shoes as walking in slippers is still frowned on and took myself off for a long walk.  I walked and walked and walked and then caught the bus back home, I ain’t that sanctimonious!

What a lovely “Stay at home gift” from Whimsy.  You get a lot of different packs of patterns and I did see at least 1 plain colour, I chose cats as I’m a cat person.  As for that hint of a breakthrough, I think thats simply because of my pose.

This dress I do believe is one of their newer Group Gifts, there are others.  You get a big hud of lovely summery patterns and also the ability to mix and match the top, belt and lower skirt.

AH! That explains it, looks like “Whimsy” was known as “Amisar” so that why especially on the Lucky Boards you will see that name being used.  Those lucky boards have some fine prizes in them and a very high turnover, I won 2 items in minutes.  I also noticed that numbers are just as frequent as letters so if you know someone who has a number as their first digit then


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She broke it first!!!! (Freebie(s)).

I’m glad Faith decided to break one of the very few rules we have for the blog to tell you about the closing down sale at Rebel Hope.  I always look at it this way that the person behind the label feels for whatever reason that time has moved on and so should they, hopefully to bigger and nicer things.

So the fact she broke first means I feel no guilt at showing you one of my all-time fav freebies.

This is the one out of my invent and I can’t remember the fits etc as I binned all but what I can wear and I’m actually wearing the SLink HG which is still a good fit even over my SLink P bod. I did check and it with some other Group Gifts are still out and it’s still free to join so go grab it now.

PS.  I’ve cammed over the sale items and then TP’d out as soooo many bargains!

Rebel Hope.

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I’m resisting using a “clickbait” title about how you need to “Check out my pussy” when really I’m only going to mention that I’ve won a Bengal cat out of a Gacha which has made me so pleased because I am the proud owner of a Bengal in RL and Oh Boy do they have character, just like my little bed fellow here.

BTW you will see this room often in my pictures as it’s my SL bedroom and I love it and it makes for a quick and simple backdrop.

The “Freebies” are the outfit, shorts, shoes and top plus the “Peony Head”.  The outfit comes from “DM” and the Headdress from Prism and in both shops, you will see other Group gifts.