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It’s all downhill from here! (Freebie(ssssssss)).

No way did I expect any freebies but not only did I find freeness I found a LOT of freebies.

WOW, what a brilliant colour combo! I initially thought the skirt had a cut-out bit to it to show the blouse through it but it is, in fact, a belt and both items, the blouse and skirt can be worn as separates.

This one got me humming with happiness, this is my “find of the week” and anything else this week has a lot to live up to as I just love everything about it.  This is also a two-piece and both outfits come in a LOT of fits.

These and the other Freebies come from a shop called Virtue.  As soon as I walked in I knew this was going to be an interesting visit as just in the entrance is some examples of the sort of clothing you can buy and a stunning full-sized dress on show. If you look at the artwork on the walls they’re pictures of the items for sale in the shop that have been framed by the shop owner and look more like decor rather than ads.  I’m inspired to take pictures of my favourite outfits and actually frame them to use as artwork in my own home.

Then I went wandering and in the room to your right is a small selection of gifts for different groups and that’s where I scored these two freebies. I could have grabbed more but I just knew that these two would be potential “keepers” and you have to leave something as a surprise for others and that inc the FATPACKS of Freebies upstairs.

Upstairs on the wall under “Group Gifts” are two posters with small pictures of older Group Gifts, I zoomed in on them I absolutely recognise a couple of items that I blogged a long time ago and yes I saw items which were a bit dated but I also saw plenty of potentially good stuff.  What I do know for sure is that when I log back in I’m going to have a very relaxing afternoon of working my way though those goodies.

PS.  I slapped the Mina Mania boards and no luck on lucky chairs this visit.