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Flex with me.(Freebies & Mention of freebies).

In this case, it’s the hair only.

I tried, tried and tried soooo many times to get a decent picture of this flexi hair and I just couldn’t so, in the end, I’ve just pulled a ballet pose and gone for it and you’re going to have to just try them out for yourself.

“Shi” sent me the details of the Free hair at the Fabrixquare shop and don’t let the thought of flexi put you off getting the freebies or checking this shop out. Fabrixquare is using flexi to create new and unique styles which really does make you stand out from the crowd.  I only wish the demo’s for the hair, or at least the demo’s I picked up, come with the full-colour palette and not just black as the colours used are just as big and as bold as the style of the hair and I’d have liked to have seen them on me.

What you also can’t see is a tattoo on my shoulder blade. I got a nice message from a lady called Julie Dallas about her Tattoo shop. As you all know when it comes to things like jewellery and tattoos I just don’t do em but I’ve actually been looking for a particular one and since I’d nothing to lose I hopped on over and nope she doesn’t have the sort of tattoo I’m after. She does have some nice pretty tattoos at very reasonable prices and of course freebies so check her shop out.

PS.  In the picture I am wearing my Lelutka bald base but those whispy baby hairs are also in a gift pack plus think of using a couple of the freebies as “addons” to hair you may already have.

Fabrixquare & Punklist

Juliette Tattoo