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Hustle & Claim Your FREE $500L Store Credit!

Beauty Factory FREE store credit

WOW! Another fantastic piece of news for us, you can claim $500L free store credit at Beauty Factory. Just join the group (its completely free) and start shopping. Its easy to find something you’ll like, its a big store with plenty to look at.

FREE Store credt $500L @Beauty Factory

Everything was so reasonably priced, approx. £218L per item. I snapped up this gorgeous top & skirt called “Jana” as one of my purchases – love it ! I also grabbed a Shorts & t-shirt set. Stay in the group if you like the style, as its not normally free. As per the sign, you must use these free credits by the 7th May.

Thank You Beauty Factory ❤

Beauty Factory

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$799L Free Store Credit !

perfect fashion

How lovely to find this ! Free to join group – just click the board in store , et voila you have 799L worth of store credit. Offer expires on the 7th of May so get your skates on. Btw before you spend your credits do take a look at the group gifts & lucky boards, they are on the right as you enter the store. I found that a couple of the items I would’ve spent my credits on were actually group gifts!

Perfect Fashion

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$800L Free Store Credit!

Free credit

You’re going to have to dashhhh to claim this $800L worth of free credit in the skin & cosmetic store Tutti Belli – the offer ends in 2 days time. Just join the group (its free) and touch the poster as above in store. Its mostly Genus & Lelutka – I found one free group gift for Catwa but it wasn’t something Id wear so booo. I did notice that their skins are only $699L so you could go for a new skin rather than make up – enjoy ❤

Tutti Belli

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$500L Store Credit – but there’s a catch!

Vision FREE Credit

Head over to Vision today and you can win yourself $500 store credits. You do need to be in the group which costs $18L – I think that’s a pretty good deal ! Now for the bit that meant I only won approx $300L store credit – I’m rubbish at hunts, you all know this, to get all the credits you do need to hunt down some teeny Easter eggs from around the store – sounds simple doesn’t it ! Those little eggs are super hard to find ! I know some people were using their bragging rights to say that they had found all twelve eggs – however I did find enough to be able to buy the dress above (which I love) anddd a pair of shoes ❤

Vision Store

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Free Store Credit

Moss & Mink $350L free store credit

Sorry for the raggedy photo but I didn’t have a lot of time and the store was packed ! If you pop over to moss & mink, you can tap the sign behind me and receive $350L free store credit ! This lasts until the 25th December , if you’re a VIP you can tap both signs and receive $700L store credit – fantastic ❤

Moss & Mink

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$500L Store Credit !

$500L Store Credit!!!

On a roll with more top tips from our readers – you can get $500L of store credit at Addams in celebration of their 7th anniversary! Just join the new VIP group (it costs $5L) et voila you have $500L to spend. I bought these jeans “Bunny chain & gem jeans” and the “Bunny tucked shirt”, the jeans are fantastic with rips, chains (not shown) and gems which you can opt to show or not. The shirt is super cute with its tucked front and bra beneath. Handily priced at $250L each so I managed to spend my store credit verrrry easily. As you can imagine its super busy on the sim atm, I managed to squeeze in fairly easily but there was quite a bit of lag getting my group tag & purchases.

This is the group notice:

Welcome to all of our wonderful VIPS! As a welcome gift, you will get 500 Credits! These credits expire 5 days after you receive them. You must click the “Welcome” board to receive these.

A new group gift has also been put into the store. It is a gorgeous bikini with a long sleeve top to wear over it. Make sure to get yours!


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Making up for it. (Free shop credit, limited time).

I did not expect the Rapture shop credit would be free for all as I do know this shops group does come with a price tag. Since I had nothing to lose I went and slapped this board and guess what?


I have nothing to show you and the reason is simply that I’ve not made my mind up yet. I will say that most items seem to be priced at the 350Lds mark and the bigger gowns/statement dresses cost more.

I think you will agree that on the whole, the quality of the clothing is worth the price tag so I’ve had a good look around and grabbed a whole load of demos to try out at my leisure before I make my mind up as if I have to add some Lindens to buy something I want to make sure it’s something I will get some wear out of.

Also don’t miss out the upstairs section, stairs are to your left as you go in. You will find not only more stuff to get demos of but also Gacha’s and Lucky Boards. Since I won a bikini off the Lucky Board it means they are also free for anyone to use.