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Another one bites the dust.(Freebie).

NOT the coat!

I always like to make it clear from the start if I’m wearing something pretty good but it is not a freebie. So in this case the freebie has to be that sparkly brolley.

The shop Spell is where it comes from. It’s just inside the doorway with another gift which looks like wearable keys? You get a really good holding pose and even better is that when you walk you keep the pose and it’s pretty natural. A nice sparkle as well.

This isn’t a big shop and it’s range is ethreal and fantasy based. There is a stunning Mad Hatter table set up which I’d love but I suspect it’s a rare gacha prize plus it’s from the Ionic shop which I think shares a lot, maybe just the sim, in common with the Spell shop.

Ionic & Spell.

PS. If you’re wondering I got this coat a long time from a Neve sale and Faith had given me a shop credit gift. So I actually own a LOT of Neve stuff you just never see me wearing it.