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Boo! (Freebies & Dollarbies).

As promised I did a quick visit to the Gabriel shop and found goodies.

This hoodie comes in a grey/black version and a male/female fit. The chain is a really good addition. For the female fit I’m pretty sure it was Maitreya only however I was very happy.

Now for the details. This freebie and others are to be found on the right just before you head on into the main shop.

Then when you enter the shop turn left, not far from there you will pass by a stand which has another freebie pair of red sneakers, if you look for a white circle with a red Japanese knot(?) on it then that might be easier for you. I suspect they’re a male fit but will also be editable.

Then continue on left to the end of the shop where there is a whole department of Dollarbies. Mainly for men but enought womens fashions for us ladies…however I suspect Maitreya only.

And make sure to check even the mens outfits as I did spot at least 1 item, the buckled pants, come in a womens fit as well.

It’s a lot to work through but in the end you or someone who needs a male fit can walk away with a heck of a lot of quality clothing.


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More shoes and why not, lol. (Freebie(s)).

Verson has 6 Group Gifts out for us. Two sets of ladies heeled shoes, 3 excellent sneakers/trainers and a pair of I don’t want to call them “flip flops” as they’re more like slip ons.

This set of clear heels comes in a fat pack of colours and although it’s for a mid hight heel I like mid hight heels lol.

I deliberately picked rather an odd combo of colours just to show off the design. These come in both male/female fits and the hud is colour packed. The other trainers/sneakers are really just some of the best you can buy so to get them for FREE is a bonus.

If the LM doesn’t take you to where they are, they’re just at the back of the shop on the front of the desk.


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No more disclaimers.(Freebies & Bargains).

I’m going to try not to say when something is a “Reblog” because although a lot of people may have seen the item before or I definitely know something is being reblogged I’d like to assume that to someone the item is NEW or you may have owned it but it’s now lost in your invent so it’s a reminder of something that you may like to get again. So in future I’m going to try not to use the word “reblog” and just do the post.

These “Steel Head” gifts are a prime example.

Who does not own or has owned a pair of these Timberland style boots in RL? Damnit I swear I even have the same coloured laces.  Anyhow these ones from Steel Head also come with a hud so you can change the colour and the fit. They do come in a man’s size and it was easy for me to edit them to fit my feet.

I actually won a very similar pair of these from a Lucky Board which acted as a reminder to see if they’re still out for us.  A bigger hud of colours options for these fashion sneakers.

There are a few more gifts for us in this shop also what looks like it may be pretty handy and that’s a “script cleaning” set of scripts.  Use these with caution and practise first on a copy before you do anything with it.

Now for the “cheapies” and a totally random picture.

Let me explain.  I called into the “LOVE” landscaping shop/sim to see if there was any new discounted items, the new Autumn stock and if there were any new Group Gifts.  Yes to the first and second and nope to the third.  I bought the wild grass pack, only 50Lds for 10 different shades and you can just about make out the brick and iron fence set.  This Graveyard fence set comes as in a fatpack.  Each bit is only 1 prim and 2 prims if you use the linked gate.  Such excellent quality and low prims for only 50Lds! Don’t let the fact it’s labelled as a “Graveyard” fence set put you off as this makes for a great fence for someone living their best Victorian/old SL life lol.

There was another 50Ld offer and as for the Group Gifts, I didn’t really see anything new but check em out esp the Yoga rugs.

I’m logging off SL and binge-watching horror movies.  I indulged in a Shudder subscription and I can’t think of anything nicer than pulling the blinds down and chilling, geddit? watching horrors.

Steelhead Outfitters. (Hop on the TP).

LOVE Superstore.

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Finally!!!! (Freebie).

I was just about to give up and log out when I decided to do a quick check of my notices and that’s how I ended up at Cremosas.  There seems to be a Freebie set out each day for us and since it’s now the 28th I’ve missed out on a lot of freebies but I will say that the picture of yesterdays and today I do recognise and I know I have blogged them so they are old gifts NOTHING wrong in that as old to me can be new to many others and I think I may still have the 2 gifts I’ve seen.  I also think it’s a case of once the day is over the gift is gone and I’m not sure if you did need to be in the Cremosas Group and that is a paid-for group and I can’t remember how much it costs.

These shoes, however, are NOT a Cremosas gift they are a “gifts and discount” group gift.

I don’t think I’ve ever come across this freebie group before so when I log back in, that will be tomorrow now, I will check it out.

So these tippee toes Kawaii sneakers are for high feet and from my memory, there are the 3 main mesh feet fits.  The gift board they’re on is rather small so basically in front of you is a wall and under the large pink gift board is a smaller white gift board and under that are 3 gifts and of course, this is where you find these.  It’s not that hard to find once you know.

To the left of where you land is also a whole load of Lucky Boards but I don’t know if you have to be in the Cremosas Group for those but next to those are some shelves with gifts for other free groups…so a smorgasbord of stuff for you to check out.


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EeeK! (Freebies).

Today is the day I have things to do, places to visit, people to see and I’m so excited that even though it’s just visiting the supermarket, dropping shopping off etc it’s just nice to be able to walk outside with the sun on your face.

Mouse is the shop I got this outfit from and much more.

I know the pants are the “Stay at home club” can’t remember if the sneakers were as well but I do remember the top is a Group Gift…anyhow there is quite a selection to pick and chose from inc lucky boards.

The Group is free to join and once you do that click on the gift boards and select “Buy” and don’t worry you don’t get any money taken.

PS.  Hint, one of the Group Gifts is a fat pack of old gifts, thinking about it I think the top I’m wearing came from that pack.  You’re suposed to unpack it the usual way ie wear and click on the icon but it just sends you the fat pack of gifts and not the actual gift.  Easy to resolve, just rezz each item and unpack it that way and you get the item and not just the fatpack resent to you.


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Can you blame me? (Freebies).

These trainers/sneakers from Vale Koer are just so good they deserve to be blogged and reblogged until every AV has them.

I remember when I first grabbed these how pleased I was because these are in a male clothing shop and it’s not actually clear that you don’t only get all the male fits BUT also all the women’s fits.  I think these are examples that before you bin anything to open it just to make sure.

This is the second pair of trainers and you can just see the amazing attention to details and both pairs of shoes come with damned big colour huds.

Vale Koer is a shop packed with classy, hip and sporty male clothing.  I swear if I still used my male AV I’d be treating myself to clothes from this shop.

I’m (not) sorry but I do judge male AVs and when you see a Cheap Assed Gorilla Man in some basic wear you know they’re only SLing for one thing.  Just as much as I judge Gorilla Man when I see someone who has spent a few Lindens and time and effort to make their AV look good I judge them in a much more positive way…I still wouldn’t “scr*w” them though lol.

As I was looking around I spotted near to the gifts TPs to 3 builds, skyboxes which have been created with unfussy, manly mancaves. I love them, as much as I like Froo Froo and clutter I also admire clean lines and quality.  So you will find the Group Gifts inside the shop on the shelves near to the customer desk and the TPs to the skyboxes are there as well.

PS.  Only 6 prims rezzed, I didn’t check the other shoes prims.

Vale Koer

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Just Chucks.(Freebies).

There are more Freebies in both the Petite Mort and Oubliette shops but I’m just showing you the shoes which I do believe are new.  So once you’ve grabbed these and checked out the rest of the Group Gifts then use the TP outside of the shops to TP to the other shop to check out their Group Gifts and don’t ignore the Lucky Boards as there are some nice gifts in there as well.

When I log back inworld I have to either removed or move that rug, the pixelation isn’t a “fault” as such.  This rug has been designed to be looked at from a distance and it looks great but I have noticed that the closer you get the more “faulted” it looks.

Anyhow, simple sneakers/trainers or as they’re called “Chucks” for the 3 main mesh feet.

Now for something random.

These 2 shops share the same sim and I’m going to guess there is some sort of relationship/friendship between the 2 owners but I’m way too lazy to look into that but most of you will have visited this sim and admired its stunning beauty.

I’ve just taken a couple of random shots of the Landing spot using the sim windlight because this is how I’m planning on landscaping our sim in the Autumn.

Faith and I have made our sim stunning, as always, but each and every season I think we just get better and better esp since it’s just a Homestead sim so unlike the full priced ones our has a small prim allowance.

But I already have plans, cunning plans some would say, and even if it means me killing off my livestock (I’ve had a mini farm on my part of the sim for years now) but to us SL is our RL addictions.

Now I’ve been back to LM grab I’ve taken a little wander around the rest of the sim and not just the area next to the LM and this is just so lovely, lots of places for people to hang out, lots of places to take stunning and foolproof pictures so before you walk/TP to the shops check the sim out for yourself.

Petit Mort & Oubliette